Ewing, NJ


Adjacent to Trenton and bordering the Delaware River, Ewing is a large township that contains the College of New Jersey and the Trenton-Mercer Airport. The township began as part of Hopewell Township and was settled by colonists in 1699. The oldest building in Ewing is a farmhouse built in 1717 by William Green, one of the area's first settlers. To get a sense of how the area must have looked to those early colonists, visit the West Branch of Shabakunk Creek, located near the airport. This natural area covers more than five miles and played a vital role in the Revolutionary War's Second Battle of Trenton. Another great location to visit after moving to a Ewing apartment is the Delaware and Raritan Canal State Park Trail, which extends along the river. The trail is 77 miles long and is popular for hiking, bicycling, jogging, and horseback riding.

1 Neighborhoods in Ewing, NJ

  • Outer Trenton/Hamilton/Ewing

    An area rife with history and natural beauty, the outer Trenton, Hamilton, and Ewing region hails as a land of pristine views, breathtaking architecture, and thriving industry. Located 60 miles southwest of New York City and 30 miles northeast of Philadelphia, the area stands as a viable center for business and commuters.