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The Role of a Search Engine During the Apartment Hunting Process

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How we search and obtain information on a product or service has certainly progressed throughout the years. According to a survey by BrightLocal, consumer online reviews rank right up there with word-of-mouth. Consumers greatly favor online reviews when conducting investigative research on a product or service, and can see firsthand what others have experienced after purchase on their mobile devices. Since adopting the use of mobile-friendly applications, consumers have a wealth of knowledge and means of exposure to products they wish to learn more about.

Just like how we search nearby restaurants, movie ticket sales and shopping destinations online, renters use search engines to gather information on apartment homes. Search engines drive a considerable amount of traffic to community websites – but so do apartment listing sites (ALSs).

More than 60% of renters use either an ALS – like – or a search engine as their preferred online source for apartment hunting. With that being said, it’s become questionable why prospects utilize a search engine during the search for a new home.

In our recent white paper, The Key to Reaching Renters: Knowing How They Search, we concluded that renters may conduct a concurrent query on a search engine while maintaining an active session on Or, renters may resume a search on Google to locate an apartment community they previously discovered on our site.

Although a search engine may show to drive significant traffic to a community website, it’s not the only source. We found that 42% of a community’s total site traffic had visited during the apartment search process. Meaning, those site visitors are more qualified leads because of their previous engagement.

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