Orlando, FL

Widely known as the Vacation Capital of the World, Orlando, Florida is a destination location for people from all over the world. It is also a center for businesses of all kinds, with many "world headquarters" being located there. To top it all off, Orlando is an excellent place to work and live. If you will be moving to Orlando soon, here are some of the top things about this central Florida gem you need to know.

Finding Apartments for Rent in Orlando, FL

You will have no trouble whatsoever finding apartments for rent in Orlando. Hundreds of apartment communities make Orlando their home, and these communities house tens of thousands of residents.

You'll find the highest concentration of apartment communities in the several blocks that surround the University Boulevard area. University Boulevard leads straight into the University of Central Florida, which has the highest number of enrolled students of any university in the state! Naturally, some of those students are going to live on campus. However, with housing being limited on the grounds of the university itself, lots of other students are going to be looking for off-campus housing, and the area supplies it for them. There are dozens of apartment communities, both large and small, just within the university region alone, and their prices are all student-friendly.

Reaching out into the rest of the city, there are still a wide selection of apartment communities from which to choose. The apartments away from the university appeal more to young professionals and families with parents who work nearby. These communities comprise every amenity you can imagine, and the prices range widely, from relatively inexpensive even for a three-bedroom on the outskirts of town, to more than a house payment for a top floor studio in the middle of Orlando's bustling downtown area.

Top Neighborhoods in Orlando, FL

Safety and amenities vary according to your neighborhood. In general, the top neighborhoods are the nondescript, family-friendly residential neighborhoods on the edge of town closest to Winter Park, and the enormous, highly coveted planned community of MetroWest. Tiger Woods once lived in MetroWest, if this gives you any idea of just how coveted this neighborhood is. Gated and guarded and located on the west side of town near the main campus of Valencia Community College, MetroWest is full of expensive mansions and has every on-site community amenity imaginable.

Weather in Orlando, FL

Orlando is in Central Florida, which has very hot, humid summers that seem to last for most of the year. In fact, most of the year is hot, and it's not unusual for people there to be wearing shorts and t-shirts at Christmas on some years. However, the main hot months are June through September, where the humidity is at its highest. There is no real fall in Orlando, as the trees do not change color and the temperature does not noticeably change. However, people still decorate in fall colors and celebrate the fall holidays. Fall's arrival is also exciting for Orlando residents because it means cooler weather is probably on the way.

Winter is sporadic, with cold days being interspersed with hot days all through the winter season. It's rare to get more than a few days in a row of really cold weather in the winter in Orlando, and freezing weather is even more rare. While there is occasionally frost on the ground some winter mornings, the last time there was any snow on the ground in Orlando was in 1977. Spring generally brings cool, breezy weather with little humidity, and lasts from March through the beginning of May. It's probably the best time of year in Orlando to be outside.

Cultural Attractions in Orlando, FL

Orlando, of course, is best known for its cultural attractions. Most of these are in the form of theme parks. Everyone knows about Walt Disney World, of course. However, there is a lot more. Universal Studios theme park, with its accompanying Islands of Adventure and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is one such park. There is also SeaWorld. A lesser-known but still popular theme park is The Holy Land Experience, which was featured in comedian Bill Maher's "mockumentary," Religulous. 

The biggest non-theme park cultural attractions in Orlando are the downtown Orlando Public Library (which has the state's largest historical and genealogical collection), and Lake Eola Park, which is located just blocks from the library and is the home of the annual Orlando Shakespeare Festival, where you can enjoy Shakespeare's plays under the stars.

Transportation in Orlando, FL 

Most people get around by car in Orlando. However, there is also a thriving cab and limousine industry there that will get you anywhere you want to go for a casual or formal outing. There is also a downtown shuttle that will take you anywhere in the few blocks of the downtown area for free. Finally, Orlando has the Lynx bus system, which provides its main means of public transportation for those who don't have access to cars.

46 Neighborhoods in Orlando, FL

  • Airport North

    Airport North lies within the city of Orlando, FL., and sits two miles from the Orlando International Airport. The neighborhood rests 10 miles north of Orlando's center, making it a convenient home for those looking for easy access to local shopping and restaurants. The area's strong educational system has high graduation rates, and the low cost of living attracts those looking to relocate. Residents often remain in the neighborhood due to its beautiful weather throughout the year.

  • Americana/Park Central

    Located just four miles southwest of Orlando, the Park Central neighborhood has a mix of owner-occupied homes and rental apartments and condos, resulting in a relatively young population. The community occupies just 0.2 square miles, but it has a population density greater than the average for Orlando, giving residents new opportunities for friendship and collaboration. Although the neighborhood has kid-friendly accommodations, families with children are not as common in Park Central as they are in other Orlando communities.

  • Boggy Creek

    Located east of Florida's Turnpike, Boggy Creek lies roughly west of the Orlando International Airport, a 10-minute drive that puts the airport conveniently close but far enough away for some peace and quiet. In fact, what the area lacks in shopping malls, it more than makes up for with a pastoral setting and open spaces, giving kids plenty of room to play outside.

  • College Park

    Situated just northwest of Downtown Orlando, College Park draws in both the traditional and trendy, and has many apartments and townhouses for rent. Find inspiration walking the same brick-lined streets as Jack Kerouac, who once called College Park home. The 287 acres of lakes and parks, many with paved walking paths, provide respite from urban life. Opportunities for curiosity and exploration abound at the Orlando Science Center near College Park’s Lake Estelle.

  • Conway

    Conway, an unincorporated, census-designated place, sits less than 5 miles southeast of downtown Orlando. Residents have the choice of new developments from the 1990s and 2000s that include apartments, townhouses and single-family homes. Conway is popular with families for its quiet setting and low crime rate, while young professionals gravitate to the community for its proximity to downtown.

  • Downtown Orlando

    The Central Business District in Orlando prevails as the city's epicenter for business activity. This area serves as Orlando's financial district and has become the most well-known fixture of downtown. The Central Business District provides commercial and residential towers as well as large office complexes. This neighborhood creates an alluring atmosphere filled with sports facilities, nightclubs, performing arts theaters, retail locations, a movie theater and art galleries.

  • East Park

    The East Park neighborhood in Orlando, Florida sits surrounded by multiple lakes, with the most prominent being Lake Nona and Lake Whippoorwill. Residents enjoy convenient access to the 417 Greenway when taking the 19-mile trip into downtown Orlando. The neighborhood resides within close proximity to the Cornerstone at Lake Hart shopping plaza, which makes picking up groceries, running to the bank, or getting a manicure a breeze.

  • Edgewood

    Located just under four miles south of downtown Orlando, the residential neighborhood of Edgewood lies between several lakes, including Little Lake Conway, Lake Jessamine, Lake Gatlin, and Lake Jennie Jewel. While Edgewood has houses for rent scattered all over, the most desirable homes provide stunning lake views. Convenient water access gives residents of this neighborhood plenty of opportunities to take advantage of the excellent Florida weather and spend a day boating or fishing.

  • Engelwood Park

    Englewood Park sits nestled in Central Florida, just 6 miles east of downtown Orlando. The neighborhood's association strives to welcome all residents and hosts events to help locals get acquainted with each other and build community pride. Well-maintained parks and ongoing aims to advance educational opportunities attract those who dwell here. The low cost of living, convenient local amenities and gorgeous weather lure people to the area and turn them into residents.

  • Florida Center

    As one of the most popular cities in the world for tourists, Orlando packs in a multitude of activities for every person visiting or living in the area. The majority of those activities lie in the neighborhood of Florida Center. The famous International Drive and Universal Studios resorts and theme parks make up the neighborhood, which in turn makes it one of the most widely visited parts of Greater Orlando. Nearly all businesses and elements of Florida Center cater to the tourism crowd. Sitting just to the southwest of downtown Orlando the neighborhood's location allows for more spacious surroundings for it's residents.

  • Florida Center North

    Florida Center North encompasses a small section of greater Orlando just southwest of downtown. The area, known as an excellent shopping destination, draws in crowds of tourists as well as residents on a daily basis. Located directly in the center of Orlando's peak attractions, Florida Center North remains packed with things to do for the whole family.

  • Florida Mall

    Approximately six miles south of downtown Orlando, Florida and just a couple of miles east of Interstate 4 lies the neighborhood of Florida Mall. An ideal neighborhood for residents who enjoy fishing, boating, or simply walking along the shores of the nearby lakes, Florida Mall has plenty of apartment complexes or single-family homes from which to choose.

  • Goldenrod

    Goldenrod, situated about 11 miles northeast of downtown Orlando, offers residents a quieter, more family-friendly alternative compared to living in the heart of the city. With a 20-minute drive to get downtown, commuters easily make the trip every morning and come home to their friendly neighborhood with eclectic restaurants and ample shopping opportunities. Its biking trails and local events help to make Goldenrod a great hometown that lies close to both Full Sail University and Rollins College.

  • Holden Heights

    The Holden Heights neighborhood sits four miles south of Orlando, Florida. Dominated by Lake Holden, the area features single-family homes, with many of those around the lake having private boat moorings, and a few apartment buildings.

  • Hunters Vista

    Hunters Vista sits 7.3 miles northwest of Kissimmee, Florida, and around 19 miles south of Orlando. The neighborhood was developed and constructed in the late 1980s and early 1990s as an expansion of the Hunters Creek area. The neighborhood sits along both sides of the Central Florida Greenway, providing residents a serene suburban landscape within a short vicinity to a major metropolitan area. The meticulously manicured landscapes give the area a clean and upscale feel.

  • Kirkman North

    Nestled in Orlando, Florida, Kirkman North lies 7 miles away from the city center of Orlando, 12 miles from Disney World, and a mere 4 miles from Universal Studios. The neighborhood attracts many due to its affordable cost of living and nearby local amenities. Entertainment options, restaurants, and shopping surround the area. An excellent school system with high graduation rates and the amazing weather year-round also draws in those who call Kirkman North home.

  • Kirkman South

    Located in Orlando, Florida, Kirkman South sits less than seven miles away from Orlando's city center, which houses renowned attractions such as Disney World and the Universal Orlando Resort. These entertainment venues, along with an affordable cost of living, attract people to the neighborhood, turning them into residents. The local amenities such as grocery stores, shops, and restaurants offer convenience to those who call this location home. The beautiful year-round weather and high graduation rates win over locals, as well.

  • Lake Frederica

    Lake Frederica lies seven miles southeast of the center of Orlando, Florida. Residents reach major attractions such as Walt Disney World and Universal Studios in approximately 20 miles. Local amenities, including restaurants, bars, parks, and shops, all sit near the neighborhood. The low cost of living attracts many in search of affordable housing with nearby access to city life. The sound school system takes satisfaction in high graduation rates, and the favorable climate draws people to the neighborhood turning them into life-long residents.

  • Lake Hart

    Surrounding the scenic Lake Whippoorwill and bordering the larger lake that shares its name, Lake Hart is located just southeast of Orlando, surrounded by the lakes, rivers, and wild greenery of natural Florida. With a minuscule population of around 540 people, this community benefits from the seclusion and beauty of rural life while enjoying a modest 20-mile drive from the downtown Orlando area.

  • Lake Nona

    As denizens of one of the biggest tourist destinations in the world, residents of Orlando, Florida, can often feel lost in the whirl of rental cars and mouse ears. Neighborhoods outside of the tourist corridor are popular options for locals looking to enjoy the warm climate, lush greenery, and poolside excursions. Areas like Lake Nona, just 20 miles from downtown Orlando, make that possible.

  • Lake Sunset

    On the west side of downtown Orlando, just outside the busy streets surrounded by skyscrapers, rests a peaceful lake known as Sunset Lake. The waters were designated a public park in the mid-1900s, and around this park a community formed: the Lake Sunset community.

  • Lake Terrace

    The Lake Terrace neighborhood provides a residential retreat away from busier tourist areas while being conveniently located less than four miles from downtown Orlando. Lush foliage and lake views create a picturesque backdrop for the area's many single-unit homes, giving the neighborhood a suburban feel.

  • Lake Underhill

    East of downtown Orlando, where one can hardly hear the runways of Orlando Executive Airport, lies the unfrequented community of Lake Underhill. A clean suburb with winding streets and picturesque houses, the neighborhoods of Lake Underhill provide a haven from the commotion of downtown Orlando without a long commute.

  • LaVina

    A small refuge of luxury amid the busy city and nearby planned lake communities, southeast Orlando's LaVina neighborhood offers convenient proximity to diverse amenities and experiences.

  • Lockhart

    Eight miles northwest of downtown Orlando, Lockhart gets its name from David Lockhart, a businessman who attracted new residents by building the area's first sawmill. The suburban neighborhood has a quiet, relaxing vibe, and you can find apartments for rent scattered throughout. Those who enjoy shopping will appreciate the nearby Altamonte Mall, just eight miles northeast of Lockhart.

  • Mariner's Village

    Rife with man-made lakes and rivers, and bisected by East Michigan Street, Mariner’s Village prides itself on being the picture of suburban solitude at the heart of surrounding cities. From a bird’s eye perspective, the houses and apartment complexes appear crammed back-to-back, but the neighborhood actually features lush greenery in backyards, along roadsides and around Lake Porter. Docks bob lakeside, and passing geese and wild ducks make their home on these waters every year.

  • Metro West

    The MetroWest neighborhood prides itself on being a beautiful place to enjoy a high quality of life through convenient amenities and a friendly atmosphere. MetroWest residents have convenient access to Interstate 4, Orlando's major highway, and close proximity to many of Orlando's treasured attractions, including Universal Studios, Disney, and the Florida Mall. Free community events take place throughout the year, many of which are held at a central point of town, the MetroWest Golf Club. The Bill Frederick Park and other recreational areas provide residents with ample opportunities to enjoy the outdoors.

  • Millenia

    The Millenia neighborhood is one of Orlando’s newer neighborhoods, located in the southwest area of Orlando. It is a small community of about 7,600 people.

  • Orlovista/Lake Mann

    Orlovista is a 2-mile, unincorporated community in Orange County, Florida. It lies 6 miles west of the city of Orlando and about 17 miles from Orlando International Airport. The low cost of living and accessible local amenities attract people to the neighborhood, turning visitors into residents. The amazing year-round weather and proximity to area attractions and theme parks please those who call Orlovista home.

  • Pine Castle/Belle Isle

    Dominated by lakes, particularly Lake Conway, the Pine Castle and Belle Isle neighborhoods attract residents who enjoy fishing and water sports. The majority of people here drive less than 20 minutes to get to work, as nearby Lake Conway South Seaplane Base provides jobs in the area, and State Road 527 runs through both towns to Orlando and Kissimmee, allowing an easy commute for those who work in either city. A little more than five miles south of Orlando and around 15 miles north of Kissimmee, this area also contains lodging options for area attractions such as Disney World, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld, among others. Although both communities make excellent choices for retirement, families settle here as well, escaping the bustle of the tourist areas and downtown Orlando.

  • Pine Hills

    The Pine Hills neighborhood of Orlando provides an affordable alternative to the pricey gated communities and more lavish accommodations in the surrounding region. Thanks to Pine Hills' proximity to several colleges as well as countless employers in the greater Orlando metropolitan area, most residents spend 30 minutes or less getting to work.

  • Randall/Johnson

    The small suburban neighborhood of Randall/Johnson sits in the southeast corner of Orlando and borders other communities, such as Brunetti South, Lavina and East Park. Locals know Randall/Johnson for its clean and well-maintained public areas, the unique architecture of the homes, and its tree-lined streets. The residents enjoy several small and large natural lakes that rest in and around the neighborhood, along with the dense surrounding woodland that secludes Randall/Johnson within its own calm and serene space. Commuters make a 16.5-mile drive to reach the downtown center of Orlando or a 20.5-mile drive south to the Kissimmee city center.

  • Rio Pinar

    Rio Pinar, an unincorporated area, sits within Orange County in the Orlando-Kissimmee Metropolitan Area. In a location near the University of Central Florida and the attractions of Orlando and less than an hour from the Atlantic Ocean, residents of the neighborhood live in a prime spot. Nonetheless, its location 8 miles east of downtown Orlando keeps you far enough away from the tourist crowds and tucked away in a quiet country club district that includes the neighborhood's own Rio Pinar Country Club. These features help residents enjoy a private and peaceful lifestyle, and attract mostly married couples and families.

  • Rosemont

    About 34 miles north of Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida lies Rosemont, a beautiful neighborhood filled with entertainment and plentiful amenities. Rosemont, known for its affordable housing market, also houses an excellent school district and a growing economy. Just one hour from Cape Canaveral, the Rosemont neighborhood is close to many vacation attractions and popular beaches. This urban neighborhood offers a variety of real estate, from studio apartments to four-bedroom houses.

  • South Orange

    The central city of the sunshine state, Orlando, Florida boasts a gathering of tropical tourism, theme parks and urban eccentricity. Just outside of the dense concrete concentration of skyscrapers, stadiums and city lights, just south of the mayor’s office and the Orlando Magic’s Amway Center, exists the suburban community of South Orange.

  • South Semoran

    South Semoran, located within the city of Orlando, Florida, sits a mere 7 miles east of the city center. Its close proximity to area theme parks and attractions provides local family fun and entertainment. Other nearby amenities, which include shopping centers, restaurants and parks, attract many to the area. Residents appreciate the low cost of living, and South Semoran is considered perfect for those who want access to a big city, but don't want the expensive costs of downtown dwelling. The year-round warm weather also makes a compelling case for a relocation to this beautiful neighborhood.

  • Southchase/Meadow Woods Village

    Your rental home in Southchase or Meadow Woods Village sits among several connected ponds and waterways that may harbor manatees that spend their winters here. This neighborhood runs along either side of the Central Florida GreeneWay.

  • Southeast

    A large neighborhood located on Orlando's east side, Southeast is located between Azalea Park and Bithlo. Highway 528 extends along the south side of the neighborhood, and the University of Central Florida and Central Florida Research Park are on the north end. Alafaya is part of the Southeast neighborhood, a popular CDP. If you are looking for apartments near UCF, look along Alafaya Trail, University Boulevard, and Research Parkway. Southeast is about 10 miles from Downtown Orlando, and Colonial Drive offers an easy commute to the city from Southeast.

  • Southern Oaks

    Southern Oaks carries the name of the grove of oaks that used to occupy the space. Although fewer oaks grace the area, the neighborhood still cherishes close ties to nature with access to a number of lakes and parks such as Lake Gatlin and Lake Pineloch.

  • Southwest

    Southwest Orlando lies in a convenient area just a short drive from downtown, Universal Studios, Walt Disney World and the rest of the endless attractions of Orlando. With numerous residential subdivisions, the area has become a popular location for families to settle down just outside the city. Defining characteristics remain related to that of nearby Walt Disney World, which includes multiple theme parks, dining experiences and activities. The area houses many hotels, given the proximity to the Orlando attractions, and allows easy driving access to many of them.

  • Spring Lake

    Located three miles northwest of downtown Orlando, Spring Lake features an idyllic setting, highlighted by the lake that serves as the area's namesake. Spring Lake has houses for rent scattered around its borders, although the most desirable tend to be those on the lake itself.

  • Ventura

    Ventura lies just 7 miles southeast from the center or Orlando, making the big city only a 15-minute drive away. This neighborhood defines itself as a golf-course community, gated to ensure safety for all residents. The community keeps the land well-groomed, and the multiple lakes create a calm and relaxed atmosphere. Ventura serves as the perfect place for raising a family or for retiring; people of all ages love living on the water and having access to the Ventura Country Club that keeps the community close-knit. The location makes it easy to reap the benefits of a private neighborhood while still having access to the liveliness of Orlando.

  • Vista East

    Vista East offers the closeness of community with the seclusion of a quiet suburban lifestyle. A development project funded by the city of Orlando will help Vista East grow into a larger neighborhood and create upwards of 4,000 new jobs. This project includes the laying of new roads in the area to increase accessibility and the building of new modelhomes. Located about 12 miles southeast of downtown Orlando, Vista East provides an escape from tourism and city life while remaining within driving distance of a multitude of amenities and attractions. Vista East is a scenic area with beautiful greenery and palm trees less than 30 minutes from Walt Disney World.

  • Williamsburg

    The quiet residential neighborhood of Williamsburg lies in southwestern Orlando. This close-knit community features a friendly neighborhood with many attractions, shops, and retailers within a 10-minute drive. Orlando's tourist destinations, Orlando International Airport, medical facilities, retailers, shops, and downtown area lie within 20 minutes of Williamsburg, a suburb tucked into a busy city.

  • Windhover

    Eight miles southwest of Orlando's city center sits the quiet neighborhood of Windhover. While houses, condominiums, and apartments make up the vast majority of Windhover's land area, the community does feature a handful of shopping and dining options along South Kirkman Road on the east edge of the neighborhood. Windhover also features a large wooded area; while not designated a park, the greenery adds immeasurably to Windhover's charm. Furthermore, the famous Universal Studios Orlando theme park makes its home directly adjacent to the south of the neighborhood. While most of Windhover's locals only visit the park on occasion, the massive number of tourists traveling to the park plays a key role in Windhover's economic activity, and keep the roads and shops in the eastern half of the neighborhood quite busy.

  • Winter Park

    Winter Park, one of the wealthiest cities in the metro Orlando area, sits nestled among the Winter Park Chain of Lakes, a series of picturesque lakes connected by navigable canals. Located just a 15-minute drive north of downtown Orlando, Winter Park is known for winding brick streets and canopies of old live oak trees dripping with Spanish moss. Home to a thriving arts scene, upscale shopping and dining, and plenty of outdoor activities, Winter Park remains a popular choice for those wishing to escape downtown yet still feel connected to a cultural center.