Quail Hill – Irvine, CA

A quiet community about four miles southeast of downtown Irvine, Quail Hill features the kind of natural beauty you can find right next to the city. On a drive down either of the neighborhood's two primary streets, Quail Hill Parkway and Laguna Canyon Road, expect to see all kinds of greenery along with spacious, open fields. Check out the Quail Hill Trailhead to go hiking on trails that snake all over Irvine. Luxury apartment buildings populate quite a few of the side streets in Quail Hill. Locals enjoy spending time at the Quail Hill Shopping Center, the area's primary hangout. Visit O Fine Japanese Cuisine or one of the shopping center's other dining options when you want to go out for a dinner, and then cleanse your palate with a glass of wine at Lucca Cafe.

Schools in Quail Hill

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25 min
23 Coriander
Irvine, CA 92603
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27 min
47 Passage
Irvine, CA 92603
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