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  • West Memphis, Arkansas

    Finding an Apartment for Rent in West Memphis, AR

    The largest city in Crittenden County, but by no means huge, West Memphis boasts a population of 25,245. Bigger than a small town, but smaller than a big town, West Memphis combines a bit of the city with a bit of the country for those who want to get away from it all, but not on a permanent basis. In close proximity to Memphis, Tennessee, and driving distance to Little Rock, West Memphis puts you right where you need to be for a combination of quiet and convenience.

    There are a lot of affordable places in West Memphis, but due to high crime rates in some neighborhoods, you may want to hold out for a really good apartment. There are good neighborhoods here, so be patient and wait for a spot to open up in a decent area before packing your bags. 

    Top Neighborhoods in West Memphis, AR

    N Airport Road is a safe part of West Memphis, with reasonable rents, if you find the right apartment. South Avalon Street Downtown, and many other parts of Downtown, are also quite safe and surprisingly affordable if you find a good spot. City Center is another safe area that will put you right in the heart of the city.

    Weather in West Memphis, AR

    You've heard that Memphis can be muggy. West Memphis is no different. It's not quite the Everglades, but West Memphis can get a bit swampy, especially in the summer. Humidity highs tend to float around the 70's and 80's all year round, with an emphasis on "80's" in the summertime. Some people can't stand the humidity, others enjoy living somewhere where you can wear shorts all year round. That said, the temperature can get down to the low thirties in the winter, so don't think shorts are all you need to pack if you're planning a move to West Memphis. The temperature has variety, the humidity does not.

    Dining in West Memphis, AR

    You haven't had great Southern food until you've had Arkansas soul food and barbecue. The Mississippi River makes a great source for oysters and other seafood. Check out the Bourbon Street Steakhouse for some great cuts of meat and amazing BBQ, and Soul Fish Cafe for seafood and soul food. Their blackened catfish is some of the best in the world. You also have easy access to Memphis Tennessee, where you can shop at the Memphis Farmer's Market to pick up some fresh, locally grown produce.

    Transportation Options in West Memphis, AR

    West Memphis is served by the MATA, Memphis Area Transit Authority, the same bus system running through Memphis and the rest of the area. The bus service in West Memphis isn't quite as extensive as it is in Memphis, but it's serviceable. West Memphis covers about 26.6 square miles, and once you get to the right neighborhood, you'll find it fairly walkable, but if you really want convenience, a car will make life a little easier than a bus pass. The bus service will get you where you want to go, but it might be a bit of a walk to and from the nearest stop, depending on where you live, work and hang out.

    West Memphis really is a beautiful town. Not too big, not too small, and in driving distance to Memphis and Little Rock, West Memphis is a great place to be if you want to take in Southern culture without living deep in the woods or right in the heart of a big city. Convenience and quiet, great music and great food are what West Memphis is all about.

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    1101 South Avalon West Memphis, AR 72301 (870) 394-5021

    $505 - $650

    • 1 - 3 Beds
    • 1 - 2 Baths

    The apartment homes at The Meadows features at The Meadows feature an array of modern amenities and many extras for your convenience.

    1 Photos
    1433 Vance Ave Memphis, TN 38104 (855) 834-0344


    • 3 Beds
    • 3 Baths

    This elegant early 20th-century home has been fully restored inside and out, and offers a very desirable Central Gardens location in midtown Memphis!

    1 Photos
    7304 Cotton Boll Rd Germantown, TN 38138 (855) 834-0344


    • 5 Beds
    • 4.5 Baths

    This stately home on a cul-de-sac lot is located in a quiet community, and offers a desirable Germantown address with new municipal schools! This prop

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