Fresno, CA

Finding Apartments to Rent in Fresno, CA

Fresno, California is a thriving city of over 500,000 located in Fresno County that serves as the gateway to the northern Sierras and Yosemite to the east and the San Joaquin Valley agricultural area to the west. As the fifth largest city in California, it is easy to find apartments and rentals in Fresno that come loaded with a wide selection of amenities to match your lifestyle. The Fresno area is nestled in the foothills of the Sierras and has a history and character true to its roots as a major hub between rural, suburban and urban living. The culture has an unparalleled vibrancy and youthfulness with unlimited recreational activities for all ages. The median rent in Fresno is $832, which is far below the California average of $1205. This makes Fresno an affordable place where just about anyone can find an apartment.

The Top Neighborhoods in Fresno, California

  • The Central Fresno Neighborhood: While this neighborhood is named Central, it is essentially downtown Fresno. Approximately 15,000 residents live there and have nearby grocery stores, restaurants, boutiques and Fulton shopping mall. The Fresno Convention and Entertainment Center is located downtown for live show and music. If sports are your thing, several arenas are located in Central too. It has a high walkability score, so most activities can be done on foot.
  • Hoover: This popular neighborhood in Fresno is away from the city center and set closer to the suburbs. It is known for being family-friendly with many well performing schools and an affordable cost of living. Most of the neighborhood commerce runs along E Shaw Avenue and within the Fashion Fair Mall.
  • Fresno High Roeding: Fresno High Roeding is the third most walkable neighborhood in Fresno proper. It is a large neighborhood of about 57,000 people located northwest of downtown Fresno. The access to freeways and other parts of the city is excellent, and the area has a great variety of places to eat, drink and shop, including several shopping malls.

Dining in Fresno, CA

Fresno has a wide selection of restaurants in every price range and cuisine. You have a great selection of ethnic restaurants with menu options from sushi to taquitos to burgers. The city has every type of big chain eateries, pizza huts, burger joints, pancake houses, Mexican, Asian, Indian and good old fashioned American diners. You will find Jack in the Box, McDonalds, Arby’s and Subway. If you are looking for a different dining experience, then Max’s Bistro or Sakura Chaya will be sure to satisfy your appetite. If you really like Chinese food, Fresno has many great options including Hunan Chinese Buffet, Dai Bai Dang’s, or B&K Asian. Locals love the Italian restaurants, Oggi Cosi Si Mangia and Campagnia Restaurant. If boutique breweries are your thing, Fresno has Sequoia Brewing Company, Full Circle Brewing and Tioga Sequoia Brewing.

Shopping in Fresno, CA

Fresno has the best of a big city and charm of a rural western town, and you will find everything from discount chains, big box retailers, boutiques and specialty stores. In addition to Target, Walmart, Costco, Sam’s Club, Kmart and more, The Fashion Fair Mall has JC Penny and Macys as well as Abercrombie and Fitch, Aeropostale, Claire’s, Ecko, Footlocker, Forever 21, Guess and Fredericks of Hollywood. The mall has specialty stores for apparel, accessories, bath and beauty, electronics, shoes, jewelry, fabric and athletic apparel. With its proximity to the Sierras, outdoor gear shops include REI and Tactical and Practical.

Cultural Attractions in Fresno, CA

You can find all sorts of great things to do in Fresno. The city has the Chaffee Zoo, Fresno Art Museum and the Legion of Valor Museum. Arte Americas displays and sells fine art from Mexico, and the Fresno Philharmonic plays everything from classical masterworks to pops. In addition, the Tower District downtown has classic car shows, Indie film festivals, Blues Festivals and Rock and Roll celebrations. Plus, the Shizen Japanese Garden is perfect for a contemplative stroll through exquisite landscaping, and the Island Waterpark is a great place for kids to cool off in the hot summer months.

21 Neighborhoods in Fresno, CA

  • Bullard

    Sometimes divided into smaller districts, the large neighborhood of Bullard welcomes visitors and long-time residents with open arms. After enjoying the culture and life of the diverse city of Fresno, come home to this quiet neighborhood. Wander streets filled with distinct restaurants and unique shops, and kick back in the fresh air of well-maintained parks. Work up a sweat on a jog through the picturesque trails located throughout Bullard, or travel to the walkable areas of town via a refreshing bike ride. Located about 10 minutes northwest of downtown Fresno, Bullard connects to the surrounding areas via Highway 41 and Highway 99.

  • Calwa

    Combining convenience and affordability, the historic railroad neighborhood of Calwa lies just three miles southeast of downtown Fresno. Affordable ranch-style houses for rent line the streets, and commuting residents enjoy easy access to the city's freeway system.

  • Central Fresno

    Inspired architecture and a bubbling business district make central Fresno an interesting place to find a rental. Yosemite Freeway zips down the neighborhood's east side, while Sequoia-Kinds Canyon Freeway zooms across its north end, making it easy for locals to commute to work or to school. Several spacious parks in the area, including Courthouse Park on Fresno Street and Dicky Playground on Divisadero Street, give central Fresno residents plenty of room to walk, run, and gather.

  • East Fresno

    The commercial capital of Central California’s San Joaquin Valley, Fresno delivers urban amenities, including restaurants, bars, museums and theatres, with plenty of small town charm. Order Thai food after a day at the rodeo, or spend the afternoon at the Fresno Art Museum before heading out for darts at the best dive bar in town.

  • Edison

    The Edison neighborhood, just minutes away from downtown Fresno, combines a small-town feel with convenient access to more urban amenities. Residents with children can find an apartment for rent near the Fresno Chaffee Zoo, an animal park with an assortment of wild animals that hosts public giraffe feeding sessions and a stingray touch pool.

  • Fig Garden Loop

    The seat of Fresno County sits smack dab in the middle of the San Joaquin Valley. The largest city in California's Central Valley, Fresno lies about 170 miles south of Sacramento and 200 miles north of Los Angeles. It takes a little more than an hour to drive to Yosemite National Park from West Fresno. Residents of the Fig Garden Loop neighborhood of West Fresno enjoy easy access to public and private schools, shopping and entertainment.

  • Fresno High-Roeding

    Pay a low cost of living to enjoy the best of Fresno when you make your home in Fresno High Roeding. One of the city's most walkable neighborhoods, Fresno High Roeding harbors the thriving Tower District near its southeast corner, and draws visitors with a buffet of unique restaurants, galleries, independent shops and fun nighttime activities.

  • Hoover

    Hoover is a neighborhood in North Fresno, far enough from the city center for residents to enjoy a quieter and more suburban lifestyle while still being only 15 minutes away from the excitement of downtown. Fresno, California’s largest inland city, sits about 150 miles east of the Pacific coast and about 40 miles west of the majestic Sierra Nevada mountain range.

  • Huntington

    Fresno, California offers a variety of great neighborhoods, and Huntington is one of them. This historic neighborhood is bisected by Huntington Boulevard and is considered the Huntington Boulevard Historic District. This is part of Fresno's original grid laid out in 1911 and offers one of the most architecturally significant areas of the city. In a rare quirk of history, the boulevard was built before the neighborhood developed around it. The "streetcar suburb" didn't begin to grow until around 1914. Huntington architecture includes Craftsman bungalows, Italian Renaissance Revival, and Spanish Revival homes.

  • Lowell

    Tree-lined streets and vintage-style homes and apartment buildings make up the historic Lowell neighborhood, a diverse community in the heart of Fresno. Located two miles from the city center of Downtown Fresno and close proximity to the intersection of Highway 99 and 180, Lowell residents can easily commute to the city center while enjoying the small-town feel the community provides.

  • Madera

    A city in San Joaquin Valley, Madera takes pride in its rich heritage, small-town feel and high quality of life. This community of neighborhoods in San Joaquin Valley proves uniquely privileged in the quality of parks and recreational facilities, as well as cultural programs and amenities available to residents.

  • McLane

    As the economic hub of California’s San Joaquin Valley, fast-growing Fresno’s diverse dining options, robust cultural institutions and outstanding access to the outdoors make it an alluring option for those who want to live in California without the exorbitantly high cost.

  • Outer Eastern Suburban Fresno

    For a taste of country living just 17 miles east of the city, find a home in Outer Eastern Suburban Fresno. Cute cottages and farm homes stand against open fields and orange groves, attracting families, farmers and older folks with a peaceful atmosphere that seems a far cry from the busy streets of the metro area. Residents find all their amenities in nearby Sanger, and attractions like Wild Water Adventure Park and Sherwood Forest Golf Club lie just a short drive away. When you return home after a day at work and cast your line on Kings River, it's easy to see how this area has become a paradise for the quiet soul.

  • Roosevelt

    Six short miles east of Downtown Fresno sits the sunny Central Valley community of Roosevelt. Sometimes referred to by its other moniker “Sunnyside,” Roosevelt expands slightly beyond the Fresno city limits into Fresno County. Roosevelt features grids of residential streets lined with ranch-style family homes perched on small yards with established trees.

  • Sierra Sky Park

    Known for its public safety and top-notch school district, the Sierra Sky Park neighborhood lies just 12.2 miles northwest of Fresno, CA. Filled with museums, gardens and theaters, the neighborhood embraces its arts and culture scene. With a number of outdoor activities, including sightseeing at Yosemite National Park, the neighborhood and surrounding area provides energizing experiences with a beautiful view.

  • Sunnyside

    The Sunnyside neighborhood in Fresno, California provides residents with the advantages of living in a tight-knit, family-oriented community, while still residing within 5 miles of downtown Fresno and just minutes from the Fresno Yosemite National Airport. Surrounded by the waters of the Washington Canal, multiple scenic parks and the beautiful landscapes of the historic Sunnyside Country Club, this cozy community creates the perfect atmosphere of a small town within a large city.

  • The Cultural Arts District

    Noted for its ingenuity and recognized as central California's premier arts scene, the Cultural Arts District of Fresno combines agricultural elements with an urban environment. Home to an expanding collection of public art, this neighborhood serves as a thriving arts center.

  • Tower District

    Located about three miles northwest of downtown Fresno, the Tower District serves as one of Fresno's hot spots, with people coming from all over to park and take a walk down Olive Avenue. The area around Olive and Van Ness Avenue, in particular, houses several of the neighborhood's hottest bars and restaurants.

  • Van Ness Extension

    The Van Ness Extension is about 13 miles north of Downtown Fresno, starting along the San Joaquin River and including the San Joaquin Country Club, Fig Garden Golf Club, and Lake Van Ness. The neighborhood extends south to Shaw Avenue and borders Towne Square Shopping Center along the southwest corner. The Van Ness Extension is between Yosemite Freeway and Golden State Freeway for easy access to the entire Fresno area, which includes California State University, Fresno, located about six miles east of Van Ness Extension.

  • West Fresno

    Located eight miles outside of downtown Fresno rests one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city known as West Fresno, often referred to as "Southwest Fresno" by locals. This culturally diverse, working-class area has homes dating back to the 1930s, in addition to numerous low-cost developments built during the 1960s and 1970s by the Fresno Housing Authority. While the area remains more secluded than others, the historic, palm tree-lined Kearny Boulevard runs through the neighborhood, connecting residents to modern amenities. A focus on community involvement and revitalization efforts helps define life in sunny West Fresno, where the majority population consists of working families and adults.

  • Woodward Park

    Residents of the Woodward Park neighborhood enjoy benefits far beyond the material. Particularly marked by its bountiful walking paths, bike trails, and pretty shortcuts, this neighborhood provides locals with their fill of fresh, clean air. At the end of a long day, escape into the revitalizing wilderness of the neighborhood's vast namesake park.