Ann Arbor, MI

Finding Apartments for Rent in Ann Arbor, MI

Ann Arbor is a truly beautiful place to live. As of the 2010 Census, it's the sixth largest city in Michigan at around 113,000 people. With an area of about 30 square miles, it's a bit city not only in terms of population, but physical size as well.

Because Ann Arbor is home to several colleges, there are lots of rental properties (specifically, apartments) available throughout town. The most difficult times to find apartment rentals in the Ann Arbor are typically around the beginning of the school year, which is in September. The easiest time to find Ann Arbor apartments for rent is during the summer months of June and July.

Top Neighborhoods in Ann Arbor, MI

Ann Arbor is an extremely diverse city, so deciding on the neighborhood that's best for your needs will vary based on your budget, wants, and needs. The most expensive area to live is definitely downtown Ann Arbor, which is located near the University of Michigan. However, if downtown living is for you, then it may be worth it to pay a little more for an apartment here, as you're never far away from all the action of a big city. Even within downtown, however, there are individual neighborhoods, such as the popular Kerrytown, which is lined with beautiful historic homes and small shops.

If you're looking to stay in Ann Arbor but prefer to be outside of the bustling downtown area, then you'll probably want to check out neighborhoods closer to the Ypsilanti border. Specifically, Washtenaw Avenue is a strip that has many apartment complexes and is still not more than a 10-minute drive from downtown.

Cultural Attractions in Ann Arbor, MI

Ann Arbor is known as a city that truly loves to celebrate its culture. Therefore, you'll never need to travel far to visit a cultural attraction. Still, there are a few that would be considered must-sees, whether you're simply visiting or planning a move to Ann Arbor.

If you have kids, then the Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum is a must. Located downtown on Ann Street, this small yet jam-packed science museum features plenty of exhibits that your child will love. Kids of all ages can enjoy exploring all kinds of interactive stations where there's no need to keep your hands to yourself. The museum is also available to host birthday parties and other gatherings. If you'll be living in the Ann Arbor area, you may want to make the most of your money by purchasing a membership to the museum as well.

Interested in catching a show or live performance? If so, then the Michigan Theater is the place to be. This historical theater is a not-for-profit center dedicated to the performing arts and film. It even contains an original pipe organ, one of the only remaining in the world that's still used at its original location.

Outdoor Activities in Ann Arbor, MI

Ann Arbor, a city named for its trees, has plenty of beautiful parks and nature trails that are worth checking out throughout the year. If you enjoy canoeing and kayaking, consider renting one at Gallup Park and taking it down the Huron River. Gallup Park is the city's largest and most popular recreation area and also has plenty of nature trails, bike trails, kids' playgrounds, pavilions, and much more.

Also worth visiting in Ann Arbor is the Matthaei Botanical Garden and Nichols Arboretum. Here, you can see a variety of plants and trees from around the world in an absolutely beautiful setting. Located off of North Dixboro road, this outdoor attraction will make you feel like you're in another world, yet you'll be no more than a few miles from the hustle and bustle of downtown.

Dining in Ann Arbor, MI

You'll never run out of great restaurants to try in Ann Arbor, as the city is known for its amazing food. In fact, twice a year, Ann Arbor hosts is own Restaurant Week; this is typically held during the months of January and June. The idea of restaurant week is that participating restaurants offer special discounts and deals to those who dine there.

One restaurant and pub that's definitely worth checking out in Ann Arbor is Conor O'Neil's, which is a traditional Irish pub and restaurant with great food and drinks. When you step into this place, you'll actually feel as though you're in Ireland. During the World Cup, this is also probably one of the best places in town to watch.

Another must-try restaurant in Ann Arbor is Zingerman's Deli, which is known for its sandwiches and bread that is fresh-baked daily. In fact, many area restaurants actually order their own bread from Zingerman's. You'll have to travel a little bit away from downtown to get to this restaurant, which is located near the Briarwood Mall, but it's worth the trip every time.

Sports in Ann Arbor, MI

The University of Michigan has plenty of sporting teams that play in the city, such as their hockey team (which plays at the Ann Arbor Ice Cube) and the famous Michigan Wolverine college football team, which plays at U of M's "Big House." Tickets can be hard to come by, though, so if you plan on attending a game, be sure to shop around for tickets ahead of time.

11 Neighborhoods in Ann Arbor, MI

  • Ann Arbor Scio

    Scio dates back to 1835, but the reason behind the name is a mystery. The early township records were destroyed in a fire, so the reasons the name was chosen remain a mystery. Some believe it is named for the Greek island of Chios -- the town was apparently named shortly after the US established diplomatic relations with Greece after their War of Independence, which ended in 1830. However it was named, Scio is one of the largest towns in the county and is situated west of Ann Arbor. Its location along the Huron River makes Scio a popular destination, offering beautiful riverfront parks.

  • Central Ann Arbor

    Located 43 miles outside of Detroit sits the bustling city of Central Ann Arbor, where the incredibly diverse population values scientific and medical research and advancement, fine arts and performing arts. It also has the historic University of Michigan and world-famous University of Michigan Hospital located in the center of town.

  • Downtown Ann Arbor

    Located 45 miles west of Detroit, the city of Ann Arbor serves as the county seat of Washtenaw County. Downtown Ann Arbor is a hub for innovation and culture despite its relatively small geographical size. With an unusual yet attractive vibrancy, Ann Arbor feels like a small friendly town with the sophistication of a big city and stays lively with a wide variety of restaurants and trendy hangouts.

  • Georgetown

    Ann Arbor's Georgetown neighborhood is located directly north of the Georgetown Country Club, extending north to Marlborough Drive, with Packard Street forming the eastern border. Perfectly located, Georgetown provides fast access to the University of Michigan, the University of Michigan-South Campus, Michigan Stadium (the historic football stadium known as the "Big House" -- go, Wolverines!), Briarwood Mall, and Downtown Ann Arbor, roughly two miles north. This beautiful neighborhood is also close to several parks, including Mary Beth Doyle Park, which offers a disc golf course, a basketball court, and hiking trails, and Buhr Park, a 29-acre park featuring a swimming pool and wading pool, picnic areas, ball fields, and tennis courts. It is also home to the Buhr Outdoor Ice Arena and Cross Country Ski Center, ideal for winter activities like skiing, ice skating, and hockey.

  • Kimberly Hills

    The Kimberly Hills neighborhood sits just southeast of Ann Arbor and the sprawling campus of the University of Michigan. Despite being located just a few miles outside of the city, this wealthy neighborhood enjoys a quiet and peaceful setting filled with world-class golf courses and plenty of community parks.

  • Northeast Ann Arbor

    People know Ann Arbor, Michigan as home to one of the highest-ranked universities in the country: the University of Michigan. Dubbed a "college town," Ann Arbor also houses families and is considered by many a desirable place to live for its safety, accessibility, and vibrant arts and culture scene.

  • Pittsfield Lodi

    The Pittsfield Lodi neighborhood begins along the southwest side of Downtown Ann Arbor and extends westward Highway 52. This large area includes part of the Pittsfield Charter Township and the Ann Arbor Municipal Airport. It is very close to Oak Valley Center, Briarwood Mall, the University of Michigan-South Campus, and Michigan Stadium – a historic football stadium, nicknamed the “Big House,” is home to the Michigan Wolverines.

  • Plansmart

    Located 2 miles north of downtown Ann Arbor and the University of Michigan and 42 miles west of downtown Detroit, the Plansmart neighborhood of Ann Arbor provides residents with security along with plenty to do and experience.

  • South Ann Arbor

    Situated 41 miles outside of downtown Detroit sits South Ann Arbor, Michigan. Historically known as an extraordinarily diverse town focused on education, fine arts, and scientific research and advancement, Ann Arbor provides a laid-back lifestyle with big-city amenities.

  • South Main

    Located 43 miles outside of downtown Detroit sits South Main Street in the arts and science-centric town of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Maintaining a balance of calm tranquility and vibrant energy, Ann Arbor remains one of the most popular cities in Michigan, with South Main Street taking center stage for numerous activities. Its close proximity to the historic University of Michigan and world-famous University of Michigan Hospital helps account for the incredibly diverse population.

  • West Ann Arbor

    Situated in Washtenaw County 43 miles outside of Detroit, Michigan, West Ann Arbor maintains a reputation for its commitment to the arts, education, and scientific and medical advancement. This picturesque community has a laid-back vibe and an exceptionally diverse population. Home to artists, professionals, students, families and die-hard sports fans, Ann Arbor remains one of the most popular cities in Michigan.