Radcliffeborough – Charleston, SC

Live close to the center of it all in Radcliffeborough, a lively neighborhood one mile north of downtown Charleston. Here, narrow streets teem with rows of historic Charleston single-house buildings, many divided into multiple apartments. The Medical University of South Carolina spreads across the west side of the neighborhood, creating an energetic, college-town feeling. Enjoy the center of social life in Radcliffeborough up and down King Street, just a few blocks from major residential area. Join the queue of locals at Callie's Hot Little Biscuit; then, with hot, buttered buttermilk biscuits in hand, stroll down to Blue Bicycle Books for a reading recommendation from the knowledgeable staff. Trails surrounding the nearby Ashley and Cooper Rivers provide ample opportunity for running and biking.

Schools in Radcliffeborough

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1 day
61 Vandy
61 Vanderhorst St, Charleston, SC 29403
$975 - 985 3 Bed Available Now