Flower Mound, TX

Finding Apartments for Rent in Flower Mound, TX

As one of the fastest growing communities in the country over the past two decades, Flower Mound offers a multitude of multi-family apartment buildings in a number of great communities. You will find a range of options to fit your budget and your preferences, whether you’re just moving to the area as a single or raising a family here. Many people would say that Flower Mound doesn’t have any bad neighborhoods, just some better than others. In fact, the Dallas area as a whole generally includes several Flower Mound neighborhoods in their lists of the best in the area, including Bridlewood and Castle Hills. It is worth noting the overall demographics of Flower Mound residences tend to the higher end of area prices.

Cultural Attractions of Flower Mound, TX

As a relatively new town with an influential population, Flower Mound boasts of many special touches and attractions. As a popular bedroom community for Dallas and even Fort Worth, the residents also enjoy a tremendous number of options for cultural facilities and events in the area. This includes Dallas’ world-renowned arts district and the many world class museums in Fort Worth. In addition to many annual events and special cultural festivals in the general area, Flower Mound residents also enjoy the Live Flower Mound attraction in city center that celebrated the town’s namesake.

Shopping in Flower Mound, TX

If shopping is your thing, you’ll find that Flower Mound is at the epicenter of some of the world’s very best shopping opportunities. Over 15 malls are within an hour’s drive and half of those less than 30 minutes away. This includes the incredible Stonebriar Centre with every imaginable store, including Ikea. You’ll find all the stores you need for everyday needs within Flower Mound, most newly constructed within the last 10 to 15 years. Additionally, with Dallas being the birthplace of Niemen-Marcus, you can count on finding the most elegant treasures, as well as great bargains at the several outlet centers.

Dining in Flower Mound, TX

As with so much of what Flower Mound offers, you can find what you want right next door or travel a few miles and choose from virtually unlimited options. If you just want a quick bite, there is a broad selection of both privately-owned and finer chain eateries. From Salermo’s Restaurant to Ashi Teppenyaki and Sushi, you can sate virtually any appetite, and enjoy a different dining experience every night. Within a driving radius of 30-miles you will find dozens of high-end restaurants as well as many moderately priced locations catering to families and couples.

Nightlife in Flower Mound, TX

You can combine a night of fine dining in Flower Mound with some great entertainment or simply drive for fifteen minutes in any direction for a wide selection of hot spots. From country line dancing to the latest in hip hop, you’ll find a quality establishment catering to your type of crowd. You can guess what you’ll find at Redneck Heaven, but the fun at the Electric Cowboy might surprise you. Other local favorites include Sneaky Petes and the nearby Wild Turkey in Lewisville. Whether you want to spend a quiet evening at Cool River Café or rock out at The Clubhouse Texas, you can easily find a fun place to match your mood when you live in Flower Mound.

Sports in Flower Mound, TX

A great advantage of living in Flower Mound is you can enjoy any and all the sports you can handle. Whether you play yourself or enjoy professional sports, the area in and around Flower Mound is sports central. You’ll find everything from the legendary Dallas Cowboys to the up and coming Texas Rangers right in your backyard. You can regularly snag tickets to championships and playoffs as they rotate through the Dallas and the surrounding area. Plus, Flower Mound has an active sports scene for youth and those who enjoy all types of league and club competition.

Transportation Options in Flower Mound, TX

While the city of Flower Mound is not a direct participant in DART, the regional light-rail system, it is just a few miles from adjoining lines and park and ride sites. Virtually all of Flower Mound’s roads and highway infrastructure is new and well planned. The city is only three miles from the Dallas/Ft Worth Airport, and you can access downtown Dallas via IH 35 in less than 20 minutes at times other than rush hour. Flower Mound is also benefiting from an extensive set of toll roads and thoroughfares that are just being completed in the area, including a extension of FM 2499 that will greatly add to travel options. Flower Mound enjoys easy access to I-35, I-635, and state highways 114 and 121.

Weather in Flower Mound, TX

They say if you don’t like the weather in Texas, just wait a few hours and it will change. While there can be rapid changes at certain times of the year, from hot and dry to cool and rainy, most people find the weather in Flower Mound to be just right. The average temperature in Flower Mound is 63.71 degrees Fahrenheit, a little cooler than the overall Texas average. Only a few days each year will be uncomfortable, which includes a few days of ice and snow in the winter and some 100 degree scorcher in the summer. Generally, however, these total less than a dozen or so such days, leaving the rest of the time to enjoyable, pleasant weather.

Archstone Lexington
1111 Lexington Ave, Flower Mound, TX 75028
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Park Central at Flower Mound
4200 Broadway Ave, Flower Mound, TX 75028
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River Walk Village
4000 S Broadway Ave, Flower Mound, TX 75028
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$999 - 2,200 1-3 Bedroom Available Now