Southeastern Baltimore – Baltimore, MD

Southeastern Baltimore is a culturally varied district composed of a number of neighborhoods, including Fells Point, Canton, Little Italy, Butchers Hill, Highlandtown and Greektown. Butchers Hill is filled with houses featuring roof decks and views of the Inner Harbor, while Fells Point is a colonial port town lined with several hundred houses built during the Revolutionary War era. Patterson Park is named for Napoleon's sister-in-law, Betsy Batterson. The actual park in the neighborhood is Baltimore's busiest, serving sports leagues with thousands of members. Canton is a waterfront neighborhood and former industrial hub. Historians claim that canning was invented there. Contemporary Canton is home to thousands of boat slips and hundreds of restaurants, cafes and shops. Both Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center and the Southeastern Police District are located in Southeastern Baltimore.

Restaurants & Nightlife

With Greektown and Little Italy within its borders, Southeastern Baltimore is a hotbed of cultural cuisine and home to Delicatessen Row, several gastropubs and a variety of high-end restaurants. For an authentic taste of Greece, visit Samos Greek Island Grill. Have an olive tapenade or meltzanosalata followed by a nice baklava. The Thames Street Oyster House, located in the center of Fells Point, serves both contemporary and traditional seafood dishes known in Maryland and New England. It also maintains an à la carte raw oyster bar. Enjoy a lobster roll while taking in a view of the water. The menu characterizes each oyster variety in terms of size, plumpness, brininess, saltiness and sweetness. Order the melt-in-your-mouth swordfish for dinner. The destination eatery Salt serves New American cuisine in Butchers Hill. The modern interior features blue and green lighting and plenty of clean wood, accentuated by original brick in places. Locals nearly always order the duck fat fries and grilled octopus as appetizers. Try the roasted lamb, Amish chicken or black cod for dinner followed by the lemon tart for dessert. Head to the Baltimore Tap House to enjoy its unparalleled beer list. Built into a rowhouse, the establishment features a jukebox and pool table. Ask for a pint of Baltimore's award-winning Brewer's Art Resurrection. Locals gather at the spot to watch the Ravens and Orioles on HDTV.

History & Culture

In the 1960s the City of Baltimore began buying hundreds of houses in order to construct a raised highway through the area, a plan that was later abandoned as residents protested. In the 1980s, local community leaders rallied, whipping up enthusiasm among developers who bought many of the vacant homes the city had purchased and renovating them. In the 1980s, the former industrial community of Canton, where many say the process of canning was developed, drew investors who revitalized the neighborhood's waterfront, building new retail shops and restaurants there. For a look back at Baltimore's industrial history, including that of Canton, visit the Baltimore Museum of Industry, located 12 minutes west of Canton. Each year, Southeastern Baltimore hosts a Great Halloween Lantern Parade in Patterson Park.


Southeastern Baltimore, known for being highly walkable and bicycle-friendly, features a bike lane dedicated to taking bicyclists from Greektown to downtown Baltimore in half an hour. For those who would prefer to navigate the area on wheels, however, the Charm City Circulator bus offers free, frequent rides throughout the area. Canton provides thousands of boat slips, making the community accessible to boaters who prefer to dock their vessels and walk to any of a number of cafes and restaurants. A private water taxi also offers rides to Canton and Fells Point. The neighborhood features plentiful free parking, as well as quick access to Interstate 95. Both ZipCar, a subscription car rental service, and Uber and Lyft, ride-sharing services, operate in Southeastern Baltimore. While the Maryland Transit Authority operates buses in the community, it does not operate trains there.


The average cost of living in Southeastern Baltimore equals that of Baltimore in general and runs 18 percent lower than that of Maryland. However, the cost of gasoline in Baltimore runs 4 percent higher than that of the national average. It costs about $3 for a pint of domestic beer and $5.50 for a pint of craft or import beer in Southeastern Baltimore. The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in the neighborhood runs about $1,986. It costs $1.60 for one-way bus fare from Southeastern Baltimore to downtown Baltimore.


Southeastern Baltimore shopping opportunities range from vintage clothing stores to upscale boutiques. The community provides a home to several thrift stores, including Value Village and Ye Olde Antique Barn, both of which carry a revolving inventory of clothing, household goods and other items. One of the more popular stores in Southeastern Baltimore is The Antique Man, a family-owned business carrying unique collectible items. Look for items made of fine silver as well as work by local artists there. The shop is located in the historic section of Fells Point. The Canton Farmers Market runs every Saturday from late June through mid-October. Look for local produce, live music, advice on organic gardening and cooking demonstrations. Locals pop into Ronnie's Food Market, a mom-and-pop grocery store in Butchers Hill for basics, including fresh vegetables and fruit, as well as for Mexican foods such as dried chilis and tamarind soda.


The Canton Waterfront Park fronts the Inner Harbor, equipped with a boat ramp and fishing pier and featuring a view of the active harbor. Its multi-use trail makes an excellent beginning for those intending to walk the Waterfront Promenade. Altogether, the park features about 7.5 miles of trails. With restaurants nearby, this park remains popular among those who want to cap off a walk with a meal. The free park includes a fenced area where dogs are allowed to run and play off-leash, divided into spots for large dogs, small dogs and older dogs. Canton Waterfront Park also contains the Korean War Memorial listing the names of more than 525 Maryland residents who died as soldiers during the war. Patterson Park was originally the staging area for U.S. troops during the War of 1812 and the battle of North Point and has survived to become the oldest public park in Baltimore. Local schools and churches use the park's athletic fields, while people of all ages use its ice rink. The park also features two playgrounds, five basketball courts, 10 tennis courts, a swimming pool, a wading pool for children and a picnic pavilion. It is free to use all park facilities.
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