Issaquah, WA


Whether you work in the nearby urban centers or just want to pop into the city every once in a while, Issaquah’s position along I-90 puts it just 30 minutes from downtown Seattle. Folks renting in Issaquah enjoy the stunning natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest, including gorgeous views of the Cascade Mountains, right in their own backyard. Several large wildlife areas are easily accessible from Issaquah, particularly Tiger Mountain State Forest to the southeast and Cougar Mountain to the west. The Cougar Mountain Zoo is a popular attraction, home of the only Bengal tigers in the state of Washington. In town, the famous Gilman Village district is home to many independent shops and restaurants, and is well known around the Puget Sound area. Salmon plays an important role in the local culture, and the annual Salmon Days festival draws hundreds of thousands of people every October.

3 Neighborhoods in Issaquah, WA

  • Gilman

    Gilman sits like a horseshoe around the top of Issaquah, surrounded by the natural beauty of Lake Sammamish and a collection of mountains and large parks and nature reserves. Residents live side-by-side wildlife, making this rural community a mix of the homey countryside with nearby city conveniences. A variety of restaurants and local boutiques sit alongside chain stores in the area, providing residents with ample shopping opportunities. Interstate 90 cuts through the heart of this valley, acting as a main artery between Gilman and the greater Seattle area.

  • Issaquah Highlands

    The Issaquah Highlands provide the accessibility of a big city with the refuge of suburban comfort. Less than one mile away from Tiger Mountain, the Highlands beautifully encompass the best aspects of Pacific Northwest nature while still just 20 miles east of Seattle. Tantalizing views of both the mountains to the east and the cities to the west can be spotted from the hills that make up the Highlands. This neighborhood embraces "Living Green" as its motto, striving to make sustainable choices attainable for its residents.

  • North Issaquah

    Being strategically situated between the Puget Sound region and the Cascade Mountains makes North Issaquah accessible to urban amenities and the great outdoors. A residential community packed with shopping, dining, arts and culture, this neighborhood contains great schools. One of the top places to retire, North Issaquah has quality health care options and facilities.