Trenton, NJ

Finding Apartments for Rent in Trenton, NJ

If you're looking for an affordable apartment in the Trenton area, you've made a good choice, as you've selected the capital of New Jersey. Existing since 1719, Trenton was a manufacturing city and these days is home to many government institutions and sports arenas. It also has a wealth of employment opportunities and varying weather throughout the year. Some of the best neighborhoods to choose as a home in the area include South Ward and East Ward.

Cultural Attractions in Trenton, NJ

Trenton is home to different cultural attractions, and you can find affordable apartments near many of these landmarks. One of these includes the famous "Trenton Makes, the World Takes" bridge located near the Trenton and Morrisville Toll Bridge. This relic harks back to Trenton's industrial era and still remains intact today.

If you enjoy politics, then take the day to visit Trenton City Hall, which has stood since 1907. Back in 1978, the National Register of Historic Places added it as a landmark. If you're interested in learning about the storied war history of the city, be sure to visit the Trenton War Memorial. Constructed in 1932, it commemorates those that fought in World War I.

For a day of family fun, brush up on your knowledge of New Jersey at the New Jersey State Library or the New Jersey State Museum. The library has existed since 1796 while the museum near the Delaware River also has historical evidence of life in Philadelphia and New York.

Sports in Trenton, NJ

Trenton has a lot to offer the sports fan. Its Arm & Hammer Park, once called Mercer County Waterfront Park, can seat at least 6,000 people and often hosts baseball games. Trenton even has its own baseball team called the Trenton Thunder that's been playing games and entertaining Trenton residents since 1994. Of course, with such a close proximity to both Philadelphia and New York, New Jersey fans may have a hard time picking their favorite sports teams.

Weather in Trenton, NJ

If you like varied weather that changes with the seasons, including pronounced winters and summers, then you'll love living in Trenton. In January, temperatures may reach about 31 degrees Fahrenheit during the day, while dropping to about 10 degrees on most winter evenings. You also have a great chance of seeing accumulating snow during the winter months. In fact, generally, Trenton tends to receive about 47 inches of snow a year.

As summer rolls around, expect plenty of humidity. In July, temperatures tend to be about 76 degrees Fahrenheit, but they have been known to launch over 90 degrees on some days. However, Trenton's not far from beaches like Seaside or Point Pleasant, so there's plenty of ways to beat the heat.

Transportation in Trenton

Trenton has plenty of transportation options for you to get to work or to enjoy the other parts of New Jersey. Home to freeways and highways, you can always hop in your car and travel the Trenton Freeway on U.S. Route 1. This can take you all the way from Florida to Maine to even Canada if you go far enough. It's also near the Trenton-Morrisville Toll Bridge, so you can see the famous "Trenton Makes, the World Takes" bridge along the way.

If you need to use public transportation, you have plenty of options. Trenton offers buses and trains. The city even has its own train station called the Trenton Train Station. Riders can hop aboard one of the trains and go all the way through New Jersey to New York via the Northeast Corridor Line from New Jersey Transit or all the way to Philadelphia through the Trenton Line from SEPTA.

If you need to leave the state and fly for business or pleasure, the recently added Trenton-Mercer Airport is located in nearby Ewing. Of course, you can also fly out of New Jersey's own Newark Liberty International Airport, which is a stop on New Jersey Transit trains. Philadelphia's airport, Philadelphia International Airport, also isn't too far away if you ever need to fly out of Philly for any reason.

2 Neighborhoods in Trenton, NJ

  • Chambersburg

    Home of the annual Trenton Feasts of Lights street fair, Chambersburg lies in southeast Trenton, New Jersey. Affectionately nicknamed "the 'Burg," this neighborhood attracts food lovers with its fine restaurants. Gourmands flock to Amici Milano on Chestnut Avenue, where they enjoy fine Italian cuisine, an extensive wine selection, and live music on the weekends. La Parilla, a Guatemalan restaurant on Hamilton Avenue, also draws large crowds with its sizzling meats accompanied by heaping mounds of beans and rice.

  • Ewing and Carroll

    The Ewing and Carroll neighborhood just east of the Delaware River in Trenton, NJ is a working-class neighborhood in one of the oldest parts of Trenton. Since the neighborhood grew up all at once in the 1800s, many of the streets have a unified look that speaks to the area's history. All around Ewing and Carroll, neighborhoods show signs of gentrification. People move into this neighborhood for its low housing prices and its extreme convenience to public transportation, with the Trenton Transit Center right at its hub.