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Requesting a School Bus Stop Change


During the back-to-school morning and afternoon rush, apartment communities can be greatly affected by the high-volume of traffic and road congestion. School bus stops zoned near busy intersections, roads and blind drives are not only major headaches for commuters, but they're also cause for concern when it comes to the safety of parents and students waiting for the school bus.

Parents and guardians who typically take their kids to the bus stop either walk or drive. Pedestrian and commuter safety is a major issue that plagues the academic year; the amount of parked vehicles near the neighborhood entrance causes jamming and students often wait for the bus just inches from oncoming traffic.

If your property and residents are burdened by the location of the bus stops in the community – and there’s a significant concern for safety – you could request a school bus stop change.

The National Highway Transit Safety Administration (NHTSA) discusses how bus stops are chosen for the school year. Placement is decided at the district level – and the decision is based on a combination of the road system, weather and topography.

The easiest solution to relocating a school bus stop in your community is to get in touch with the school district’s superintendent. The superintendent will identify the proper channels so your request can be fulfilled quickly and effectively. He or she will likely put you in contact with the District’s transportation supervisor or director, who can then send the request forms directly to your physical address or email. Some schools or school districts may have a direct link somewhere within their websites too, but it might require a little digging.

It’s important to remember that a bus stop placement likely won’t change for convenience purposes – rather there must be a safety concern for them to reconsider. For more resident tips, visit the blog

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