Lombard, IL

Finding an Apartment to Rent in Lombard, IL

When you're riding the Metra into Chicago, all the suburbs along the way start to blur together. Charming town squares and shopping districts, small parks decorated for each holiday, and lookalike neighborhoods are definitely a staple of life in northeast Illinois, but it doesn't take long to realize that the Village of Lombard is no cookie-cutter suburb. This Midwestern gem can thank its convenient location, committed city government, and scenic waterways for making it especially inviting to young professionals and new families.

For example, Lombard sits right between the better-known suburbs of Wheaton and Elmhurst; the former has a world-class, private religious college, while the latter boasts one of the best liberal arts schools in the Midwest. For couples starting out here or young professionals still inclined to enjoy the perks of college life, neither of these towns is as lively as Lombard, where students and single people from every walk of life are attracted by the affordable rental opportunities and safe, beautiful streets.

Top Neighborhoods in Lombard, IL

Lombard's rental market has options for every income bracket, but some neighborhoods are pricier than others simply because of their proximity to shopping and transportation centers, as well as their designated park and school districts. For example, the Yorktown region is actually serviced by the York Center Park District, so if you want to live in the smoke-free high rise that overlooks Yorktown Center and the city skyline, you will pay more than renters in the equally luxurious Clover Creek area. More modest complexes are staggered along Highland and Michigan Avenue, including renovated one-bedroom units near Villa Park that have the best prices in town.

Of course, in a suburb that's so family-friendly and has so many sprawling parks, there are also plenty of houses and rooms to rent. Look downtown, or near Lilacia Park, to enjoy good views and transportation access in a privately owned residence. If you're more concerned about your neighbors than your budget, ask the Lombard Park District for more information about their famous block parties; each neighborhood can rent the Block Party Wagon with approval, so you can find out which streets are the liveliest each year.

Cultural Events in Lombard, IL

If you rent an apartment in Lombard, your go-to source for local events will be The Lombard Pride, an official bimonthly newsletter that reminds you just how small and old-fashioned the local community is. Don't confuse that with claustrophobic or outdated, though; outdoor events celebrate everything from environmental conservation to local artists and veterans.

If you're interested in the Victorian Era or the families who first incorporated Lombard after the Civil War, visit the Lombard Historical Society's Victorian Cottage Museum. Step inside to find yourself in the home of a typical middle class family in the late nineteenth century, with furnished rooms filled with artifacts and photos from Lombard's well-preserved origins. A few decades after the town began to flourish, Dr. William LeRoy built an Italian-style mansion when he moved here to make prosthetics for Civil War veterans. This house is now open for public tours, and locals call it the "Little Orphan Annie House" because Harold Gray lived here with his parents as a young cartoonist, creating the timeless character in the study.

The city offers its fair share of free seasonal events, too. All summer long, downtown comes alive for Cruise Nights on St. Charles Road. The Saturday night car show has a different theme each weekend, but the fun isn't just for classic car enthusiasts; every generation can appreciate the live music, free giveaways, and even movie screenings that give busy families a safe, wholesome way to unwind together.

Dining Options in Lombard, IL

Good food, great wine, and beautiful art are staples of Lombard life. Every summer, The Capital Grille takes advantage of this with eight weekly installments of Wines with a View. This annual wine tasting event elevates the experience of sipping, with servers eager to teach you all about the picturesque vineyards and full-bodied flavors of each hand-selected wine. But the best way to treat your palate to Lombard's favorite luxuries is to attend the Taste of Lombard. The village's local twist on the Taste of Chicago, this week-long event always includes a 4th of July fireworks concert and food from dozens of local vendors. While the kids enjoy carnival games and rides, you can sample everything from foot-long Italian sausages to toasted ravioli and chocolate fondue.

Transportation Options in Lombard, IL

Commuters flock to Lombard because it lies right in the middle of the Union Pacific West Line. That means most morning Metra routes will take you straight to Chicago's Ogilvie Transportation Center in roughly half an hour. The most you'll ever have to sit on the train is 45 minutes, and once you're at Ogilvie, it's only a short walk to Union Station and the nearest CTA stop.

Downtown, a brand new pedestrian underpass will improve both your commute and your local errand runs, giving you easy and comfortable access to both the train station and the shopping and historic districts it once separated. Metra and the Union Pacific Railroad both joined forces to transform Lombard with this underground pedestrian tunnel, and the city's contributions to the project include bronze city seals, high-end finishes, security cameras, and ample lighting. It will also include roof canopies to ward off winter winds and summer sun on the platforms, a small gesture that goes a very long way during the extreme seasons of Illinois.

Apex 41
2760 S Highland Ave, Lombard, IL 60148
1 / 91
3 hrs
$1,485 - 3,650 Studio - 2 Bedroom Available Now
Clover Creek Apartments
830-830 Foxworth Blvd, Lombard, IL 60148
1 / 48
2 hrs
$920 - 3,030 1-3 Bedroom Available Now
City View at the Highlands
2720 S Highland Ave, Lombard, IL 60148
1 / 98
$1,310 - 3,605 1-3 Bedroom Available Now
Yorktown Apartments
2233 S Highland Ave, Lombard, IL 60148
1 / 26
$1,039 - 5,472 Studio - 3 Bedroom Available Now
Legacy at Martin's Point
2101 S Finley Rd, Lombard, IL 60148
1 day
$1,131 - 3,790 1-2 Bedroom Available Now