419 W 34th St

419 W 34th St, New York, NY 10001


1 year ago

SRO for women

This is a short term location for women coming to NYC working full time either in an internship or professionally. There is a nice community with programs to strengthen networking skills or to enjoy old movies with treats. The location is perfect to catch a train, go shopping or walk along the Hudson River for relaxation. This is a non smoking building. And the best part is the garden in the back and the rooftop garden to enjoy so all women can catch fresh air.
1 year ago

The Webster Apartments

These apartments are overpriced. The food is awful. The rooms are tiny. The whole building is hot no matter how cold it is outside. The only good quality is the roof and the views from the roof. Warn your guests they will be paying $50 to spend the night and will only be given a cot that is too big for the room. No men allowed. It's alright for people living in the city for a couple weeks, but not a place to live for any longer.