Alexandria, VA

When it comes to finding the perfect place to live, there are a few different factors that most people think about. Knowing what neighborhoods are the best, what schools fit what needs, and where the best shopping is are just a few things to look out for. In a big city like Alexandria, VA, it can be confusing to find the right apartment but with a little help, anything is possible.

Finding Apartments for Rent in Alexandria, VA

Alexandria is an area that is incredibly diverse. There are tons of different style apartments and homes to choose from. There are a few different styles that are incredibly common in this area, the first being older homes that have been converted into apartments. Alexandria is a relatively old city which means there are tons of great homes from a bygone era. These homes have either been restored as single family dwellings complete with a huge price tag or have been split up into units for renters. Aside from older homes there are also great new apartment complexes and tons of great condominiums to choose from.

Best Neighborhoods in Alexandria, VA

There are a few different neighborhoods that are great in Alexandria but these three take the cake. The first is Old Town. This area is rich with history and has some great stores and galleries for those that appreciate the finer things. This area is great for those that like history and want a front row seat to some of the areas richest tales. This area is also great for those that like the historic feel of the state and want a quieter place to raise their family. The next neighborhood to consider is Del Ray, this is an artsy part of town that has tons of shops, art galleries, and even music halls. This area is best for those that like a more eclectic style neighborhood and like the feel of a neighborhood that has soul. The last area you may want to consider is West End. This area has a large and diverse array of restaurants, hotels, shops, and stores making it a perfect place for a hip family or group that likes to spend time out and about. This is also a very up and coming area which makes for a great place to live all around.

Cultural Attractions in Alexandria, VA

There are tons of things to do in Alexandria including following George Washington’s foot steps. This tour will lead you around the city to places like the Stabler Leadbeater Apothecary Museum and even to Christ Church where he worshipped. Another great attraction is the Lyceum. This museum offers a great deal of history about the area that will have you spending your days lost among the events of the past. The last thing you may want to consider checking out is the Potomac Waterfront. This area is perfect for families and individuals alike as there are tons of great sites and stores waiting for you.

Weather in Alexandria, VA

Alexandria is in Virginia which means that there is a relatively stable climate. The summers are mild to hot and can get to the one hundred degree range but rarely do. The winters can be a bit colder with temperatures dipping into the negative digits in very cold times. There are very seldom any storms that cause great deals of damage making this an ideal moderate climate that is fairly constant all year round. The best times to visit are in the spring and fall months as the temperatures hover around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. This moderate climate makes Alexandria a great city for those that do not like either the extreme heat or extreme cold and are just looking for an area that has moderate temperatures all year round. This area is not prone to weather events like sea storms or tornadoes so it is also great for those that want to avoid severe weather.

Transportation Options in Alexandria, VA

This city is located very near Washington D.C. which means that public transit is very much used. This area is serviced by both a train and a bus service. These are public transportation options which mean you can either pay for each ticket as you go or if you are planning on a longer stay, you may want to invest in a bus pass or metro card. The public transportation will take you through the city and even into the outlying areas of the capitol if you so desire. There are also tons of taxi services to help you get a car quickly and get where you want to be in a hurry. You can also drive your own car as roadways are not restricted and traffic patterns are relatively normal. You may also want to walk or bike when you get into the heart of the city.

Alexandria is a fantastic place to live and offers so much by way of housing and opportunities. Though many cities boast a real atmosphere that is worth taking a look at, Alexandria delivers on that promise. This area is perfect for those that want to be close to the capital without being smack dab in the middle of Washington D.C.. For those that intend to commute, there are plenty of transit opportunities that make getting into the capital easy and fast.

25 Neighborhoods in Alexandria, VA

  • Alexandria West

    A vibrant and multicultural enclave, the Alexandria West neighborhood sits just to the northwest of Interstate 395 in Alexandria, Virginia. Considered by many to be one of the nicest neighborhoods in town, Alexandria West offers its residents easy access to a selection of large parks as well as to America's capital city, Washington, D.C., which lies just to the north of the neighborhood. Row houses, townhomes, and well-established trees line many of Alexandria West's streets, creating a pleasant and peaceful atmosphere for its residents.

  • Arlandria

    In the early 2000s, the Arlandria neighborhood in northeast Alexandria underwent a major overhaul with the expansion of Four Mile Run park, improving road and bike lanes and building community centers. Neighborhood residents have been deeply involved in this revitalization every step of the way resulting in a tremendous sense of local pride in the neighborhood.

  • Belle Haven

    Alexandria's Belle Haven area exemplifies the charms of East Coast living. Tucked against Virginia's eastern border, with Maryland just across the Potomac River, the neighborhood and its nearby communities have longstanding ties to American history. Prospective residents can check out condos for rent around Belle View Boulevard or apartments on Wakefield Drive. Those working in Washington, DC face only a 10-mile commute.

  • Braddock Road Metro

    Located approximately eight miles south of Washington, D.C., the Braddock Road Metro lies along U.S. Route 1. The neighborhood falls within the City of Alexandria, which is known for its historic locations, museums, and attractions in Old Town. Low crime rates and good schools draw families to this area, and apartments in Alexandria are highly sought-after.

  • Brookville/Seminary Valley

    Located in the west end of Alexandria, Va., the Brookville/Seminary Valley neighborhood provides a somber respite for its residents. Tucked back from busy streets in the area, the small 1950s-era brick homes and newer town homes set on tree-lined streets seem a world apart. Here, residents walk their dogs or push a baby carriage down the sidewalk for a visit to the park. Situated less than 10 miles outside of Washington, D.C., and about 15 minutes from Old Town Alexandria, Brookville/Seminary Valley provides the best of suburban living with lots of amenities close by and easy access for commuting to or enjoying the best of the D.C. area.

  • Del Ray

    Del Ray, Alexandria, may just be the quintessential small-town-feel-with-big-city-amenities neighborhood. Picture porch-fronted homes on quiet, tree-lined streets in a safe neighborhood just blocks away from bustling walking thoroughfares filled with lively cafes, restaurants, and shops.

  • Eisenhower Ave/Eisenhower West

    The Eisenhower Avenue/Eisenhower West neighborhood of Alexandria, Virginia is located about 10 miles from Washington, DC. With an easy commute into the city, this is a popular and growing neighborhood. Eisenhower Ave/Eisenhower West is close to the art scene, history, shopping, and restaurants of Old Town Alexandria. this location is popular with those who work at the headquarters of the US Patent and Trademark Office, the US Federal District Courthouse, or for any of the government, military, or contract companies located in the Eisenhower corridor.

  • Eisenhower East/Carlyle District

    The Eisenhower East/Carlyle District of Alexandria lies on the western edge of Old Town in a recently developed area that extends the look and feel of the historic part of town to this up-and-coming neighborhood. Beautiful, high-end red-brick apartment and office buildings set the tone in this area that blends luxury and convenience perfectly.

  • Franconia

    Named after a region in southern Germany, for most of its history Franconia was rural tobacco farmland. Railroad construction and its accompanying boom in trade and business brought settlers and development to the area. Now Franconia is known as a higher-end shopping and residential suburb of Washington, D.C.

  • Groveton

    Groveton is a historic town that lies right between Washington D.C. and Mount Vernon. This triangular-shaped neighborhood lies between Route 1, the historic Richmond Highway, and State Rt 611, with State Rt 633 crossing right in the middle. Drive up Route 1 coming into the city, and the restaurant choices alone draw your attention to the eclectic nature of this neighborhood.

  • Huntington

    The Huntington area of Alexandria, Virginia, gets its name from a subdivision built in the late 1940s, consisting mostly of brick duplex homes with large yards. The duplexes remain, making popular first homes for young families as do the newer townhouses in the area, and they create a neighborly feel in spite of the many high-rise apartment and condominium complexes that sit along Huntington Avenue closer to Route 1. The Huntington Metro train station makes this a popular area for single and married professionals by providing an easy commute to Washington, D.C., about 10 miles north. Residents also like the neighborhood's proximity to Ronald Reagan National Airport, charming Old Town Alexandria and to the waterfront resort of National Harbor across the river in Maryland.

  • Hybla Valley

    Hybla Valley lies about 30 miles south of Washington, D.C., just south of Groveton and along the Potomac River shoreline. This census-designated place attracts residents for its blend of convenient amenities and affordability. Middle-class families plant roots in the area, creating an the ethnically diverse community that contributes to Hybla Valley’s overall feel.

  • Landmark/Van Dorn

    Famous for its ties to American history, Alexandria today remains a popular city — not just for tourists but also for those who work for the government. Located southwest of Washington, D.C., the west end Alexandria neighborhood of Landmark/Van Dorn has become a culturally diverse place for commuters to live.

  • Lincolnia

    The landscape in Lincolnia feels a bit like a patchwork quilt since dozens of prominent towns and neighborhoods cluster in the area to help collectively make up the Alexandria blanket. Lincolnia in particular holds the reputation of blending a city-like landscape and amenities with the comforts of suburban living. At only 11 miles southwest of Washington, D.C., Lincolnia allows residents to experience the best of both worlds. Ample job opportunities in a variety of different fields appeal to professionals attending higher education institutions or building a professional career. Though Lincolnia serves as a key step in the professional ladder, families and permanent residents help foster the sense of community residents feel while living in the area. Residents also praise the four definitive seasons and recreational opportunities available, which stand as key factors for people anticipating a career near the city.

  • Mount Vernon

    A peaceful neighborhood surrounded by beautiful scenery, Mount Vernon provides the perfect combination of a family friendly setting and a unique history. The excellent schools and nearby churches only add to the tranquil setting of this Virginia neighborhood. Surrounded by calm parks and the scenic banks of the Potomac river, Mount Vernon affords people the option to get away from the busy city life. With this neighborhood only 10.4 miles away from the city center of Alexandria, residents still enjoy the upbeat life of the city.

  • North Ridge/Rosemont

    A half-hour’s drive south of Washington, D.C. and only two miles from the Pentagon, the Alexandria neighborhood of North Ridge Rosemont presents a friendly community surrounded by gorgeous Virginia greenery. Rental options include apartment buildings and sleek condos.

  • Northeast Alexandria

    Residents of Northeast Alexandria enjoy living in a rich, historic neighborhood that offers small-town charm with big-city amenities. Located near Washington, D.C. and a five-minute drive from downtown Alexandria, Northeast provides something for everyone, from a thriving arts and culture scene to ample restaurants and bars to family-friendly parks.

  • Old Town

    Steeped in historic charm, Alexandria, Virginia's Old Town features colonial-era architecture with cobblestone streets and brick sidewalks. With Old Town's location on the banks of the Potomac River, residents enjoy boat cruises and dockside dining at establishments such as Blackwall Hitch, which provides live music while patrons enjoy fares such as oysters, prawn, and draught beer. Boutiques, art galleries, museums, and theaters populate this thriving downtown area, and a farmers market, held each Saturday, displays produce, meat, cheese, baked goods, and crafts for locals to purchase and enjoy at home.

  • Old Town North

    Old Town North occupies a small, one-mile stretch of Alexandria between North Washington Street and the Potomac River. As the name suggests, the more famous Old Town neighborhood starts immediately to the south, and the equally small Northeast Alexandria neighborhood lies just on the other side of Washington to the west.

  • Potomac West

    Potomac West sits less than three miles northwest of downtown Alexandria in the Del Ray community. The neighborhood houses an array of traditional-style homes with small front yards, apartment buildings, and plenty of greenery. The neighborhood appeals to singles, couples, and families with children because of its good public school system, its proximity to Washington, and its abundance of restaurants and shops.

  • Potomac Yard/Potomac Greens

    Potomac Yard/Potomac Greens occupies a 1.5-mile stretch along the Potomac River in northeast Alexandria. With Four Mile Run serving as both the neighborhood and city's northern boundary, the less-than-one-mile expansion westward from the river creates a long, rectangular neighborhood with ample green space along the water.

  • Rose Hill

    Rose Hill, a rapidly growing neighborhood located in Fairfax County and south of the city of Alexandria, highlights the natural beauty, charm and history of this Northern Virginia area. Adjacent to the Potomac River and flanked by Springfield, a major business and retail center, Rose Hill is home to many who enjoy the peace of a suburban area with the perks of living near the Washington, D.C. metropolis. Rose Hill is located 13 miles south of the District and offers many public transportation options. A landmark of this area, Huntley Meadows Park, showcases the flora and fauna of this region. Rose Hill a highly desirable neighborhood as it sits in Fairfax County, known for its Ten Fortune 500 companies and highest median household income in the United States. Government, technology and the proximity of Ft. Belvoir drive the economy and job market in the area. Rose Hill in Alexandria is the perfect place to call home.

  • Seminary Hill

    In west Alexandria, sandwiched between the Taylor Run and Alexandria West neighborhoods, Seminary Hill provides a mostly residential, single-family dwelling escape from the city. Residents live here in part for the overall accessibility of both commercial activities within the city as well as ways out of the city.

  • Southwest Quadrant

    The Southwest Quadrant neighborhood lies along the southern border of Alexandria and just slightly inland from the Potomac River. This small neighborhood's most recognizable landmark, the Alexandria National Cemetery, brings tourists into an otherwise residential neighborhood.

  • Taylor Run

    Taylor Run starts immediately to the east of the shopping and dining center of the Old Town neighborhood in Alexandria. Much of the neighborhood remains residential, especially the farther away from Old Town you move, while still providing the ultimate access to all that the lively and tourist-filled Old Town offers. As with almost all of Alexandria, Taylor Run provides its residents with a family-friendly community and plenty of opportunities to get outside.