Brookhaven Farms – Richmond, VA

Brookhaven Farms is about seven miles southwest of Downtown Richmond, offering easy commutes via Highway 360, Powhite Parkway, or I-95. Brookhaven Farms extends from the intersection of Chippenham Parkway and Hull Street road, with a creek running along the south side of the neighborhood. A variety of shops and businesses are located along Hull Street Road, while the rest of the neighborhood is primarily residential. This is a terrific choice for your Richmond apartment if you have kids -- Brookhaven Farms is home to top-ranking schools.

Restaurants & Nightlife

A family-friendly residential zone, Brookhaven Farms is relatively serene. For a night out, residents head into the city or grab a drink at a local restaurant. Brookhaven Farms locals frequent the neighborhood favorite, La Milpa Mexican Restaurant and Market. Not only does La Milpa serve the most authentic tacos in the city, but it also features an indoor theater where staff puts on Mexican cultural programs and shows. Come for any Mexican holiday to dance and eat at a true fiesta. If you just crave some Mexican cuisine, get the "make-your-own combo" option that comes with free fresh-squeezed juice. Pair the al pastor tacos with papaya juice for a real treat. Another local ethnic favorite, Eatery King serves up hot Chinese favorites fast. While the location may not look like much, the food never disappoints. The Szechuan pork has gained a reputation for being rather addictive because it tastes so good – just prepare for plenty of spice. Come for lunch, since that's the only meal Eatery King serves. If you don't feel like spicy food, enjoy one of the many other mom-and-pop restaurants along Hull Street that serve other classic cuisine. For a serving of pure comfort food, Sal's Pizza Italian Restaurant has some of the best local pizza. A real neighborhood joint, Sal's has been in the neighborhood for over 20 years. Pair a crispy, hot pie with an ice-cold draft of beer. Have two if you want because during happy hour drafts run under $3.

History & Culture

While some homes here have existed since the 1950s, most high-rise and apartment buildings developed off of Hull Street in the late 1970s and 1980s. Although the neighborhood continued to grow through the 1990s, growth has since slowed, leaving some units empty and a more suburban feel despite its location. The area attracts a significant number of people for special events and holidays, especially for the Day of the Dead due to the large festival hosted by La Milpa.


With convenient access to Hull Street and Highway 150, commuting into town from Bookhaven Farms has become fairly easy. Many residents actually participate in carpools, making it even simpler for those without cars. When you need to park, free spots line most streets in the neighborhood and almost all establishments provide free parking. Walking and cycling in this neighborhood can pose a risk, especially along the busy highways that define its boundaries. With limited sidewalks and bike lanes, you may find it difficult to get around safely. Public transit has similar limits. You can access the 62 bus line along Hull Street, but no other bus lines stop close to the neighborhood. In a pinch, you can always call a taxi or Uber for a ride.


Living in Brookhaven Farms costs about average for Richmond. A bus ride into downtown Richmond costs only $1.50, and a beer costs about $5. Rent here varies depending on your location relative to Highway 150, but on average costs about $750 per month for a one-bedroom apartment. Gas here sells for average Richmond prices at about 4 percent lower than it does nationally.


When you need to get household items or basic necessities, find them along Hull Street, especially near the Chippenham Mall Shopping Center. Locals head to the nearby Kroger and Fas Mart for basic grocery needs or the Happy Mart Latino Market for specialty items. Taj Mahal Grocery remains your best bet for Indian foods in the entire Richmond area. With a rows of fresh whole spices, Taj Mahal Grocery smells like a dream. Whether you go there needing a specific ingredient or simply feeling curious about Indian cuisine, you'll end up leaving with a cart full of specialty groceries that cost you less than normal groceries at the supermarket. It even proffers several kinds of naan baked fresh daily, so feel free to come often to try each spiced version. While the area has few high-end boutiques, you can still find local gems with one-of-a-kind wares. Take Wilkinson's Jewelry, for example. Family-owned and local, this store designs unique pieces to fit your budget. If you have a specific idea for a ring, the staff happily searches for one that fits your parameters or will even design it themselves. Offerings include brand names and vintage pieces. With a local presence that goes back as far as the neighborhood itself, you know you can trust this establishment.


Although this neighborhood has plenty of trees and natural greenery, no dedicated parks reside in the immediate vicinity of Brookhaven Farms. Children enjoy playing in yards or at the local school's large playground. You can also walk your dog or jog along the residential streets without any problems. When residents here want to enjoy a park, they usually head down Hull Street to James River and Forest Hill Park. With plenty of natural trails, it provides a perfect weekend activity to escape from the bustle of the city. During the summer, you can even catch one of the free concerts hosted at the park marking the end of an idyllic day in nature.
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