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Understanding Website Traffic Attribution

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If you looked into your Google Analytics dashboard right now, what do you think you’ll find regarding website traffic trends in attribution?

Before we can fully evaluate the details provided by Google Analytics, it’s best to understand the drivers of website traffic and the role this traffic plays into your marketing strategy. Website traffic attribution is a series of metrics that many website owners use to determine how visitors are arriving to their site. Comparing the sources, such as organic and paid search, social, email, referrals, etc., used is an excellent way to understand what sources of your digital marketing plan are most effective.

However, when looking at your web analytics, it only reports direct referrals - which is the last webpage a visitor was on that led him or her to a community webpage. The report may show only a small fraction of direct referrals coming from an apartment listing website. However, looking only at direct referral traffic vastly underestimates the true source of website traffic. As a result, apartment listing sites do not receive the appropriate attribution for traffic they drive to a community website. 

With your analytics report reviewed, you may be wondering if a third-party apartment listing site is worth the advertising investment. The answer is simple: Yes!

In our white paper, we uncovered four major insights about renter search behavior and how they use during their rental search process. We found that is in fact a heavy driver of traffic to community websites, accounting for over 30% of all visits.

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