Gresham, OR


Gresham, Oregon is comfortably nestled immediately east of Portland and south adjacent to the Columbia River. A quaint, family-friendly suburb, Gresham allows for the quiet of an idyllic residential life, while still offering close proximity to Portland’s amenities. Avoid the noise and gridlock of the big city, and come home to an apartment on a quiet, tree-lined avenue. An outdoorsman’s dream, Gresham offers so much to explore! Enjoy the great outdoors at the Oxbow Regional Park or the Gresham Japanese Garden. You can even work on your golf swing at the Gresham Golf Course! Take in a little art and history at the Gresham Pioneer Museum, or relax and enjoy fine dining at the Persimmon Country Club. If you’re looking for a charming town away from the noise and bustle of the big city, this communal-vibe town is perfect for you.

7 Neighborhoods in Gresham, OR

  • Downtown Gresham

    Just outside the eastern borders of Portland, Gresham has a down-home, rustic feeling that locals enjoy as they stroll the tree-lined streets. The city stretches from the Columbia River to the foothills of the Cascade Mountains, giving nature lovers access to plenty of trails to explore on bike or on foot.

  • Gresham-Centennial

    Don't let Gresham-Centennial's quiet streets and mid-1900s homes fool you, this neighborhood stands as the city of Gresham's social hub. Families looking to move in to a tight-knit community find everything they need in the area, including dozens of residential streets at its center and convenient shopping locations along its northern and southern borders. Living here grants suburban peace with a flair of excitement on Division Street and Powell Boulevard, just 16 miles east of Portland. Residents travel into the heart of the city quickly and easily, but with plenty of economic hubs located in Gresham-Centennial, the business-minded don't need to commute to Portland for work every day.

  • Gresham-North Central

    One of Portland's many idyllic suburbs, Gresham lies directly to the east of the metropolitan center. Unlike Portland's comparatively dense urban landscape, Gresham features more of the lush open landscapes found in the rest of Oregon. North Central Gresham is perched just north of the main commerce district in Gresham, and it is just a 25 minute drive from downtown Portland.

  • Gresham-Northeast

    With creeks trickling through the Mt. Hood Community College campus and tranquil parks scattered among blocks of homes, residents of Gresham-Northeast experience the full sights the Pacific Northwest provides.

  • Gresham-Northwest

    Located right next to downtown Gresham, the Gresham-Northwest neighborhood keeps you close to shopping and entertainment options while giving you a break from the pace of the city. On a drive around this area, you can expect to see upscale, modern apartment complexes, single-story houses, and plenty of the huge green trees that stand all over the Pacific Northwest. To really take in the neighborhood's natural beauty, spend a day at Bella Vista Park.

  • Holly Brook

    Approximately 3,700 people of Gresham's population of 100,000 make their home in the small residential neighborhood of Holly Brook. Located in a prime spot just a few minutes from lively downtown Gresham and just half an hour from downtown Portland, residents of Holly Brook enjoy the low cost of living in housing situated amidst undeveloped green spaces.

  • Mt Hood

    The Mt. Hood neighborhood is famous for having some of the most scenic views in the Portland area. Fans of the outdoors take in scenes of thick pine tree forests, the waters of the Sandy River and the neighborhood's crowning jewel: Mount Hood. Locals and visitors flock to the mountain all year long for hiking, skiing and camping, and they come to the Mt. Hood neighborhood for entertainment after a long day on the slopes.