21 Elm St, Ansonia, CT 06401


2 years ago

The place I call home

It's a simple little place 3 bedrooms one bathroom An kitchen and a living room it's in a nice a quite town a larg backyard and it's surrounding are nice larg trees keep the yard shaded and and small garden area
1 year ago

Twenty-One Elm Street

My apartment is a 3 family, I am on the first floor and I have 3 bedrooms in the historical district, I pay $1,100 per month and it's pretty tough to manage along w/ everything else and dealing w/ a special needs child, being on the first floor makes everything easier especially being a single working mom@ 47 years of age,any hoot, I really love the apartment and plan to be here until I can afford to buy a home of my own. It's an older house, I'm not sure when it was built, but I live across ... View More