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Rated 3 out of 5?by 2 reviewers.
Rated 5 out of 5?by Pebble Creek Apartment Community is Close Enough to the Best! I rated all 6 categories 4 out of 5. Because 3 is looked at as fair and everything is way better than fair. And Pebble Creek staff really seems to be going for 5s in every category. Here if you'd like I'll go thru the 6 Categories with you: Location/Neighborhood: I never imagine I'd give Location/Neighborhood out the 6 categories a strong 4 as I moved to 78753 from 78704 but now I'd have as hard of a time moving out of 78753 as I did moving to 78753. The area has noticeable undercover surveillance signs and a noticeable panhandler population still. But I have not noticed a neighbor or I's car being broke into the whole over a year that I've been here. My first year in 78704 and knowing people in the UT areas break-ins happened to me and I hear about it happening at least once bi-monthly on average and seemingly increasing down south. The panhandlers ... they're just as present in 78704 and the UT Area now as they are in the 78753 area. Of course panhandlings never a fun reality to live so intimately amongst but at worst the 78753 panhandlers are relatively much more chill and at best the local corner (183 and Cameron) Nun-Chuck Master and the (lamar and Runeburg) Rapper are like amongst the 8 Wonders of the World to me. So don't mean to write a book but I'm that excited about the area. Neighbors are very diverse and very classy!!! Love my running course and 2 local YMCAs!!! Domain is a modern first class designed/landscaped urban center and always very easy no traffic 10 minute at most drive North East from Pebble Creek. Its less known and its newer and it is at least 20 minutes north of most of Austin's attractions (15 minute at most relatively Low traffic drive south from Pebble Creek) but its got the 2.0 of alot of those attractions such as the Movie Theater, Cafe and Flagship Whole Foods Market and then its got shops and nightlife unlike anywhere in Austin. Overall Value: The rate of rent still looks $100 lower and utilities still seem 20% lower at least than South Austin. I said still because the city is and people are working and investing intensely to revitalize the area and word is getting out and you've only got a couple years before rates catch up. I live in the most economical floor plan Pebble Creek offers. If your price range is as low as mine Pebble Creek should be high on your list of places to consider seeing if there is an opening. I hate to share that with you because the areas rate is going up and obviously everything about this property is close enough to first class. And I'd like to live here for close enough to the deal I'm getting another 12 month lease at least. But screening for criminal backround is strict and the culture of the residents and staff is very layed back but respectful and caring of its diversity of ages, races and cultures and I fit pretty well. So ... if theres an apartment available for you congratulations look forward to seeing you around and if you have them; look forward to also seeing your additions to the well behaved happy kids and pets around. Office Staff: The office staff is the biggest reason I moved here and even more the reason I stay here. They made a better first impression than all the other property's office staffs and whether you're shy like me or one of the diverse outgoing visitors I commonly see when I visit the office; you don't ever wait long for immediate help or service. And they always seem impressively on top of things and caring and professional happy to work with you whoever you are. Maintenance Service: You will see the Pebble Creeks maintenance team busy around the property from earlier in the morning than you think you should to later at night than you think they should be busy. And I don't know how because the property seems in good shape and it seems like a well staffed quality/quantity wise team. South and East Austin Properties are known for horrible issues with maintenance and crews. I have a problem with Pebble Creek when I put in a maintenance request how fast and well they take care of it. I am not used to that even in my higher price range Dallas days. Yes I'm complaining for me they take care of maintenance request too fast and too well and I'm a little not just kidding. I'm really don't know if I can get used to how good Pebble Creek maintenance is. Quality of Amenities: I like all the ones you'll see on the tour and in the brochure. I'd like to point out if you're one of what seems like most South Austin apartment neighbors I had who are inconsiderate about never picking up your pets waste. Be ready to change if you move up here because at least at pebble creek here; waste baggie points are always stocked and here everybody is so considerate nobody ever doesn't pickup their pet waste. There's more; more beautiful pets here at Pebble Creek than any apartment complex that I've ever lived at; but absolutely the most spotless grounds. Parking is 4 out of 5 at Pebble Creek. You usually have to really look or really get lucky to get 2 or 3 out of 5 right? And a huge plus of Pebble Creek is bus stops and stuff are a nice very safe and not too long at all walk away. But N. Plaza dr and N. Plaza Cr are the best 5 out of fivest vehicle traffic and surrounding streets for an apartment property you can ask for. Lots of properties in the area have at best vehicle traffic that takes alot of patience and at worst is highly dangerous. Noise: No train or emergency vehicle or airplane or any traffic like that. As far as neighbors and the youngsters go everybody seems purely chilled out. There's apartment parties and fiestas at the grills and public amenities but they're calm and considerate and just nice to pass when you're walking. There was actually volume/bass vibration complaints against me for my system and my South Austin habits but they were reasonable but of course firm and quick about the warnings. And now everybody is happy. So on that note ... Pebble Creek is a LEASE IT in my sound opinion. January 6, 2014
Rated 1 out of 5?by The Cold Shoulder I never thought that after writing a first letter that a second letter could even be fathomable, yet here we are. I've never carefully deliberated the intense importance of hot water. I suppose the feeling of hot water entitlement comes from "first world problems", as the kids say these days, or perhaps it's the $69 paid monthly for my outrageously high water bill. However I digress, the issue at hand is for at least two months I have had less that sub-par hot water. The first month summer had not yet left us and cooler showers were important therefore, the water temperature little ill effect. As the winter season made it's debut my water temperature did not increase. Monday November 11th I called and put a work order in regarding my hot water's temperature as well as the water pressure. A week went by and I patiently waited for either results or a phone call with some kind of explanation. Much to my dismay there was no change. Monday November 18th I decided to call again, I put in a second work order pertaining to my water's lack of temperature and pressure. By now the weather was changing, for a week it was thirty degrees and rainy out. I was chilled to the bone and my one wish was a hot and steamy shower to wash away the days hard work. As I approached the apartment I noticed the hot tub was on, steam rose up off the water in signaled plumes of warmth. Seeing this excited me perhaps my hot water would be in working order. I rushed in only to be loyally greeted with less than lukewarm water. I had to boil water and draw myself a bath as if this were 18th century England. Monday November 25th, the week of thanksgiving, I called and this time I spoke with the apartment manager. He informed me that the apartment complex was on a boiler system and there seemed to be an issue with the boiler. He assured me that although they had to wait for the part to come in, they would try and and turn the hot water up so that maybe the water would be warm enough to shower in. Taking him at his word I got off the phone feeling relieved that something would finally be done about this dilemma. I rushed home from work excited about the hot shower or at least warm shower I would now be able to take, I turned on my water in anticipation, only to be yet again greeted by barely lukewarm water that wouldn't even fog the mirror. Now I was getting frustrated with the entire situation. Tuesday November 26th I decided to go into the office, thinking if they see my face maybe something would be different. I got to meet with the apartment manager in person. He told me that the boiler would be fixed by the end of the day. The end of the day came and went and still no change. My faith in the apartment manager is now measured by the heat of my water, less than lukewarm. I called the Wednesday before Thanksgiving this time the girl that answers the phone says, "The boiler people are here right now and it will be fixed by the end of the day." I am beginning to wonder are they all just lying to me or do they honestly have no clue what is going on? I felt they kept telling me the answer they believed I wanted to hear. In reality I just want to know the truth so that I can plan accordingly. The water was not fixed by by the end of the day meaning the water would not be fixed by Thanksgiving. I spoke with a few of my neighbors and they were experiencing the same hot water issue. There was even a woman who lived two buildings away, that said she went to a friends house to shower. Friday November 29th not fixed. Saturday November 30th comes, disheartened, I call and ask when the water will be fixed and request she not say by the end of the day, at this point I know that answer is complete fabrication. She took my contact information and said she would call me back with facts about the water. I knew she'd never call and of course she never did. The lack of communication between management and renter sends me spiraling into a sea of what-ifs. What if this is because I owe the apartments $2.40? My plan was to include the small amount with next months rent, taking into account a money order would be nearly half the price I thought it best to just include it then. What if she knew the next day was Sunday and the office would be closed, the employees would be deaf to our problems. What if they don't care about us at all, and my quest for hot water was nothing more than paperwork on a desk instead of the lives of real people. When I went to the Belco Equities website I saw your mission statements; Providing the best living experience, value relationships, foster loyalty or my personal favorite maintain excellent reputations. It seems like Pebble Creek has detached from these values and gone a way of its own. Maybe the Pebble Creek crew has never seen your website, and they are completely unaware of your value for basic human amenities? Or maybe those slogans are only available to a certain class. Perhaps Pebble Creek, despite what renters pay here, have been rated expendable when it comes to company values. As long as you make profit do you care how we live here? Let's make a deal because I've already paid rent for November, using December's rent I will pay for all of the days I received satisfactory hot water. I believe that was from November 1st to November 15th Sincerely, Disgruntled Cold Inhabitant November 30, 2013

Property Overview

Pebble Creek Apartments is tucked away in a peaceful location that is also centrally located to downtown, shopping, and fine dining. We offer you the beauty and tranquility of wooded courtyards to relax and all the recreational amenities of a resort to play. You have five different and intelligently designed floor plans to choose from and a professional staff to take care of every need. Come by and visit us!
      Utilities Included

        Unique Features
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          Name Rent Deposit Beds Baths Sq. Ft.
          Efficiency $560 $174 Efficiency 1 423 Check Availability


          • Amenities
            • Features
                Unique Features
                • Utilities

                  1 Bedroom $620 - $645 $174 1 1 561 - 632 Check Availability

                  1 Bedroom

                  • Amenities
                    • Features
                        Unique Features
                        • Utilities

                          2 Bedroom $840 - $870 $225 2 2 878 - 939 Check Availability

                          2 Bedroom

                          • Amenities
                            • Features
                                Unique Features
                                • Utilities

                                  Property Details

                                  • Air Conditioning
                                  • Dishwasher
                                  • Unfurnished Available
                                  • Fireplace
                                  • Storage Space(s)
                                  • Pool
                                  • Whirlpool(s)
                                  • Sundeck(s)
                                  • Clubhouse
                                  • Package Receiving
                                  • Wheelchair Access
                                  • Playground
                                  • Volleyball Court(s)
                                  • Tennis Court(s)
                                  • Fitness Center: Free
                                  • On-Site Management
                                  • On-Site Maintenance
                                  • Controlled Access
                                  Lease Length
                                  • 6 Months
                                  • 12 Months
                                  Pets Allowed
                                  • Cats Allowed
                                  • Small Dogs Allowed
                                  • Large Dogs Allowed
                                  Pet Restrictions

                                  Breed restrictions on dogs. No aggressive breeds.

                                  Pet Questions? Call Toll Free: (888) 573-3451

                                  Available Parking
                                  • Parking Lot
                                  Additional Parking Information
                                  • Number of Free Parking Spaces: 8
                                    • Distance to Dry Cleaning: Less Than 5 Minute Drive
                                    • Distance to Laundromat: On-site
                                    • Train: Amtrak - More Than 5 Minute Drive
                                    • Bus: Capital Metro - Within Walking Distance
                                    • Highway: I-35 - Less Than 5 Minute Drive
                                    Parks & Schools
                                    • Elementary School: Hart Elementary
                                    • Junior High School: Dobie Middle School
                                    • High School: Reagan Highschool
                                    Building Details
                                    • BuildingType: Apt. Community
                                    • Number of Floors: 2
                                    • Number of Units: 352
                                    • Housing Type: Short Term Lease, Unfurnished
                                    Office Hours
                                    • Weekdays: 08:30 AM - 05:30 PM
                                    • Saturday: 10:00 AM - 04:00 PM
                                    • Sunday: Closed

                                    Property and Management Company

                                    • Belco Equities

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