Red Bank – Chattanooga, TN

A perfect way to sample the city life of Chattanooga while maintaining a small town vibe would be living in Red Bank, Tenn. This neighborhood could also be categorized as its own city and situates almost directly north of Chattanooga. The Tennessee River defines the right side of the area, running into the southern end as well. Highway 29 connects Red Bank to Chattanooga and also borders the western side of the neighborhood. Chattanooga city limits almost completely surround Red Bank, though the neighborhood still maintains its small town feel and closely-knit community. Locals consider Dayton Boulevard the heart of the neighborhood and one of the main streets.

Schools in Red Bank

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Restaurants & Nightlife

Residents in Red Bank choose from a small selection of casual sit-down restaurants along Dayton Boulevard, including Colombian, Japanese and Southern cuisine. Not far away, you can also find pizza joints, Mexican and Chinese. For coffee dates with friends or fast lunches, locals like The Meeting House, an airy, open cafe with a cool industrial vibe. Come for the quality brew with unlimited refills, or sample a panini and soup from the small but delicious menu. Dub's Place has been a star of Red Bank for many years. The menu features many contemporary American dishes, but it's the crumble burger and hand-cut fries that puts the establishment on the map. Even on your first trip here, the staff treats you like a regular, while the welcoming atmosphere ensures you come back a second time. Sushi addiction can be hard to satisfy, as good sushi proves hard to find. For those addicts, Red Ginger Bistro answers your craving. This family-run establishment serves up fresh sushi for low prices. If you order at least two rolls when dining in, you receive free miso soup or salad. Aretha Frankenstein's was actually established a few miles outside of Red Bank but proves worth the trip. Its funky atmosphere and unique menu selection make for a memorable experience. Add blueberries or chocolate chips to the impressively large, fluffy pancakes with a make-your-own menu, or sample the smooth and creamy grits. For a night out on the town with friends, locals usually head downtown, but those looking for a comfortable neighborhood pub find several in Red Bank along Ashland Terrace. McHale's Brewhouse boasts an impressive beer list, serving many award-winning drafts. The Scottish pub also makes its own excellent beer. Customers can sample the latest brew or tour the microbrewery vats. A pool table and tasty bar grub keep regulars happy. A few doors down at Wheelie’s Bar & Grill, residents enjoy a drink while listening to music hopefuls perform. Come Wednesday, the crowd belts out a few tunes of their own on karaoke night. A front patio with tables invites patrons to cool down on summer nights.

History & Culture

The neighborhood went through many changes before it became known as Red Bank. It began with the name Hamilton then was called Pleasant Hills. George Hartman, the postmaster general, received a letter in 1885 requesting the town’s name be changed, as many other areas shared the same name. Mrs. Hartman thought of the name when she observed the red bank of a hill freshly washed by rain. It took a few separate voting occasions to define Red Bank as its own municipality in 1955. Construction began cropping up after the legislation passed, mainly along Dayton Boulevard. An active art scene focuses mainly outside of Red Bank in the rest of Chattanooga. Locals can learn about history at the Medal of Honor Museum outside the western edge of the neighborhood. The city of Chattanooga hosts a variety of annual events, but they mainly occur outside of Red Bank.


The residents of Red Bank rely on personal automobiles as the main method of transporation. The neighborhood streets, widely spread out and lacking sidewalks, make walking to your destination difficult and lengthy. A bicycling culture proves prevalent, especially in Chattanooga, and Red Bank locals can utilize a small number of bike lanes. Drivers in the area remain accustomed to sharing the road with cyclists. Taxicabs here can only be hailed by phone, as cab drivers typically gather toward downtown. CARTA, the Chattanooga Area Regional Transportation Authority, provides innovative public travel with special services, such as the “care-a-van,” which caters especially to disabled passengers. Many large businesses along Dayton Boulevard provide places for parking free of charge. Highway 29 provides the main road of transport to the center of Chattanooga.


Those living in Red Bank enjoy a cost of living slightly less than the city average, though many price points remain on par with the rest of the city. The cost of living in an apartment doesn’t cause too much of a hit on your wallet, with one-bedroom average rent at $578 per month. However, people seeking an apartment may not have much luck looking within the neighborhood, as many apartment complexes sit closer to the heart of Chattanooga. Drinking a beer in a bar puts $4 on your tab. Purchasing an all-day bus pass for $4 yields the best value for getting around the neighborhood. Gas prices generally run about 11 percent lower than the national average.


What the neighborhood lacks in restaurant choices, it makes up for in its selection of shops. Locals can browse a variety of high-value chain stores, such as Big Lots and Walmart. A few creative specialty stores cater to the residents as well, such as wedding stores Chocolate Covered Fun and A Grand Affair. During the Halloween season, be sure to stop at Beauty and the Beast Costumes for inspiration and a wide selection. The Book Rack could be called a book lover’s paradise, established in the 1960s with shelves upon shelves of affordable used books. Come in to browse the ever-changing collection, trade in books collecting dust in your home, or connect with the staff, who prove to be just as crazy about books as you. When looking to save money on your groceries, you have plenty of choices here. The southern end of the neighborhood hosts a Save A Lot, and a few Bi Lo locations cater to those on a budget. Pruett’s Food Town provides plenty of locally grown options. Shopping at a farmer’s market requires a trip outside of Red Bank.


Leashed pets can visit almost any of the parks in Red Bank. White Oak Park has free entry and an area for off-leashed dogs to frolic. Redding Road Park has a Kid’s Korner, a perfect place to tire out your children on a sunny day. Connect with nature at the Morrison Springs Park, as the natural springs invite you to take a dip on a hot day. The boardwalk overlooking the water provides a peaceful place to walk if swimming does not fit your agenda. Annual events occur in many parks outside the neighborhood.
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