Allen, TX

You'll find Allen, TX in Collin County, one of Dallas' northern suburbs. A medium-sized city, Allen boasts a population of 89,640 as of 2012, according to This is a fairly popular suburb, populated, but not crowded, with a population density of just over 3,400 people per square mile.

Finding Apartments for Rent in Allen, TX

Allen is a suburb, which means more condos and duplexes and gated communities than apartment buildings and studios. But, that doesn't mean there aren't some great apartments in the area, even some very beautiful complexes with swimming pools, gyms and so on, and spacious one, two and three room places with more than enough room to house a family and keep your home office.

Know that, according to City Data, the median gross rent was over a thousand dollars a month in 2012. The average household income actually ranks at #57 on City Data's list of top 100 with median resident age under thirty five. In other words, it's easy to find a luxury apartment here, but you'll have to keep an eye out for an affordable place. Look for openings in lower-rent neighborhoods if you don't need anything too fancy.

Top Neighborhoods in Allen, TX

It's not a stretch to say that you really have to look to find a bad area in Allen. It's a very peaceful, relatively affluent suburb with beautiful scenery and fairly pleasant people. If you're not looking for trouble, you probably won't find it. But, some neighborhoods do rank better than others.

The area at Comanche Dr. and Rainforest Lane is very beautiful if you have the money to rent there, while the South Greenville Avenue/Ridgemont Drive area is a little less pricey, but still quite attractive, with home prices ranging around the low six figures, according to

Be aware that Allen is a fairly expensive area. You can find affordable housing there, but it may take months of waiting for a good, inexpensive studio or one-room to open up. Luckily, there are plenty of more affordable places in Dallas to stay while you wait for your dream apartment in Allen to become available.

Dining in Allen, TX

Allen is a great place to be if you love to eat. You're close to Dallas, which means that if you ever feel like a drive, you can eat just about any cuisine you like, but even before you leave Allen, you've got dozens of great local and chain restaurants to check out.

If you're in Texas, you probably don't go too long without enjoying some Mexican food. It's a weekly ritual for some, a daily diet for others, and Allen has plenty of choices. El Grande Burrito is a good one. This Mexican grill offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner, serving up authentic, traditional South of the Border delights as well as sandwiches and frozen drinks for those hot Summer days in the Southwest.

Cultural Attractions in Allen, TX

Although Allen hasn't been a suburb for all that long, the area is home to some rich history. In particular, Allen is a central town in the history of the American railroad. The town was first established by the Houston and Central Texas Railroad in the late 19th Century, and named for Ebenezer Allen, a politician known for his support of the development of the railroad.

According to the archived Online Handbook of Texas, Allen was even the site of the very first train robbery, committed by Sam Bass in 1972. The area is still rife with artifacts and historical sites from that time, including the Allen Water Station, which includes six structures: the water station site, a section of tracks and bed, the 1874 Dam, a 1910 railroad bridge, and the remains of a tank and pumping facility used by trains passing through the area.

Transportation in Allen, TX

Allen is served by TAPS Public Transit, whose slogan is easy enough to remember: Everyone Rides. The Texoma Area Paratransit service provides a fixed-route system connecting to the Parker Road DART station in Plano. The transit system allows people easy access to the surrounding area and is planned to continue running as it is now until October 2016.

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