360 95th St, Brooklyn, NY 11209


1 year ago

Low rent for great area

Bay Ridge may be a farther trek than most Brooklyn areas, but it's definitely worth it for the amount of space given for such a low price! Almost 700 square feet for $1350 can't be beaten. Beautiful hard wood floors, included electricity and water, wonderful landlords who take care of any repair needs, very spacious bedroom and living room, huge windows, and essential appliances. Even better, there's a laundromat about 30 steps from the front door and grocery stores a block away! This community ... View More
1 year ago

Great Space for the Price

My wife and I spend a little over 1300/mo for a fairly nice sized apartment. The bedroom is huge and so is the living space. The kitchen is pretty small and there's not a lot of storage space. It is a walk-up, so be prepared to burn those calories. However, it's steps from the 95th St. station and has a cheap laundromat next to it. We AVG about $30/mo on laundry. Most apartments in Bay Ridge aren't too bad in size for the price you pay and living in one of the top neighborhoods for families mea... View More