Spectacular Pet-Friendly Amenities Offered by Apartment Communities

pet-friendly amenities

When you come across a pet-friendly community that has all the bells and whistles, you go for it! Many apartment communities today are going above and beyond for their residents and pets by offering awesome accommodations. Make your renting experience worthwhile at communities that offer spectacular pet amenities one could only dream of.

A Pet Spa.

As a pet parent, it feels like you hit the jackpot when you find an apartment that caters to your four-legged friends. A pet spa is a very cool amenity to have on premise, since a trip to the groomer can cost an arm and a leg. On, we have many properties that provide their residents with an on-site pet spa.

Berkshire Dilworth pet spa

A state-of-the-art indoor pet spa; photo courtesy of Berkshire Dilworth in Charlotte, NC.

The Ability to Grow Your Pet Family.

A two-pet maximum is pretty much the standard number of pets allowed per household in the apartment world. If you’re currently maxed out on pets, you may feel bummed when you see an online ad for a cute kitten or puppy that’s available for adoption. Maybe you’re looking to grow your pet clan? It’s rare, but if you dig deep enough, you might discover a community that gives residents the opportunity to adopt again thanks to a three-pet limit. How cool is that?

A Pet Park.

Most dogs require a good bit of physical activity to stay healthy. Luckily for pet parents, there are numerous apartments in the United States that are listening to and incorporating renters’ requests by adding pet parks on their properties. On-site and off-leash play areas allow dogs to build up their social skills and burn off energy that has accumulated throughout the day. City dwellers and their pets can also enjoy dog runs and pet parks within their own communities.

Optima Chicago Center dog run

An indoor pet park; photo courtesy of Optima Chicago Center apartments in Chicago, IL

Pet Sitting/Walking Services.

If you have pets, you won’t want to live anywhere else! Pet sitting and walking services are luxury amenities that not only benefit the animal but you as well. Imagine being able to go to work – or leave the office after work for an evening concert – and know that your pet (dog, cat, guinea pig, or parakeet) is being cared for while you’re away. These types of services do exist for pet owners - you just have to know where to look! (Ahem,!)

Having a pet is an amazing experience in an apartment community. And with these amenities and features, we’re positive your pet is going to feel right at home and in the lap of luxury.

This post was originally created December 1, 2016; edits were made June 29, 2018

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