Van Nuys, CA

Finding an Apartment for Rent in Van Nuys, CA

Occupying a substantial portion of the central San Fernando Valley, Van Nuys is a sprawling urban community predominately comprised of renters. Residents of Van Nuys are ethnically and socially diverse, with varying levels of education and a wide range of incomes. The landscape of this neighborhood is as varied as its people, with areas ranging from affluent homes and green parks, to congested streets lined with car dealerships. Van Nuys is home to many businesses, schools and community recreation centers.

Top Neighborhoods in Van Nuys, CA

According to an LA Times online profile, Van Nuys is itself a neighborhood in Los Angeles. The various parts of Van Nuys are not officially divided into specific neighborhoods and have not been given specific names. However, Van Nuys is so large that potential renters will find significant differences between various parts of the community. This allows renters to pick the part of Van Nuys that best meets their needs.

Border Neighborhoods - Although the median income in Van Nuys in 2008 was only around $41,100, Van Nuys shares borders with more affluent communities like Sherman Oaks, North Hills and Northridge. In areas of Van Nuys near these communities, neighborhoods may be more expensive and better maintained.

Neighborhoods with More Affordable Rents - In many cases, the best apartment deals will be found in the northern parts of Van Nuys (farther from the center of Los Angeles), along major roadways but farther from the freeways, on roads like Vanowen Street and Sherman Way.

Transportation Options in Van Nuys, CA

Van Nuys is located on the 405 in the center of the San Fernando Valley. As is typical of the entire City of LA, many residents of Van Nuys own cars and use freeways to reach their destinations. Surface roads are used to reach various parts of the valley, while the 405 freeway serves as a main route for commuters who work in other parts of Los Angeles.

Los Angeles is famous for its terrible traffic, and many people in Van Nuys schedule their workdays around traffic patterns. Some commuters in Van Nuys choose to car pool so they can take advantage of the car pool lanes on the various freeways throughout the city.

Residents of Van Nuys also have access to public transportation. Van Nuys has a stop on the Metrolink, a railway system that connects the valley to other parts of Los Angeles. Many residents of Van Nuys use the MTA bus line, which covers all of the valley and the greater Los Angeles area.

Cultural Attractions in Van Nuys, CA

The Los Angeles area is a hub of culture, entertainment and nightlife. Although many cultural attractions in the area do not have a Van Nuys mailing address, residents of Van Nuys live within easy driving distance of these cultural attractions. Here are just a few nearby cultural centers:

  • California Science Center – an extensive science museum located near the University of Southern California campus in LA. This museum charges for some traveling exhibits but admission to the permanent exhibits is free of charge.
  • LaBrea Tar Pits – A pre-historic tar pit located in the center of a booming metropolis is a strange site to behold, which is probably why the La Brea Tar Pits attracts residents as well as tourists. Visitors to the tar pits can see fossilized remains of animals that have been excavated from the site, and learn more about the ancient history of the Los Angeles area.
  • Getty Center – a (basically) free art museum located south of Van Nuys on the 405, the Getty charges visitors for parking but not admission. In addition to an extensive art collection, this museum features beautiful grounds and impressive architecture.

For a more complete list of cultural attractions in the LA area, the US News & World Report website has an excellent website dedicated to the stuff to do in and around LA.

Weather in Van Nuys, CA

For the majority of the year, Van Nuys is sunny and dry. Average high temperatures in Van Nuys range from 68 to 97 degrees Fahrenheit from the months of January through December. Van Nuys gets little to no rain in the summer, with the greatest average rainfall occurring in February. Snow is almost unheard of in the valley, with average low temperatures ranging from 38 to 57 degrees throughout the year.

In other words, temperatures are generally mild to hot and skies are usually blue. Van Nuys does experience a weather phenomenon locally known as “May Gray” and “June Gloom.” During the months of May and June, morning skies are frequently overcast and conditions are foggy. On these days, clouds typically clear up by early to mid-afternoon.

1 Neighborhoods in Van Nuys, CA

  • Lake Balboa

    Lake Balboa is an ethnically diverse, working- to middle-class neighborhood of Los Angeles located in the central San Fernando Valley. Most of the homes in the area were built post-World War II, though many residents have upgraded them substantially since them.