Aurora, CO

Finding Apartments for Rent in Aurora, CO

Aurora, Colorado offers something for everyone: Shopping, dining, theaters, art, museum, historical sites, concerts, nightlife and even swimming and boating in the Cherry Creek Reservoir. It is as diverse as it is beautiful even though it is just down the street from the mile-high city of Denver.

Some residents don't consider it a suburb of Denver even though it is close enough to work there, use the public transportation system (RTD) and find more exciting, big-city nightlife if the urge strikes. Slightly further one can find white water rafting, four wheel drive and ATV trails, skiing, snow-sledding, the Alpine Slide and a myriad of other activities. Living in Aurora puts you near it all.

Top Neighborhoods in Aurora, CO

Aurora is a safe and quiet town for the most part, suitable for singles or married couples alike. Any city with more than 300,000 residents will occasionally get on the news for something but overall Aurora is a fantastic place to live.

Head south and east for the nicest parts of town, though the Cherry Creek Reservoir is not to be missed. The northwestern portion, especially west of the two new hospitals is older and run down. It is amazing how just a short drive will take you to nicer areas such as Taliyn's Ranch, the Aurora Reservoir, the Meadow Hills Golf Course and the Blackstone Country Club. These areas are gorgeous, the golf courses are amazing and the homes are incredible.

Kids living in the southern area will attend the Cherry Creek Schools, which are some of the most desired in the area.

Transportation Options in Aurora, CO

Denver's Regional Transportation District (RTD) is fast and affordable, with local, express and regional fares, providing an economical option for those traveling into Denver on a regular basis. The I-225 Light Rail line has several stops in Aurora that make the commute into Denver quick and painless. A well-thought-out RTD website makes it easy to find the best route to and from the city. RTD even offers the SkyRide service to Denver International Airport (DIA), costing much less than the price of parking a car at the airport.

A very active Ride-Share community can get commuters just about anywhere that the RTD cannot.

Dining in Aurora, CO

Aurora is culturally diverse, but the apex of that diversity is found in the dining choices. Italian, Korean, Indian, Pakistani, Hawaiian Barbecue, and of course Chinese and other Asian restaurants are available. Even the Mall food court offers excellent quality food choices compared to most mall food. This is an excellent choice for a gathering where lots of variety is desired.

Familiar names such as Red Lobster and Olive Garden, of which there are two of each, can be found easily, but a fun adventure is finding all the smaller, cozier restaurants for a wider variety of choices.

If one would rather cook ethnic food at home, Aurora accommodates them as well. H Mart is a huge Asian market and there are similar, smaller markets for Pakistani, Korean, Filipino and many more cultural food tastes.

Nightlife in Aurora, CO

Aurora is just as diverse and interesting at night. Every city has their smaller dives and pubs but Aurora is teaming with a variety of great choices for every taste and budget. Gay bars, Hookah lounges, Salsa clubs, Techno, Country and Western and many more choices are available to pick from.

Rock and Roll fans are sure to love the live entertainment at the Zephyr Lounge where a “regular crowd” considers it their home away from home. The Church Nightclub is for a more progressive crowd and Tracks has been a favorite GLBT club for many years. For some Hispanic flare, check out Fuego Fuego.

High class nightclubs like the Blue Ice Martini Lounge offer special events such as “Ladies Night” and also book private parties. More “seasoned” people can enjoy the Kasbah, an upscale club that caters to an older and more sophisticated crowd.

30 Neighborhoods in Aurora, CO

  • Aurora Highlands

    Aurora Highlands, a neighborhood on the east side of the suburb Aurora, features a grid of large, busy thoroughfares with quiet residential developments tucked in between. The area's proximity to Buckley Air Force Base draws many military families to the area as well as a range of working class to affluent, non-military families, many of whom commute to Denver 6 miles away.

  • Aurora Knolls-Hutchinson Heights

    Aurora Knolls-Hutchinson Heights sits in the center of Aurora, a sprawling suburb to the east of Denver. The area consists of several large thoroughfares including Hampden and Yale Avenues and Buckley and Tower Roads. Quiet residential developments nestle in the spaces between these large roads, providing a safe environment to residents. A great home for families, the area attracts people who commute to Denver as well as business owners, telecommuters and military families.

  • Center Pointe

    Blending Rocky Mountain scenery and open spaces of suburban living with convenient access to urban amenities, Aurora's CentrePointe neighborhood enjoys the best of both worlds. Parks and trails provide recreational opportunities, and a central elementary school serves the education needs of area school children. Limited commercial activity translates into quieter, less-travelled streets.

  • Centretech

    Aurora's Centretech neighborhood blends residential housing with educational and commercial enterprises in order to create a mixed-use suburban district with an industrial flavor. The area houses the campus of the Community College of Aurora, the Global Village Academy international school, and the Intelligence and Information Services facility of the aerospace giant, Raytheon. Undeveloped areas and a large community farm leave a rural imprint on this district.

  • Chambers Heights

    A rural part of the city of Aurora, Chambers Heights sits a little over 10 miles east of the heart of Denver. Within walking distance of the renowned Children’s Hospital Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, Chambers Heights offers cost-effective housing options. Bordered by Colfax Avenue, the longest street in America, Chambers Heights features an array of lower-than-average priced single-family homes.

  • City Center

    Consistently ranked as one of the best places to live in America and known for having the happiest citizens, Denver continues to experience an influx of people every year. With seven professional sports teams, a thriving music scene and direct access to the Rocky Mountains for some of the best hiking, camping and skiing in the world, it's not hard to understand why everyone wants to live here. While access to all of these amenities attracts visitors, not everyone wants to live right in the middle of the action. Aurora, just east of Denver, provides a popular alternative for residents desiring proximity to Denver, while being slightly removed from the hustle that often accompanies city life. City Center attracts diverse residents with various occupations and cultural backgrounds, all attracted to the neighborhood's location and the opportunities that it provides.

  • City Center North

    City Center North sits a little over 10 miles east of downtown Denver, just off Interstate 225. The neighborhood features many miles of the High Line Canal Trail, the Aurora Municipal Center and the Aurora History Museum.

  • Dam East/West

    Dam East/West neighborhood residents travel around town with ease, thanks to an efficient light rail and bus system and ready access to I-225. The Denver Tech Center, a popular work destination for many residents, sits five miles south via the same highway. Apartments in this neighborhood are readily available. Known as the "golf mecca" of Denver, the neighborhood Kennedy Golf Course features a lighted driving range for twilight practice and a great restaurant.

  • Delmar Parkway

    At just over 7 miles from the center of Denver, Delmar Parkway acts as a comfortable suburb with convenient access to the city. Residents of this neighborhood love living here for the transportation options and low cost of living. One of the biggest standout features of Delmar Parkway is the low housing rates through the neighborhood, particularly when it comes to one-bedroom residences. The surrounding area provides outdoor enthusiasts and sports lovers ample options for weekend fun with golf courses, free parks and jogging trails. While the options for entertainment don’t measure up to the city life, the benefits of affordability and family-friendly environments make Delmar Parkway a very attractive place to settle down.

  • Expo Park

    As one of the many suburban neighborhoods in the Aurora area, Expo Park provides its residents with comfortable living at relatively low costs. The biggest standout features of this neighborhood include its low cost of living, convenience of surrounding amenities and good options for transportation. At just over nine miles from the center of Denver, commuting to the city doesn’t take long for residents of the area. Golfers particularly enjoy living in Expo Park for its close proximity to two well-established courses, Common Ground and Aurora Hills. At only a few miles from Aurora, locals of Expo Park enjoy the benefit of restaurant and nightlife options in a city environment, while still living in a quieter location.

  • Fitzsimons

    Situated around the former site of the Fitzsimons Army Medical Center, the Fitzsimons neighborhood features quiet streets full of relatively new construction ranging from two-story ranch homes to spacious apartment blocks filled with modern amenities. Because of its proximity to the medical center and Buckley Air Force Base, many military families live in the area, but civilian families, young professionals and others also call this area home. Located 13 miles from downtown Denver, Fitzsimons provides its residents with a stable suburban lifestyle close to the city.

  • Heather Ridge

    Residents of Heather Ridge in Aurora enjoy the benefits of golf community living at its finest, as the entire area consists of 10 separate neighborhoods that surround the Heather Ridge Golf & Country Club, with several additional golf courses just a few miles away.

  • Highline Villages

    Located just over 8 miles from the heart of downtown Denver, the Highline Villages neighborhood blends both suburban and city living, giving residents a perfect blend of both worlds. This family-friendly area sits within walking distance of a few elementary and middle schools while also providing plenty of open space for children to play and have fun. While the Highline Village neighborhood sits within the Aurora city borders, downtown Denver and all it has to offer is just a quick drive away.

  • Horseshoe Park

    Horseshoe Park sits 6 miles southeast of Aurora. A neat, almost perfectly square area situated between South Chambers Road and South Buckley Road, Horseshoe Park contains a combination of residential and commercial areas as well as expansive green spaces.

  • Jewell Heights-Hoffman Heights

    Designed with families in mind, Jewell Heights-Hoffman Heights sits 10 miles from downtown Denver. Located a convenient distance for commuters, this neighborhood offers affordable housing opportunities for its residents. The area has a suburban address, but its proximity to Colfax Avenue lends it an urban vibe.

  • Laredo Highline

    Situated near East Colfax Avenue, Laredo Highline sits 15 miles from downtown Denver. Part of the Aurora suburb, the neighborhood features residential developments full of single-family homes tucked between busy streets packed with apartment blocks and commercial activity. While its design lends the area a suburban feel, its proximity to East Colfax, one of the oldest commercial streets in Denver, gives the neighborhood an urban flavor as well.

  • Lynn Knoll

    Located 10 miles east of Denver, the Lynn Knoll neighborhood centers around Lynn Knoll Elementary, a school that uses the leader-in-me educational model to draw out the potential in each student. The area attracts people who commute to Denver, as well as personnel who work at Buckley Air Force Base and nearby Anschutz Medical Campus.

  • Meadow Hills

    Situated adjacent to the lush greenery of the Cherry Creek State Park, Meadow Hills houses an 18-hole golf course and the luxurious homes to go with it. Just 15 miles from the city center of Denver, this sprawling neighborhood offers amenities such as a community pool and a variety of retail and dining establishments. With equal access to the major metro areas of Denver and Aurora, life in Meadow Hills is both convenient and pleasant, characterized by spacious homes, uncluttered streets, and an unhurried lifestyle.

  • Morris Heights

    A suburban neighborhood full of outdoor activities, Morris Heights sits about three miles north of downtown Aurora. Residents enjoy hiking the trails at Sand Creek Park, taking a dip in Parklane Pool on hot summer days, and playing golf at Fitzsimons, a course where President Eisenhower used to play. The University of Colorado's Anschutz Medical Campus lies right next to Morris Heights, so students and staff often finish their day with a drink at the popular Cedar Creek Pub.

  • Norfolk Glen

    A rural neighborhood located just over two miles northeast of downtown Aurora, Norfolk Glen provides seclusion while still keeping residents close to the city. Single and two-story houses fill this neighborhood's tree-lined streets, and you can also find a few apartment buildings close to Colfax Avenue. The High Line Canal runs through both this area and Norfolk Glen Park, a great place to go for a walk or to have a picnic. If you want a more high-octane afternoon, check out Mhor RC Raceway, a shop and race track.

  • North Aurora

    Situated on the east side of Denver, North Aurora boasts a gritty urban feel. Colfax Avenue, a busy street full of bars, shops and clubs, acts as the commercial hub of the area, and City Park provides a bucolic place for residents to relax. Home to professionals, families and students, North Aurora features a range of single family homes and apartment blocks for residents to call home.

  • Outer Aurora

    Outer Aurora consists of the developments on the eastern edge of Aurora. When residents of this area look to the east, they find a never-ending vista of prairie land, while to the west, the Rocky Mountains sit on the horizon.

  • Sable Altura Chambers

    Sable Altura Chambers lies about three miles from midtown Aurora, Colorado and includes everything from houses and studios to three-bedroom apartments for rent.

  • Sable Ridge

    Toeing the line between the hubbub of city living and the peacefulness of suburban life, Sable Ridge flourishes with as much lush greenery as it does man-made architecture. Located within Aurora, nature sprawls across the backyards of subdivision homes, while the concrete jungle runs alongside Interstate 225 to the west of the neighborhood delivering a pleasant combination of bustle and tranquility that works for locals.

  • Side Creek

    The Side Creek neighborhood of Aurora centers around Side Creek Elementary School. Rated as one of the top schools in the metro area, Side Creek Elementary has high expectations and a tech-focused curriculum. This school as well as the affordable housing and safe suburban environment surrounding it attract families to the neighborhood.

  • Sunny Vale

    Sunnyvale sits 8 miles east of downtown Denver in the suburb of Aurora. Featuring quiet developments of single-family homes surrounded by busy roads lined with big-box stores, strip malls and apartment blocks, the neighborhood has a suburban feel with residents who know each other. Its proximity to Denver and Colfax Avenue, gives the area an urban feel as well.

  • Tollgate Overlook

    Tollgate Overlook residents enjoy the comforts of safe suburban living, as this family-friendly community lies in close proximity to several schools and sits comfortably surrounded by parks, golf courses, lakes and nature trails.

  • Utah Park

    Situated on the edge of Aurora, 19 miles from downtown Denver, Utah Park consists of relatively new housing developments and apartment blocks with new amenities. Located between a large mall and an expansive state park, the area provides its residents with ready access to shopping, nature and relaxation. Families, professionals and students live in the neighborhood, and Utah Park also has a strong military presence, as it sits near Buckley Air Force Base, one of the suburbs largest employers.

  • Village East

    Cradled by Interstates 225 and 25, Village East sits in the center of Aurora, a suburb of Denver and the third largest city in Colorado. To the east, just a few miles from Village East, the expansive, flat prairie extends to the horizon. To the west, the metro sprawl of Denver stretches to the Rocky Mountains, their snow capped peaks visible from Village East. Above, a pure blue sky seems almost unreal with its stark brightness.

  • Willow Park

    Located 19 miles from downtown Denver, the Willow Park neighborhood sits in the suburb of Aurora. Broken into a convenient grid, the area features family-friendly housing developments tucked between busy roads lined with strip malls and big box stores. Its proximity to Denver and its low cost of living help to make the area a great place to call home.