Triangle State – Austin, TX

Located in the north of the Austin city center, close to the University of Texas at Austin, the Triangle State neighborhood — known by locals at the Triangle — serves as a flawless example of an upscale, mixed-use living zone. The large amount of landscaped green space makes the area attractive if you’re looking to escape some of the more industrial parts of the city. With a number of beautiful and sleekly modern high-rises and condominiums, the Triangle offers an ideal community for those looking to enjoy all of the benefits of a highly walkable neighborhood. While the cost of living is higher than average, residents find the well-manicured surroundings and amenity-packed buildings make for a great place to live in.

Restaurants & Nightlife

With a large selection of fine-dining establishments circling the many condos and high-rises in the center of Triangle State, almost all of your cravings are covered here any night of the week. While you may not find many fast-food or quick diner-style options, the restaurants here produce high-quality dishes, drawing residents and non-residents seeking a nice night out. A community favorite, Uchiko serves up contemporary Japanese culinary creations, and is known for highly creative flavors and plating. Although you'll spend a bit more than at a typical sushi restaurant, Uchiko earns the respect of diners around Austin thanks to its one-of-a-kind interpretations of classic Japanese dishes. In particular, make sure to try the jar jar duck. Not only does the succulent flavor make it worth ordering, but the presentation — with the smoke inside the jar — also amazes. For a much more relaxed dining experience, head to The Steeping Room for rich, comforting soups and unique sandwich options to pair with their many teas. You can't miss their tea services, which range from a classic English tea, including scones and miniature sandwiches, to a unique Middle Eastern spread that includes one of the creamiest hummus recipes you will find in Austin. Feel free to ask a member of their knowledgeable staff about any of the more than 300 teas if you're having a hard time deciding. At night, the Triangle hosts a vibrant happy hour scene to serve the many young professionals that make this area home. Most restaurants and bars have special happy hour deals until 7 or 8 p.m. In particular, check out the happy hour at Vino Vino. This wine bar has the best selection of wine in Austin, all of which you can purchase for $2 off until 7. When paired with a rotating menu of half-priced appetizers designed to complement their best wines, the wines at Vino Vino perfectly punctuate any long day at work.

History & Culture

Previously an empty, government-owned lot surrounding the hospital, the Triangle built up quickly once the land was approved for development. Due to the highly planned nature of its development, the Triangle houses one of the best-organized communities in Austin. Although not known as an arts center, the Triangle hosts the Hyde Park Theatre, an intimate setting to watch an eclectic mix of performances — and attracts surprisingly high-caliber performances for such a small space.


Ideally situated to take advantage of Austin's public transportation, Triangle State sits near a number of convenient bus and rail lines. For those looking to make a longer commute, the Triangle Capitol Metro Park and Ride location can give an easy, direct route. Plus, you can quickly call a taxi, Uber or Lyft to the area 24 hours a day. The well-laid-out streets host a number of pedestrians and bikers. With ample sidewalks and bike lanes, Triangle State is incredibly walkable. Due to the dearth of parking options here, residents generally choose not to drive very often. When you must drive, however, you can easily access Highway 290 and Interstate 35. Just remember that traffic can get pretty congested throughout Austin.


The Triangle boasts a highly convenient and comfortable lifestyle, and residents pay for that easy life. The cost of living in Triangle State is approximately 21 percent higher than in the rest of Austin. An average one-bedroom apartment costs about $1,150 a month, and a beer will set you back at least $5. Gas prices compare with the average in Austin and run about 9 percent less than the national average.


Whether you need high-end clothing or organic produce, the many upscale shops in the Triangle State neighborhood sell just about anything you want. Many of these shops can be found near the Central Market, an excellent place to buy organic and high-end groceries. With a cafe and a large patio that often hosts jazz bands and looks out over Central Park, locals visit Central Market to relax and enjoy a leisurely afternoon as much as they do to shop. For more standard grocery needs, residents head to the nearby HEB or Avenue B Grocery. If you need home and garden items, head to Zinger Hardware & General Merchant to find some of the funkiest offerings in the city. While you can get anything you may need to fix up the house — as you would expect from a hardware store — you can also find an extensive selection of unique, environmentally friendly items. An upscale, modern twist on an old-fashioned general store, Zinger supplies you with anything you may not yet know you need for your home. You'll find a great selection of high-end fashion shops in the Triangle, and make sure to check out Wildflowers Boutique for some of the best women's clothing and accessories. With a number of up-and-coming brands that sell fashionable options at moderate prices, Wildflowers balances the need for couture selections with budget considerations. Since Wildflowers hosts so many new designers, outfits bought here will be on-trend, yet unique.


Easily one of the biggest attractions of the area, Central Park hosts a number of well-maintained running and walking trails in a beautifully manicured park. Well lit at night, the trails are ideal places for residents to exercise or walk dogs after work. Kids love the large playground and the pond where you can feed ducks and turtles and large playground, making this a great location to bring young children — especially since parents can enjoy the live music commonly played at the nearby Central Market. Although few events are held directly within the park itself, you can enjoy themed nights held at the Central Market cafe, located just next door.
Residences At The Triangle
4600 W Guadalupe St, Austin, TX 78751
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$1,430 - 3,405 1-3 Bedroom Available Now
4527 N Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78751
1 / 94
$1,364 - 2,520 1-2 Bedroom Available Now
Gables Central Park Texas
800 W 38th St W, Austin, TX 78705
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$1,400 - 2,776 1-2 Bedroom Available Now
The Lofts at the Triangle
4616 Triangle Ave, Austin, TX 78751
1 / 95
$1,678 - 3,093 Studio - 3 Bedroom Available Now