25-56 37th St

25-56 37th St, Queens, NY 11103


2 years ago

Extremely Convenient, Extremely Narrow...

It's a great place for it's location! I LOVE my street and it's neighbors. I LOVE the area. The apartment is in a convenient, safe, family friendly, and diverse place...all the things I LOVE about Astoria. It's a 2br/1ba that has served my sister and me well, but with a 3rd roommate, it's not the most friendly. The converted railroad apartment is still narrow as heck. It's annoying when you find yourself constantly walking down the hallway with a contorted lean (that I end up doing without thin... View More
2 years ago

Three's Company...Ready to Move on

Astoria is great and growing into a young, hip place. I've lived here for 5 years, but trying to live with your twin and boyfriend and run two businesses from a living room isn't enough. Now that rent is raising crazy fast, the struggle to stay here while being able to find an apartment that is a sanctuary & a space to work....is difficult. In addition, this apt has no access to it's backyard, which is a major downfall. There are apts in Astoria that do have amazing amenities...I'd just like to ... View More