Southeast Nashua – Nashua, NH

Head south on Main Street from downtown Nashua for about a mile to find southeast Nashua, an eclectic blend of old and young, locals and visitors. The area contains retirement homes, country clubs and golf courses but also includes the youthful vitality of Rivier University's student body. One of the principal features of the neighborhood, the Daniel Webster Highway, teems with a wide variety of commercial opportunities. Southeast Nashua borders Massachusetts, and New Hampshire has no sales tax, drawing a large volume of shoppers and giving the region an exciting border-town feel.

Schools in Southeast Nashua

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Restaurants & Nightlife

Nothing relieves stress like a cold pint and a game of 8-ball. Ping-Pong does the job too, as does throwing darts. Just lounging on a couch while watching a big TV isn’t bad either. You can do any or all of these things at Boston Billiards Club. If you're ready to rack ‘em, you’ll always find someone to meet your challenge. If you’d rather just relax and enjoy your drink, that’s fine too. Boston Billiards has two function rooms that can be reserved for private parties and special events. Fridays features live acoustic music, Saturdays feature a DJ dance party, but every night's a good night to shoot pool. A small chain with four individually owned and operated locations, all in New Hampshire, La Carreta serves up south-of-the-border specialties such as fajitas and quesadillas, washed down with margaritas. If you’re in a hurry for lunch, scarf down a Speedy Gonzales - a taco and enchilada with beans or rice. Get all the needed spices and supplies to make curry at home at Kurry Masala. If you don’t have time to cook, just get prepared Indian meals for take-out. The menu includes vegetarian and vegan favorites, such as the aloo gobhi and palak nadir, but the chicken tikka masala remains the signature item. As of January 2015, the restaurant is in the process of adding a dining room as well, and expects completion by mid-February. Some folks stop at the Shade Bar and Grill because of the sign on the highway. Some are guests of the Raddison Hotel, which houses the restaurant. And some are locals who know where to get good food and drink. The menu features classic American comfort food: burgers, wings, cornbread, ribs, steaks and macaroni and cheese, but customers rave about the potato chips, made on site from fresh potatoes and served with Roma tomatoes and Gorgonzola cheese. Shade also has a rotating selection of 20 beers on tap. Stop in for a pint, a bite and some good conversation.

History & Culture

Europeans first settled this region in 1655, establishing a fur-trading station at the confluence of the Merrimack and Nashua Rivers. In 1673, present-day Nashua along with an area to the south in what is now Massachusetts was established as the town of Dunstable. The northern portion of Dunstable became the city of Nashua in 1853. Southeast Nashua received an injection of art, culture and learning in 1941 with the establishment of Rivier College (now Rivier University). The Art Gallery at Rivier University is open to the public and presents four to five exhibitions each academic year, including those of photographs, paintings and sculpture. Lectures and panel discussions often accompany the exhibitions, stimulating conversation about the arts for students and the general public. Rivier University also sponsors an annual fund-raising golf event at the Nashua Country Club, located directly to the east of the campus.


While one can walk or bike around some sections of Southeast Nashua, such as the area in and around Rivier University, other areas are not very convenient for foot or bike access. The many businesses located along the Daniel Webster Highway are best accessed by car, and most of the stores in the area have ample parking. Roads in the area do not have bike lanes. The southern portion of the highway does have several bus stops, however. The Nashua Transit System operates seven bus routes throughout the city. Southeast Nashua is served by the 4, 6, 6a and orange bus lines. Hailing a cab is not usually an option, but Nashua Taxi Dispatch Service Inc. and U Trans Taxi each serve the entire city of Nashua. As of early 2015, Uber is not available in Nashua. The Daniel Webster Highway runs parallel to and has entrances for U.S. Route 3, the largest Interstate in the region.


The cost of living in Nashua is about 17 percent higher than the national average, though it’s 18 percent lower than the cost in nearby Boston. The average rental rate in southeast Nashua is $964. Bus fare to downtown Nashua from the southeast is $1.25, or $40 for a monthly pass. Gas costs are about 9.6 percent higher than the national average. A pint of imported or microbrewed beer can cost about $6, but you can get a bottle of domestic beer for as little as $2.


A wide variety of stores and shops pepper the Daniel Webster Highway in southeast Nashua. This commercial corridor has big-name chain stores, including Barnes & Noble, Costco, Best Buy, Staples, Toys "R" Us, Five Below and Home Depot, as well as small independent stores. Anyone can pick up a case of beer or a bottle of wine on the way home from work, but it tastes better when you make it yourself. That’s the philosophy at Incredibrew, where experienced brewers and vintners guide eager amateurs through the process of crafting their very own pinot noirs and pilsners. Incredibrew provides the equipment, ingredients and expertise. Customers enjoy learning about how their favorite beverages are created and get to bring home the fruits of their labors to savor with friends, and maybe brag a little. Brides-to-be can find the ideal dress for themselves and their bridesmaids at Marry & Tux Bridal. The groom and best man can get decked out in tuxes too. Dresses and tuxedos are available off-the-rack or tailor-made. Marry & Tux donates a portion of its profits to several local charities, including the Nashua Soup Kitchen and Shelter. The Pheasant Lane Mall, located in the most extreme southeast corner of the city, houses dozens of stores, including chic outlets Caché and Ann Taylor and luxury retailers including Hannoush Jewelers and Godiva Chocolatier. There are no farmer's markets in southeast Nashua, but those interested in farm-fresh fare can check out the Nashua Farmer's Market a little further north in downtown Nashua, on the Main Street Bridge, every Sunday from June through October. For grocery shopping in southeast Nashua, shoppers can take advantage of a Trader Joe’s and Market Basket, a local chain with locations throughout New England.


Southeast Nashua has several parks available to the public, all free-of-charge and dog-friendly. Some, such as Proctor Park, are relatively undeveloped though they provide pleasant trails for walking or hiking. The Joyce Park Sanctuary has trails for hiking but not biking, as it is a popular spot for birdwatchers. Field’s Grove Park has a few more facilities, including a playground, picnic area and courts for tennis and basketball, as well as trails along the wetlands where a variety of wildlife thrive. Every May, the park has a cleanup event, bringing out dozens of civic-minded folk to pick up litter, paint benches and help maintain the beauty of their park, celebrating afterwards with a big barbecue. In warmer weather, park-goers make use of Roby Park’s two softball fields and large playground. When it gets cold, they take to sleds and skates. A large sledding hill is illuminated until 10 pm for downhill fun. An outdoor skating rink is available for skating and hockey from late November until the end of February. Each summer, Roby Park hosts a Special Olympics event at the Jeff Morin Field, giving kids with special needs a chance to shine.