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641 N Monticello Ave, Chicago, IL 60624


1 year ago

Pathic and Dirty

I have 4 children 3 boys and 1 girl. All of them share this one little small bed room my mama lives with me and she sleeps in the living room on the floor my brother sleeps on in the 2nd bed room there are Mices running around an roaches every where. As soon as you open our front door roaches come out the cracks of the door we have leaks that everytime it rain water links in the bed rooms and living room it leaving Stains so we cant have guests Over. When we did have guests they ran Like they sa... View More
1 year ago


My apartment is very horrible I have a 3 bed room apartment that have mold on the wall and everytime it's rain it be leaking. My back porch is inside, and I wanted to turn that into a bedroom but eventually I couldn't because of how the ceilings are thee is a Big Gap in the ceiling my landlord constantly saying he gone get it fixed but never did. Next, here comes the roaches, they was coming through the cracks , walls, and ontop of the ceiling what really bother me is when I open my apartment ... View More