Sparks, NV

Finding Apartments for Rent in Sparks, NV

Finding apartments in Sparks, NV is extremely easy. Because the city is adjacent to Reno, which always has many folks coming and going, the surrounding areas have a transitory/seasonal nature, so there are always plenty of nice apartments available. In Sparks, you are able to enjoy all the benefits offered being near the city of Reno, without having to live directly in a tourist area. Many locals have lived in Sparks for a long time, so the community is friendly and stable.

Top Neighborhoods in Sparks, NV

There are ten neighborhoods in Sparks. Nice apartments are available in many of them. The top neighborhoods in Sparks, NV are:

  • Spanish Springs: Based on median income, education, and low crime rates, according to a J.C.Grant study (2011), Spanish Springs is the fourth best place to live in the entire State of Nevada. This is an upper-middle income area, where everything is new. Nearly 70% of the construction was built after 1999.
  • Vista Bl./Giannotti Dr. Area: This is a wealthy area, which does has some very nice apartment complexes and high-rise apartment buildings.
  • Pah Rah Dr./Blue Skies Dr. Area: This upper-middle income area has a lot of nice apartments with many choices usually available.
  • Middle-income areas to search for a nice apartment include Shadow Ln./Country Cir., Greenbrae Dr./Rock Bl., Pyramid Lake Hwy/E Sky Ranch Bl., Pyramid Lake Hwy/Dolores Dr. and Buckey Way/E York Way.
  • Cheap apartments are abundant in the lower-income areas of City Center and Vista.

Cultural Attractions in Sparks, NV

The Sparks Museum & Cultural Center has ongoing program of activities. Sparks is also great for outside activities. In the southeastern part of the city is Marina Park Lake, for fishing. Within driving distance, to the north is Pyramid Lake, where the Paiute India tribe holds its annual Powwow, to the east, is Lahontan State Recreation Area, and to the south is Washoe Lake. Southwest is Lake Tahoe, which has a music festival in the summer. To the west is Reno where all the top performers have their shows.

Shopping in Sparks, NV

Legends Mall is on the east shore of the Marina Park Lake. Stores located there include many factory outlet stores, and the legendary Scheels, which features large fish tanks, numerous taxidermy specimens of animals, and a huge Ferris-wheel inside this gigantic sports equipment store, which claims to be the world,’s largest. Further east is a splendid garden center, which has nice water fountains and beautiful greenhouses. There is also the Greenbrae Shopping Center West, the Iron Horse Shopping Center, and the Sparks Crossing Shopping Center.

Dining in Sparks, NV

Sparks has everything from fantastic buffets in the casinos to elegant dining, to classic American diners featuring juicy hamburgers as well as healthy cuisine. There are seafood restaurants, superb steakhouse restaurants offering prime cut steaks and succulent barbeque, great handmade pizza from wood-fired ovens, plus a variety of other international choices such as sushi, Chinese, Thai food, and magnificent Mexican food. There are also breweries and pubs offering tasty food with locally made beer, which are great places to go to watch a sports game on the big screen TVs.

Nightlife in Sparks, NV

Because Sparks is adjacent to Reno, where the casinos all feature big shows, the nightlife in Sparks has a more comforting down home feel. There are combination restaurant/nightclubs where local bands perform and the breweries often have live jazz performances. There are bars that have music, dancing, karaoke, pool tables and darts. Country dancing is fun and many places have line dancing. There are a few modern dance clubs featuring rock and popular dance. Sparks is also home to the infamous legal brothel, Mustang Ranch.

Sports in Sparks, NV

Sparks has a new, $18 million, Golden Eagle Regional Park, which is a public sports complex, situated on 100 acres. Artificial grass covers over a million square feet. There you will find sports events, tournaments, and practice fields for baseball, softball, football, and Lacrosse. There are two trail runs; one is five kilometers long, the other is ten kilometers long. There is a large public swimming complex as well. Wildcreek Golf Course is located in the northern part of Sparks, which has an 18-hole course and a 9-hole executive course. The PGA Seniors Tournament made its home there three times which means the course is a nice challenge to play.

Transportation Options in Sparks, NV

Public transportation exists which accommodates everyone including those with disabilities and taxis may be used; however most residents find it preferable to use private cars to get around. Commuters often share vehicles to drive together to work, as the local people are quite friendly and amenable to participate in ride-share programs. Those with physical disabilities, which make it difficult to use public transportation, may use the special prearranged door-to-door transportation services offered by Washoe County when they qualify.

Weather in Sparks, NV

Average temperatures in Sparks range from January lows of 21 F to July highs of 91 F. The record low is -16 F. The record high is 108 F. Sparks is located close enough to Lake Tahoe in California, that the lake has an effect on the weather pattern. Sometimes a rainstorm or snowstorm, coming from the west, picks up more moisture from the lake and therefore causes increased precipitation when it reaches Sparks. Skiing is excellent during winter. Boating during summer is fun.

3 Neighborhoods in Sparks, NV

  • D'Andrea

    Residents of the D'Andrea community in Sparks, Nevada enjoy the multiple advantages of suburban community living, with the added perk of residing just three miles from downtown Sparks. Surrounded by beautiful scenic parks and just minutes away from the Pah Rah Mountain Range, D'Andrea creates the perfect atmosphere of a "small town" within a bigger city.

  • Outer Sparks

    Sparks may seem to be only a suburb of Reno to some. However, its history and culture differentiates it from Reno, making it a city with its own identity and pride. Located 15 minutes from downtown Reno and four miles east of Reno’s city limits, locals in the outer Sparks region live among the hills of northern Nevada and enjoy all the outdoor activities it entails. Meanwhile, residents live close enough to Reno to enjoy shows, nightlife, pub crawls and more in the downtown area.

  • Pioneer Meadows

    The development of the northern suburbs of Reno and Sparks has gained steam in recent years because of the population increase in the area. These suburbs, including Pioneer Meadows, feature newer homes, expansive views of the Reno skyline, and many recreation areas where people can get together and have fun. Up in Pioneer Meadows, about a 15-minute drive out of Sparks, Nevadans can relax and appreciate the views of the mountains with the knowledge that they live only 20 minutes from downtown Reno’s attractions.