Tallahassee, FL

Finding apartments is a breeze in Tallahassee, Florida. Primarily a college town that embraces small-town living, you will find a number of places which will meet every price point. A hilly city with lots of trees and greenery, this is the hub of the State of Florida with a lot of history attached. Tallahassee is the home of the governor, all the state buildings and regulates the laws for the entire state. You’ll find a diverse set of people in this city, from students to others who are there for defined career paths. From Southwood to Killearn or a number of apartments in the busy Tharpe Street area, Tallahassee is filled with apartments that cater to all tastes.

Cultural Attractions in Tallahassee, FL

The college campuses of Florida State University and Florida A&M University are the main draws of the city. Tallahassee is filled with museums, such as the Tallahassee Museum, the Museum of Fine Art and the Museum of Florida History. You can also take a tour of the governor’s mansion and attend plays and performances at the Donald Tucker Civic Center , or visit a number of galleries, all in the vicinity of popular apartments for rent in Tallahassee.

Shopping in Tallahassee, FL

Tallahassee is full of quaint boutiques and other specialty shops, adding to the historic charm find in small cities. There are two major malls to enjoy a complete shopping experience with major stores and restaurants. If you’re looking for things to do, you will have a great time at the Governor’s Square Mall located on the famous Apalachee Parkway, or at the Tallahassee Mall, which is located on the equally busy and famous Monroe Street. On either of these streets, you will find additional shopping venues, from boutiques to standard big-box retailers that will meet every need. Shopping has never been better!

Sports in Tallahassee, FL

Sports, sports and more sports! This is a college town, and you’ll find sports galore! From the national football champions at Florida State University playing in the historic Doak Campbell Stadium to the action over at FAMU’s Bragg Stadium, you’ll find a number of things to do. Baseball, water sports and more envelope the city each and every week. Parks are located throughout the city, so finding something to do, whether its golf, gymnastics, tennis or other recreational games is very easy and in close proximity to apartments for rent in Tallahassee.

Dining in Tallahassee, FL

Known for its college feel and cute bars and pubs, you can still find nice, upscale restaurants in the area that are within walking distance from apartments for rent. Any price point and any palate will be satisfied by some of the best restaurants in the area such as Harry’s Seafood Bar & Grill, or Food, Glorious Food. If you’re in the mood for group settings, there are always your standard restaurants that can be found all over the city and in close proximity to the malls. If you’re in the mood to have a group outing, it’s time to call up your friends and head out the one of the restaurants that are always ready for groups to come and have a great time!

Nightlife in Tallahassee, FL

It’s a college town. What else is there? Tallahassee is known as the ultimate party-goers paradise, with venues that will cater to the faint at heart and those party animals that just don’t know when to say when. There is the historic Moon, where all college students go to have a good time, and other venues all up and down the popular Tennessee Street. You’ll also find clubs and bars all over Tallahassee, including jazz, poetry, Latin and more. One thing’s for certain … you’ll never be bored.

Weather in Tallahassee, FL

Tallahassee is beautiful year-round. While enjoying a beautiful apartment for rent, you will also get to experience all four seasons in all their splendor! From bundling up in the cold, to watching the flowers start to bloom in the spring, you can be sure the Tallahassee weather will provide quite a few memorable experiences. With such proximity to the Georgia line, there’s nothing better than being able to visit another state in less than thirty minutes.

Transportation in Tallahassee, FL

Public transportation options are plentiful in Tallahassee. From renting bikes or cars, or catching the bus, you will get to wherever you need in a hurry. Due to the many government workers and students in town, the buses run nonstop to get people to their destination. Tallahassee is spacious but small, and there are many cross-streets that run into each other. With 12 cross-town routes available, students at Tallahassee Community College, FSU, FAMU can ride for free. Getting to the mall or to a job is a breeze and is a preferred option for workers and students alike.

14 Neighborhoods in Tallahassee, FL

  • Capitol Cascades/Georgia St

    Tallahassee residents choose the Capitol Cascades/Georgia Street area for quality apartments near Florida State University. Less than two miles from downtown Tallahassee, this centrally-located neighborhood is home to the historic Governor's mansion and Lincoln Center, a hub for community events and social programs ranging from boxing lessons to art classes.

  • Chapel Ridge

    Bordering Florida State University and located just 10 minutes from the Tallahassee city center, Chapel Hill makes the perfect neighborhood for residents with an interest in downtown nightlife, museums, and city events. Lined with palm trees and assorted foliage along its streets, Chapel Hill provides residents with beautiful scenery and mild weather throughout the year.

  • Downtown Tallahassee

    Living in the center of Florida's sunny capital city comes with a variety of benefits, ranging from enjoying its gorgeous parks and vibrant cultural scene to partaking in its delightful food and entertainment. Six districts comprise the downtown landscape, including the hip All Saints District, renowned for its pubs, galleries and restaurants. Residents flock to the College Town District, which once was the city's industrial zone. While College Park serves as home to Florida State University, other districts include the Cascades Park District and Capitol Hill, home to City Hall and the Capitol.

  • Franklin/Call Street

    Situated less than 2 miles from downtown Tallahassee, the Franklin/Call Street area has neighborhoods dating back to the end of the 19th century and the turn of the 20th century. Modest Victorian cottages as well as large apartment blocks fill the area, and shops and commercial developments nestle in with the neighborhood's residential offerings. The area attracts residents who crave an urban lifestyle in a walkable area.

  • Greater Brandt Hills

    Situated three miles from downtown Tallahassee, the Greater Brandt Hills neighborhood consists of residential areas with a wide range of architecture. Single-family homes arranged close together feature styles ranging from Victorian cottages with front porches, to 1980s split-level ranch homes. The area attracts residents who want to live in a suburban community that is not far from the heart of the city.

  • Lafayette Park

    Low-rise apartment buildings and single-family homes welcome renters to the Lafayette Park neighborhood of Tallahassee, Florida. The 22-acre park from which the neighborhood gets its name attracts residents who love to hike through its woods and pick fruit from its blueberry bushes and orange trees. Meet up with your neighbors for a round of sports on one of the park's many fields and courts, or take classes at its recreation center. Neighbors congregate at the park for community celebrations, such as the annual May Day event.

  • Myers Park

    Sitting just south of downtown Tallahassee, the Myers Park neighborhood takes its identity from the large 48-acre park that gives this community of spacious single-family homes and comfortable condos its name. The neighborhood features a public pool, tennis courts, a baseball diamond, and plenty of natural trails to give you a respite from city life. Find the region's oldest golf course, Capitol City Country Club, at the eastern edge of Myers Park, providing challenges to even the most seasoned golfer.

  • Outer Campus Area

    The Outer Campus neighborhood sits seven miles from downtown Tallahassee and three miles from the campus of Florida State University. The area consists of suburban ranch homes built in the middle of the 20th century on large lots and quiet streets that feel almost rural, but it also hosts many row houses, duplexes, and apartment blocks erected between the 1880s and the turn of the 21st century.

  • Outer Northeast Tallahassee

    Outer Northeast Tallahassee is a community in which most residents own their home, and the household income averages are higher than Tallahassee as a whole. The area lies only 10 miles northeast of the downtown area, which makes for an easy commute for those who work at the universities or in government jobs. Like most of the capital, beautiful lakes and parks adorn the Outer Northeast, and so the area interests those who love the outdoors.

  • Outer Northwest Tallahassee

    Located 9 miles northwest of central Tallahassee, Outer Northwest Tallahassee sits near the shores of Lake Jackson. The area consists of mid-century-modern housing and apartment blocks built in the second half of the 20th century. Those who want a quiet residential life with relatively easy access to the city call this area home. Nearby Jackson Lake provides the area with a great deal of beauty, but it periodically drains, leaving behind abandoned sea life and a giant crater.

  • Outer Southeast Tallahassee

    An artistic city with a college-town feel, Outer Southeast Tallahassee provides energy and excitement that you can only get from living in the state's capital. While tall buildings and amazing architecture adorn Tallahassee, it provides plenty of green space since it shares a border with the Apalachicola National Forest.

  • Outer Southwestern Leon

    Outer Southwestern Leon County, including southern parts of Tallahassee and Leon County, contains plenty of wide-open park spaces, small outlying suburbs and plenty of churches for worship. Take in the scenery with newer suburbs in the Apalachicola National Forest while living mere minutes from downtown and the state capitol.

  • South City

    Just 1.5 miles south of Tallahassee and just off the Florida A&M campus in northern Florida sits the neighborhood of South City. Measuring just 1 mile long and 0.5 miles wide, this small neighborhood combines urban living with campus life and makes for a unique demographic within its limits.

  • Sunnyland

    Situated just a few minutes north of downtown Tallahassee, the neighborhood of Sunnyland maintains a small-town atmosphere. Canopied streets run through the open neighborhoods, and while downtown's accessibility comes as a bonus, the charm and simplicity of this small pocket makes the area ideal for residents.