Park Center Place Apartment Homes

575 W 19th St, Costa Mesa, CA 92627

1 year ago

park center place apartments

I have lived here almost a year and a half. The management is great! If there is any problem, in my experience very minor they are very attentive and do everything they can to help and quickly. Cons are there are a lot of homeless but they mind their own business, also it can be quite loud at times due to cars on this semi busy street. Over all me and my roommate love it...close to everything
1 year ago

Awesome Location.. Mean Landladies

I love where I live. Walking distance to multiple bars and restaurants, shopping center, movie theatre, etc. However the landladies in the front office are rude. Their attitude changes once you sign the lease. If you do decide to live here, make sure to stay on their good side. And try not to be a shady tenant.