21851 Newland St

21851 Newland St, Huntington Beach, CA 92646


1 year ago

Location Location Location

If you want to be able to afford to walk to the beach, you MUST check Huntington By The Sea out!
1 year ago

Great location

Pet friendly, steps to the beach, great schools, and the right price!
2 years ago

Say Goodbye to the Stereotype and Hello to the Beach!

We are all aware of the "trailer park" stereotype. Just like every other stereotype these days, it's time to let go of that. These rentals are a gem. My neighbors are wonderful and the park is animal friendly. Having 2 dogs this is something I appreciate. Located across the street from the beach I can start my day with a jog down to main street, a short drive to the dog beach or just take a few steps down to the ocean and enjoy the sounds of the waves crashing. In the evening I enjoy the scent o... View More