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Training Series Live! Webinar Recap: Content Marketing for Multi-family

This is a guest post from Jade Jefferson, Project Manager at 

The saying Content is King has proved true for quite some time now. However, it’s not just about how much content you generate, but how good, compelling and valuable that content is. Content plays a vital role in your SEO strategy and having top placement in search engine results pages helps ensure renters are able to find your community. Plus, with all of the algorithm updates that Google continues to make, Content is King is even more relevant today.

Training Series Live

In this month’s edition of Training Series Live! Monique Pouget of Thunder SEO and Amado Candelario of teamed up to discuss the importance of content marketing, what’s new in SEO, and how good, compelling content can help to support your strategies and improve search engine rankings.

Both presenters emphasized that content marketing does not equal SEO and content strategy does not equal content marketing. Optimizing content is one of many tactics you can use to build out a solid SEO campaign and content marketing is part of the framework when building out your content strategy. You have to spread the word!

So multi-family leasing professionals, what is the most valuable content that you should be focusing on?

Monique focused on the three types of content that multi-family professionals should be generating: Corporate, Property and Resident content. She provided awesome examples of each and also spotlighted some companies that are doing content right. Corporate content can highlight on your company's milestones, awards and achievements, values and news. Property generated content should focus on the neighborhood around your property, community events, and can event spotlight local businesses that you partner with. When residents engage with your community on social platforms you can use that opportunity to generate content from residents.

For each type of content Monique highlighted, Amado explained the SEO value that it drives. Among the SEO value that he mentioned, we saw a common theme of citations and backlinks. These two elements of SEO play a crucial part in building the authority and trust signals needed for best possible rankings.

Amado and Monique did a wonderful job explaining how these types of content can impact SEO. Watch the full webinar today and visit the Training Series Live! page to see past webinar recordings.

You can read more from Monique on Thunder SEO’s blog or reach her on Twitter @moniquethegeek.

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