Can I Decorate My Apartment?

apartment decor in blue and gray

Transforming four white walls into a vibrant, fun room can turn the average living space into a renter’s oasis! Whether you’re shooting for cozy, classy, or comfy makes no difference; it’s all about how you choose to customize your space. But how far is too far? Adding a rug, yes! Painting a wall ... maybe not. Adding artwork, okay! Changing cabinets, no!  There is a thin line between what’s acceptable and what may not be agreeable with your property manager. From a renter’s point of view, let's explore what you can do and how you can make your rental work for you!

Contractually, What Can I Do?

It’s all in black and white. At least that’s what you should reference before you start to decorate your new place. Refer back to the leasing agreement to see if there is a clause that covers what you can do with your rental apartment. If there isn’t enough information or you can't find anything in your rental agreement, then ask the property manager directly. Be specific about what your plans are to customize your rental space. Take notes so you can reference back to the list when it is time to decorate. Just remember: do not do what you cannot undo.

What Should I Stay Away From?

When decorating your apartment, you want to be sure that any long-term decisions you make (like painting a yellow accent wall or changing the light fixtures in the bathroom) are changes you can live with. Try to invest in “accent décor” — things that are easy to change out like pillows on the couch or new bedding.

How Can I Decorate My Kitchen?

Decorating your kitchen can be a breeze if you know what colors you are shooting for and how you want to match them with your appliances. Stainless steel appliances tend to pair well with any color, and nowadays you can find additional appliances in any color! Pink toasters, a green waffle iron, or even red pots can add to your kitchen flair. You can also change cabinet knobs to spice things up (as long as you replace them before moving out). Adding contact paper to the shelves is a nice touch. If storage space is an issue, try adding adhesive hooks inside the cabinets. If there is a window in the room – don’t leave that out! Use the windowsill or add a floating shelf above the top of the window frame. Remember to make it your own, and have fun along the way.

What Can I Do to Decorate My Bathroom?

Upgrading your bathroom is a lot easier then you may realize. Adding your personal touch can include changing the towel rack and/or light fixtures (make sure you replace them when you move out), adding candles and flowers, a floating shelf, or even artwork. If you have space, you can add a vanity tray with your favorite toiletries or a special visitor basket with necessary toiletries for overnight guests. Are you seeking an aroma that guest will enjoy? Try out a few fragrant dried herbs! Remember to ask your property manager what is possible for you to do and how far you can go with your décor.

So What About the Rest of the Pad?

If you’re looking for comfort and style in your rental, adding double-duty finds or versatile knick-knacks to your home could be just the touch you need. From chairs to artwork, every small detail will have a significant effect on your space. Try adding a few power pieces to your interior decorating like a beautiful loveseat or a renaissance-inspired painting. Go green while adding an aesthetic touch to the corners of your home with a few fresh herbs or tall plants. Adding a bold rug to your living space can enhance your color scheme while also providing comfort to your home. Have a few empty shelves? Try adding your favorite books or functional lighting to the space.

Décor has a unique way of making a house a home when you customize it the way that makes you happy. Take the time to research new trends like Wabi-Sabi or Artesian décor to add a bit of culture and meaning to your rental. Sometimes, if applicable, throw out the old and in with the new to refresh your space. Re-energizing your apartment is just an idea away when it comes to your rental décor. If you’re in the market for a rental that can easily become your new home, check out now and get started with decorating your new space!

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