Redwood City, CA


Nestled between San Francisco and San Jose on the San Francisco Peninsula is Redwood City, California. Not far from Stanford University, this area is an epicenter for university students, techies, and up-and-comers. Whether you choose the tree-lined tranquility of Woodside Plaza, the laid-back atmosphere of Staumbaugh Heller, the apartment luxury of Centennial’s hip and industrial vibe, or the quaint and family-friendly comfort of Redwood Shores, Redwood City is a California Bay Area delight. Redwood City has so much to offer. Soak up some local history at the San Mateo County History Museum, or relax in the Zen of the Pulgas Water Temple; catch a show at the Fox Theater, then discover some of the amazing cuisine at the hidden gem restaurants around town. Redwood City has the cool, comfortable, and laid-back vibe that you’ve been looking for, so hang your hat here and come home happy.

10 Neighborhoods in Redwood City, CA

  • Baylands

    Located within Redwood City, the Baylands area receives most of its acclaim for containing the only deep water port on San Francisco Bay. The Port of Redwood City sparked the birth of this land, transforming it from a profitable shipping channel in the late 19th century to the prosperous hot spot that evolved into Redwood City. This city's famous restaurants, closeness to celebrity-frequented shops and unique natural landmarks make it a high-profile place of residence.

  • Centennial

    Located in Redwood City just 25 miles from San Francisco, the Centennial neighborhood is well-known for its consistently sunny climate, diverse selection of dining options and upscale nightlife venues. Redwood City houses many wealthy individuals and boasts a higher cost of living than the national average, but the city makes up for the heftier price tag with a unique blend of boutiques, restaurants and shops in the city's downtown area.

  • Fair Oaks

    The Fair Oaks neighborhood provides a pleasant mix of residential homes and apartments for rent and features several commercial enterprises. Inside the neighborhood, bus stops dot the streets, making it easy to get downtown or to local hotspots. Atherton Station offers train service to other parts of California for residents who want to get away for a weekend.

  • Friendly Acres

    Just four miles southeast of downtown Redwood City, Friendly Acres supports a dense population. Residential housing dominates this neighborhood, except for an industrial strip in the north and a few retail pockets. Ample apartment rental opportunities pepper the district, with a heavy concentration along the Rolison Road corridor. Flat terrain and tree-lined streets allow for pleasant evening strolls and dog-walks in this neighborhood.

  • Oak Knoll-Redwood Park

    Bordering the downtown area of Redwood City and sitting midway between San Mateo and Stanford University on the San Francisco Peninsula, the Oak Knoll-Redwood Park neighborhood provides residents with a wide choice of well-maintained apartment complexes and single-family tract homes. Most rentals cluster on the eastern side of the neighborhood, near Highway 101, but proximity to I-280 provides an alternate route for commuting north to San Francisco or south to San Jose.

  • Palm Park

    The Palm Park neighborhood in Redwood City embodies the city's distinctive characteristics: diverse, family-friendly, temperate and scenic. Palm Park, or simply "Palm," is home to many families because of its ideal proximity to schools, parks and even a YMCA. The neighborhood's reputation for safety also puts families and young singles at ease.

  • Redwood Oaks

    Rich in Spanish and Mexican influence and history, Redwood City and the surrounding areas are a melting pot of cultures and ethnicities. Originally a shipping port for lumber in the early days, Redwood City now houses businesses such as Oracle and Dreamworks. Residents here do have a higher cost of living, but in return they have a growing economy with numerous technology companies, an excellent health care system and a quality of life not matched in many areas of the country. Conveniently located restaurants, shopping and transportation to other areas of San Francisco make this city a great place to call home.

  • Redwood Village

    Find your dream apartment in the Redwood Village neighborhood and take advantage of nearby shopping outlets such as Woodside Central, Target, and Costco. Join your outdoor-loving neighbors for family-friendly hikes at Bedwell Bayfront Park, roughly four miles south on the shores of San Francisco Bay. Check out the Hiller Aviation Museum in nearby San Carlos and try the flight simulator.

  • Roosevelt

    As a central neighborhood in Redwood City, Roosevelt provides its residents with plenty of reasons to love their neighborhood. Many amenities in this neighborhood lie within walking or biking distance to homes of the area. The diverse range of restaurants and bars located just across El Camino Real from the neighborhood make this area a prime destination for foodies and nightlife-lovers. In addition, the neighborhood also contains Sequoia High School and plenty of family friendly parks. Located about 26 miles from San Francisco, travel to the city remains easy by way of the CalTrain and BART train lines running north. Despite the high cost of living, residents love staying in Roosevelt for its options of restaurants, well-connected transportation and selection of parks.

  • Staumbaugh Heller

    Stambaugh Heller, located in Redwood City on the San Francisco Peninsula, operates simultaneously as a place of residence, a site for technology businesses and a port.