Eagle Rock – Los Angeles, CA

Named for the distinctive rock outcropping with the shape of an eagle worn into its side, the Eagle Rock neighborhood of Los Angeles rests about 13 miles northeast of the city’s center. Today, it’s an ethnically diverse area with working class families, artists and professionals sharing a location known for its good schools, Occidental College and historic ties to the motion picture industry.

Schools in Eagle Rock

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Restaurants & Nightlife

Eagle Rock acts as a foodie paradise, with many culinary choices clustered along Colorado Blvd., the area’s main drag. French, soul food, deli food, Italian, American, burgers, sandwiches, Mediterranean and Mexican all reside in this eclectic neighborhood. If you try only one restaurant in Eagle Rock, make it Little Beast. Named after the affectionate nickname the couple running the place calls their son, it’s low on attitude and high on taste. Comfort classics are taken to a new level with the unbelievably creamy chicken liver mousse and the deep, layered flavor of the wild mushroom risotto. An attentive staff has just the perfect suggestion about wine pairings, too. Another area gem can be found at The Oinkster. If you thought of pork when you read that name, you wouldn’t be wrong – but this place is way more than that. Though known for its pastrami, pulled pork and reubens, The Oinkster also serves great salads and rotisserie chicken. Dressings are homemade in-house, and you can dip the food of your choice in the spicy homemade ketchup. The menu combined with a casual drive-in setting – with picnic tables, in case you want to hang out – makes The Oinkster stand head and shoulders above other places like it in the city. Everybody’s got a favorite taco joint. But in Eagle Rock, expect to get the real deal. CaCao Mexicatessen takes it up a notch with interesting burritos, tortas and tacos, including shrimp, duck and squash blossom. Though very casual in atmosphere, expect great food at a reasonable price. Nightlife in Eagle Rock turns up on weekends. Most locals head out to favorite bars, like The Eagle Rock Lounge and Black Boar for great beer selections and fantastic jukeboxes, or the All Star Lanes for a little bowling and karaoke. The Church on York also hosts great live music from local talent to the best in touring indie rock.

History & Culture

Eagle Rock was once known as Rancho San Rafael when it was under Spanish and Mexican rule. In 1870, it was divided into parcels as a farming community, and in 1911, it became a city. In 1923, Eagle Rock became part of Los Angeles. Since that time, this neighborhood has become part of a suburbanization of Los Angeles, hosting affordable homes for growing families and students attending nearby Occidental College. In the 1970s, Eagle Rock became famous as the site of Richard Ramirez’s (The Night Stalker) murders. These days, working class people, professionals and artists pushed out of Los Feliz and Silver Lake by high rents continue to thrive. Though Eagle Rock hosts no museums, the Eagle Rock Center for the Arts offers classes, concerts and other opportunities, including exhibitions. Ghettogloss and Curve Line Space are two other local galleries adding to the arts scene here.


It can’t be stressed enough that Los Angeles is not friendly to public transportation. It’s absolutely a driving town, spread out as it is, and demands a car rental if you’re visiting, unless you like wasting huge amounts of time on buses that often lack shock absorbers. Though you can find some public transportation, buses primarily, in the Eagle Rock area, you’re best off driving to your destination. Parking will likely be plentiful on the street or at a metered space. If you’d prefer to take a cab, it’s best to call a service, as you probably won’t be able to find one on the street. Arranging an Uber pickup is easy and may also be a good bet. Access or leave Eagle Rock via the 134, 2 and 5 Freeways, which can connect you to wherever you want to go in the Los Angeles area. It’s walkable to an extent, though you may want to wear comfortable shoes, depending on how far you’re going. There are some bikes lanes in Eagle Rock, and the area is considered safe for cyclists. Just watch out for some of the potholes along Colorado Blvd., which may swallow you whole.


The cost of living in Eagle Rock runs slightly lower than the average in Los Angeles. A typical 1-bedroom apartment rents for about $1,400 per month. A beer at a local pub costs around $5-6, while it will cost you around $4 to get to the city center from Eagle Rock. The price of gas sits around 10 percent higher than the national average.


With charming boutiques and locally-owned specialty stores dotting the neighborhood, you'll discover plenty of interesting shops to explore once you move to an Eagle Rock apartment. Leanna Lin's Wonderland and Owl Talk sell unique women's clothing and accessories, some designed by local artists, while the Sniveling Sibling serves as the go-to spot for home decor and furniture. Comics VS Toys also lies along the main drag of Colorado Blvd., selling tons of cool graphic novels, action figures, and toys. Eagle Rock has many choices when it comes to groceries, with chain stores like Trader Joe's, Vons, and Ralph's represented alongside smaller grocers such as Organix and Fresco Community Market. The Eagle Rock Certified Farmers Market opens on Friday evenings, with fresh produce, fish, crepes, and roasted corn for sale and an Elvis impersonator to entertain the crowd.


The Eagle Rock neighborhood has two popular parks locals flock to when the weather’s nice, which is nearly always in Los Angeles. The Eagle Rock Recreation Center provides visitors with a softball field, basketball courts, tons of room for football and tennis courts. For the kids, there’s a jungle gym, and for the dogs, lots of space to run around. The Eagle Rock Canyon Trail is a 1-mile loop trail around the famed Eagle Rock in pleasant surroundings. Parks are free and mostly easy to park at, with exercise and fitness activities encouraged. Kids and dogs are always welcome. Street Food Cinema provides the area’s summer festivities, with movie screenings and lots of food trucks to meet any craving.
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