How to Use Decor to Open Up Your Small Apartment Space


When you first move into an apartment, the small square footage can feel overwhelming. Will all your belongings fit? Is it going to feel cluttered and too small?  It doesn't have to! Try these expert decorating ideas to open up your small space with thoughtfully placed furniture and decorating accessories. 

Remove the vertical blinds and/or hang curtains properly.  If you are able to remove vertical blinds, store them in a closet or under a bed safely so they can be reinstalled when your lease is up.

Image: Up to Date Interiors

Use an extended curtain rod holder to hang curtains over vertical blinds.  Make sure to hang the rod a few inches from the ceiling and use curtains long enough to reach the floor.  This will instantly improve your space by drawing the eye up! 

Use a large area rug to define a space. A beautiful rug can transform your room. Not only are they great for covering linoleum, vinyl floors, and other unsightly floors they can also hide stained carpet. Make sure it's large enough that your furniture feet (at least the front) can sit on it.