Framingham, MA


Twenty miles inland from downtown Boston sits Framingham, a large suburban town with amenities and attractions rivalling its more urbanized neighbors. Public parks and athletic fields can be found in practically every neighborhood, ensuring that everyone has access to quality outdoor recreation nearby. Several areas around town feature clusters of storefronts and restaurants in easily walkable settings; Framingham also partially contains the famous Golden Triangle retail district, attracting shoppers from all over New England. Getting from a rental apartment in Framingham to the city is easy, with the Massachusetts Turnpike running through the center of town and MBTA rail service stopping on the south side.

1 Neighborhoods in Framingham, MA

  • Metro West

    Just west of Boston and East of Worcester sits Metro West, a region that houses a group of towns and cities with significant historical backgrounds. A total of 19 municipalities make up the core of this community, but other municipalities are considered to be a part of the Interstate 495/Metro West Corridor.