795 Mammoth Rd

795 Mammoth Rd, Manchester, NH 03104


1 year ago

cricket creek

owned my Peloquin Management,I am disgusted that it took two years to get a good working Air conditioner. I live on the third floor and the one I had in My living room was gone two years ago. stated this is a health risk as I am nearly 60 years old and after stating I would go to the health department they finally fixed this,also I had inquired about a first floor apartment due to as you age it is more difficult to go up and down three flights, they had a vacant two bedroom on first floor yet... View More
2 years ago

Horrible Management Company

If management really cared about their property and tenants I would give them atleast a 3 star but they really could care less especially the manager Jane who is as rude as they come. CONS:The apartment could be flooding and management won't show up until the next day. Maintenance will come and "fix" something but when you try it the next day it doesn't work at all and forget about them coming out again it will be months before they come back. They don't allow any animals not even your guests.... View More
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