Lexington, KY

Finding Apartments for Rent in Lexington, KY

As the home of Kentucky horse racing, Lexington has tons of great places to live This area is also a college town and is home to the University of Kentucky making it an optimal place to look for apartments. As a town that caters to the college crowd, there are tons of living spaces available you just have to know where to look.

Top Neighborhoods in Lexington, KY

There are tons of great places to live in Lexington but these three take the cake. The first is the Fair Way-Liberty Heights area. This is an up and coming area that has tons of options when it comes to apartments and things to do. There are shops, attractions, and great places that you can spend some time unwinding. Another great neighborhood is the Indian Hills area. This is a larger neighborhood in Lexington meaning that there are even more options when it comes to finding a place to live. This area is not high rent but not low rent so you can also be assured that crime rates are low. This are is also far enough from campus that there will likely be no wild parties or high crime rates. The last area to consider is the Garden Springs area. This is a bit higher end area and has tons of great places to sit down and relax. This area is great for families and single renters alike.

Weather in Lexington, KY

Lexington, KY is located in the central part of the country. Though it is not technically part of the Ohio River Valley, it is still not the best place for allergy sufferers to live. This area is great for those that want something a bit more rural without being completely secluded or out in the country. This are is also great for those that like mild winters and mild summers. Though summers can get into the nineties, they rarely exceed one hundred degrees farenheit. The winters are a bit colder with temperatures dropping into the negative digits on occasion. Snowfall is average for the state with no more than foot or so each winter total. This area is not prone to any sort of weather system and aside from the occasional thunderstorm, the area is somewhat quiet.

Transportation Options in Lexington, KY

This area has a wonderful bus system that works well for those that want to use public transit. Though there are no trains that are regularly used for transit, there are plenty of bus stops and buses run regularly through the city and outlying suburbs. This area also has tons of taxi and car services making it a dream come true for those that do not want to drive on their own. There are plenty of roads and public thoroughfares so drivers can use their own cars if desired. You can also bike or walk when you get into the city. It is wise to car pool as traffic can get heavy during peak hours. It may also be beneficial to invest in a metro card or to take the time to get a bike or a walking path established as the road ways can be a bit confusing. New Circle Road is especially confusing for those that have never driven in Lexington before.

Shopping in Lexington, KY

Lexington, KY has tons of options for shopping. With the Lexington Center located on West Vine Street shoppers can find just about any shop they may be looking for. This center is highly varied and has tons of great stores to choose from. There is also the Fayette Mall on Nicholasville Road which has tons of retail stores to choose from. This mall is perfect for the shopper that needs to be in and out in a hurry. The last place you may want to check out is the Kentucky Korner that has tons of Kentucky merchandise to choose from. This area is great for those that like shopping that is quick and convenient and does not have tons of complicated shops to think about.

For anyone looking for a great and easy place to live, Lexington is a fantastic choice. With tons of living options and tons of areas to choose from, this is a highly diversified area that will cater to everyone. Located in the heart of Kentucky thoroughbred territory, this area is perfect for just about everyone. Finding an apartment is easy as this is a college town and there are virtually thousands of students seeking apartments every day putting them in high demand.

9 Neighborhoods in Lexington, KY

  • Eastland Parkway

    Lexington's Eastland Parkway community lies four miles due east of the city center and 19 miles west from the city of Winchester. This section of Lexington has a lower cost of living when compared with most other communities within the limits of Fayette County. Sometimes described as up-and-coming and trendy, Eastland Parkway definitely has a special vibe of its own. Demographically, the area houses blue-collar workers and their families. Though this community has undergone an economic shift over the past few decades, it has come out strong. Today, numerous restaurants, bars, shopping centers, gyms and cafes fill this hip, tight-knit neighborhood.

  • Harrods Hill

    Lexington's Harrods Hill neighborhood lies four miles southwest from the city center and the University of Kentucky campus. Known for its family-friendly suburban vibe, Harrods Hill sits near great schools, ample shopping, the Blue Grass airport, and Lexington's highways. This neighborhood features mature trees and a number of community amenities, such as a pool, playgrounds, walking trails, and bike lanes. The majority of locals in Harrods Hill commute into Lexington for work. Those looking for a good area to raise a family find Harrods Hill to be a perfect place to do so.

  • Historic South Hill

    The historic South Hill neighborhood of Lexington, which overlooks one branch of Elkhorn Creek, sits two miles to the south of downtown Lexington. This area features an active and hip feel, and it offers an abundance of homes and apartments for rent.

  • Kenwick

    Nestled within walking distance of the University of Kentucky in southeastern Lexington lies Kenwick, a historic neighborhood dating back to the early 20th century. Homes and apartments in Kenwick put you in close proximity to the area’s amenities while also offering a neighbor-helping-neighbor vibe. An active neighborhood association maintains a community garden and often sponsors events and activities at its community center on Owsley Avenue.

  • Lansdowne Merrick

    The tight-knit neighborhood of Lansdowne Merrick sits a mere three miles south of the University of Kentucky campus and downtown Lexington. Residents of Lansdowne Merrick love the mix of conveniences and affordability that make this community such an attractive place to live. While neighborhoods surrounding this one charge high rental prices, Lansdowne Merrick has maintained an average cost of living despite significant developments in the area's infrastructure.

  • Liberty Area

    The neighborhood of Liberty Area lies five miles east of downtown Lexington and 19 miles west of the city of Winchester. Liberty Area covers quite a bit of land in east Lexington, and close to 8,000 residents call this community home. Though homeowners make up the majority of residents here, renters account for 35 percent of the population. Those living in Liberty Area love the average cost of living, great schools and number of nearby amenities such as restaurants, bars, fitness centers, and yoga studios.

  • Rabbit Run-Stonewall Woods

    Lexington's Rabbit Run-Stonewall Woods community is four miles southwest of downtown Lexington and 11 miles north of Nicholasville. This attractive neighborhood is filled with tree-lined streets and well-kept lawns. Rabbit Run-Stonewall Woods is one of Lexington's most popular neighborhoods, close to everything Lexington has to offer but maintaining a close-knit, friendly vibe. You'll find Rabbit Run-Stonewall Woods apartments near a variety of businesses along Harrodsburg Road, including several popular restaurants.

  • Tates Creek

    The Tates Creek neighborhood sits five miles southeast of Lexington's city center and 12 miles northeast of Nicholasville. Known for its highly-rated high school, this residential community houses a good mix of single-family homes and apartment complexes. Tates Creek has a nice diverse population compared to the rest of Kentucky. New residents migrate to this neighborhood for the low cost of living, good schools, and convenience to downtown and the University of Kentucky campus.

  • Western Suburbs

    The western suburbs of Lexington, just outside of the historic downtown area, showcases the city's rich history and deep culture. Revival-style buildings from the turn of the 20th century line West Short Street, and several of the structures house apartments that attract residents of all ages. Artists and professionals often head to the outskirts of the suburbs to live in contemporary lofts and high-rises.