Serramonte – Daly City, CA

Serramonte is the shopping and dining mecca neighborhood of Daly City, California. Head south from San Francisco and the next city you enter is Daly City, so Serramonte's proximity to big-city amenities and entertainment couldn't be better. Moreover, with both the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Bay nearby, Serramonte provides easy access to water activities like boating, swimming, beachcombing, and surfing. Known most for its numerous shopping malls, strip malls, and big-box retailers, Serramonte is a large 1960s residential community that occupies Daly City's southernmost limits.

Schools in Serramonte

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Restaurants & Nightlife

Serramonte has a wide range of restaurants, from chain and fast food establishments to fine dining, many of which are located at the north edge of the neighborhood in the Serramonte Center and Plaza. Here you'll find chain restaurants such as Elephant Bar and Outback Steakhouse as well as fast food joints. Koi Palace is an extremely popular tea house and dim sum restaurant, complete with a koi pond and rows of fish tanks. The roast duck and roast suckling pig are a couple of their most popular dishes. Although the place is usually jam-packed with long waits, its proximity to the colossal shopping options makes the wait much more manageable. Check out Phusion on Mission Street for some of the best fruit smoothies and fun finger foods. Try the corn dog waffle with mac and cheese inside or the pulled pork Adobo sandwich. The low menu prices and lively atmosphere make this a wonderful place to frequent with the family. If you head to the south end of the neighborhood, Lounge A'LaCeez offers fantastic live music and a welcoming vibe.

History & Culture

The rightful owner of the land that modern day Serramonte sits on came into question following the Spanish-American War. The owners of Rancho Laguna de La Merced, a 2,000-acre Mexican land grant, lost out to the U.S. government in 1853 when the federal survey ruled that the contested area was in fact government property and could be acquired by private citizens. This led to a large influx of new settlers, particularly farmers. By the 1970s, most had left the neighborhood as an increase in fog density and uncooperative soil killed most of their crops. The few remaining families switched to dairy and cattle farming as a more sustainable form of business.


The vast majority of residents in Serramonte prefer to drive. Interstate 280 is the main route into busy downtown San Francisco up north. Access points to I-280 in Serramonte are from Serramonte or Hickey Boulevards. Free street parking is widely available within the neighborhood, but the major commercial areas get packed easily. For those not looking to deal with the heavy traffic that often occupies the Interstate, other transportation options include the BART light rail train and SamTrans buses. The BART is by far the more convenient option of the two. What makes driving much more ideal for Serramonte residents, however, is that the closest BART station is the South San Francisco BART Station, close to two miles away. Uber is also an option within Serramonte. A ride to San Francisco International Airport to the south will start at $20, while a trip up north into the city will also run around $20 for the most basic cab.


Cost of living is definitely higher in Serramonte than the national average. At nearly 60 percent higher than the national average and 18 percent higher than California, home prices in this neighborhood are the main culprit for the high cost of living. The average price for a 1-bedroom apartment is $1,400 a month in Serramonte. Gas is also higher than the national average, but not by nearly as much -- around 16 percent. BART rides depend on how far you go, and start at $1.85 per ride. To travel by BART to San Francisco city center you'll need to buy a ticket for about $4. Seniors and youth can ride for 62.5 percent of that rate. Food and drink prices are on par with the greater Bay Area, which tends to be on the pricier end. Besides fast food, you'll be hard pressed finding a meal at a restaurant for under $10 while beer will be no less than $5, unless it's happy hour when drinks start at $2 to $3 each.


The Serramonte Center is almost synonymous with the neighborhood. You have all your department stores like JCPenney, Macy's, and Target, clothing stores like Hollister, H&M, and PacSun, and specialty stores like GNC, Victoria's Secret, and Bath and Body Works. For a quality men's clothing store locals visit Hidden Hype. The company was started by Rami Tannous who has nine years in the fashion industry and they specialize in high end clothing which incorporate all kinds of different styles. The Daly City Farmers’ Market is also held at Serramonte Center. It's open Thursdays and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the parking lot near Macy’s. The seasonal fruits and vegetables available include fresh navel oranges and winter squash in the winter, and fresh heirloom apples and sweet potatoes in the fall. They also frequently have fresh fish for sale. Groceries can also be bought at the Target in the mall or at the Lucky just across Skyline Boulevard.


Take a breather from all the shopping by a visit to Gellert Park. Complete with basketball courts, tennis courts, baseball diamond, playground, open fields and even a neighboring library so you can bring your reading material, Gellert is a fantastic park for all ages. The old-timers offer up some stiff competition for playing time on the tennis courts, so be prepared to wait your turn. The well-kept park is free and so is parking. Dogs will enjoy their time here too socializing with all the others being walked by their owners.
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