Allentown, PA

Finding Apartments for Rent in Allentown, PA

Looking for an affordable apartment in Eastern Pennsylvania in a city with a lot of history and a growing economy? Then Allentown, PA is the place to be. Allentown is the third most populous city in Pennsylvania behind Pittsburgh and Philadelphia and it offers an ideal working and living environment. It is also considered one of the fastest growing cities in Pennsylvania. Located in Lehigh Valley, it shares the area with two other cities called Bethlehem and Easton. Allentown is also an ideal location as it is only 96 miles from New York City, 55 miles from Philadelphia, 85 miles from Harrisburg and 152 miles from Baltimore.

Top Neighborhoods in Allentown, PA

Allentown is separated into five districts called the Center City, East Side, South Side, The Wards and the West End. Choosing the top neighborhood to rent an apartment in Allentown in has to be based on personal preferences and what you are looking for in dining, shopping and cultural attractions.

For people looking for an art community with tones of eclectic shopping areas and small boutiques then 7th Street in Center City will accommodate them nicely. For more cultural attractions, you should look for apartments closer to the downtown region of Center City as there are several historical landmarks in the region. Budding artists and people interested in the performing arts will love living in the West End Theatre District as it is near the Muhlenberg College and Fairgrounds Farmers Market.

Cultural Attractions in Allentown, PA

When it comes to cultural attractions, you are sure to find something to watch or experience in Allentown, PA. There are over 11 different cultural attractions located in Allentown, and if you want to learn more about the history of this city, check out the local art scene or even learn more about wheeled transportation throughout the ages.

Find out where the Liberty Bell was hidden back in 1777 when George Washington knew he couldn't save Philadelphia from the British at the Zion's Liberty Bell Shrine Museum. If you are interested in cars and over-the-road transportation, you can see carriages, bicycles and trucks at the American Wheels Museum. You can even have a picture taken in a mini Indy race car. Learn more about science and technology at the Da Vinci Science Center or take in a Broadway-style show down at the Civic Center. For entertainment for the kids in Allentown, head out to Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom.

Shopping in Allentown, PA

There are numerous malls and shopping centers in the Lehigh Valley region for people living in Allentown as well as in Bethlehem and Easton. In Allentown itself, the South Mall has 55 stores, from small boutiques to larger designer clothing stores. For a larger shopping experience, you can head out to the Lehigh Valley Mall located north of Allentown in the city of Whitehall as it is the largest shopping center in Lehigh Valley. There are 150 stores, from nationally-recognized clothing stores to smaller boutiques. 

Dining in Allentown, PA

With over 1,000 restaurants in Allentown, you are sure to find your favorite place to grab a bite to eat when finding an apartment in the city. Enjoy Middle Eastern food at Damascus Restaurant, grab a beer and a meal at the Allentown Brew Works, or dine at the many other fine restaurants, pubs and sandwich shops. There is something for everyone from good ol' fashion American cuisine to ethnic Mexican, Greek, Chinese and Vietnamese delights.

Transportation in Allentown, PA

Getting around Allentown from your apartment is an easy trip. Allentown has a walkable downtown area where you can reach most businesses and shops by hoofing it or bicycling along the tree-lined streets. Allentown, PA also has a a bus system called LANta which services the cities of Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton and surrounding municipalities. There are 23 fixed routes and 10 special routes. Some offer everyday service and others operate during certain times of the year - such as extra bus routes available only during the school year.

In addition to the LANta bus service, there is also the shared ride service available by reservation called the LANtaFlex. You can travel through a designated curb-to-curb area or use the service to reach a location point that is serviced through the bus system. If you require special door-to-door service due to a disability or for the elderly, you can use the LANtaVan service.

Weather in Allentown, PA

With Allentown located on the eastern part of Pennsylvania, the city is often subjected to a more humid climate due to the weather coming up the Atlantic coastline. Summers can be hot and muggy with average temperatures reaching 80 degrees or higher. The winters are cold with unpredictable snowfall. During some winters, snowfall may be light while other years there can be significant snowstorms during the months of January and February. People who love the warm summers and the snowy winters will enjoy finding an apartment in Allentown.

9 Neighborhoods in Allentown, PA

  • 1st Ward

    The once-industrial 1st Ward neighborhood in Allentown is comprised of small businesses, family-owned restaurants, nightclubs, townhouses, and loft apartments. Situated on the banks of the Lehigh River, this east Allentown district lies 60 miles north of Philadelphia and 90 miles west of New York City.

  • Allentown City Historic District

    Only one mile south of downtown, Allentown City Historic District is a picturesque, quiet, friendly neighborhood full of gorgeous Victorian, Italianate, and Federal architecture and tree-lined streets. Its timeless qualities and nearness to downtown's activity, fun, and culture make it a desirable location for rentals and apartments nearby.

  • Center City-Lehigh

    Center City-Lehigh residents consider their tight-knit neighborhood to be the heart of Allentown. Here, locals get to experience the best of big-city living, including authentic Dominican cuisine from Cuchifrito Restaurant and the chic atmosphere at Hook Seafood & Grill.

  • Downtown Allentown

    Perhaps best known as the subject of a Billy Joel song, the city of Allentown, Pennsylvania resides in the Lehigh Valley, approximately 60 miles north of Philadelphia. Allentown features a lively entertainment and arts scene, friendly communities and a thriving retail sector. Downtown Allentown, particularly the historic Hamilton District, serves as the cultural hub of the city. You can expect to find historic architecture, cozy neighborhoods and plenty of nightlife to keep you entertained.

  • East Allentown

    “Well we’re living here in Allentown, where they’re closing all the factories down...” Billy Joel sang about the end of Bethlehem Steel in 1995 -- since Allentown was easier to rhyme, it became part of this anthem instead of Bethlehem. Allentown is the third-largest city in the state. It is situated along the Lehigh River about 50 miles from Philadelphia. In 2016, this dynamic city was named a "national success story" -- one of just six to earn the title.

  • Rittersville

    The mature residential neighborhood of Rittersville, nestled in East Allentown boasts a rich history and a charming community feel with its combination of quaint row houses, single-family homes, and apartment buildings. Situated four miles east of Allentown and 67 miles north of Philadelphia, Rittersville offers a relatively quick and quiet escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

  • Southside-Lehigh

    The large South Side/Lehigh area of Allentown is located in the central part of Lehigh County and contains several smaller neighborhoods, including Alton Park, Mountainville, and Lehigh Parkway. Apartments in South Side/Lehigh put you roughly three miles south of Allentown and about 63 miles north of Philadelphia. Allentown is one of Pennsylvania's largest cities with a population of about 118,000. It is also the fastest-growing city in Pennsylvania. With its large parks and easy access to nearby highways, Allentown's South Side continues to attract new residents.

  • Walnut Street Historic District

    The Walnut Street Historic District in Philadelphia, known as America's Most Historic Square Mile, lies on Walnut Street in Old City. It starts at Penns Landing and runs into Midtown Village somewhere around the Walnut Street Theater.

  • West End-Allentown

    Directly west of Center City Allentown lies the expansive neighborhood of West End-Allentown. When you find a rental here, the tight-knit community of locals who take pride in their neighborhood immediately welcomes you into the fold.