How to Organize Any Space


Hi there! I’m Melissa from Polished Habitat. If you’ve ever struggled to make your home the perfect balance of functional and stylish, we need to get to know each other!

Today, I’m talking all about the basics of home organization.

Whether you’re tackling a drawer, cabinet, or closet, there is a simple process to follow that will help the space get, and STAY, organized. 

1. Remove EVERYTHING.  Yep, get every last paperclip out of the junk drawer, and every last shoe out of the closet BEFORE you start organizing.

Image: Polished Habitat

2. Delete, delete, delete.  Once everything is removed, look through the pile and trash or recycle any items that are worn out and not fit for donation. Next, get realistic about what you actually use versus what can be donated or sold. Take a pick at empty space and ask if you REALLY need to add each item back to it.

3. Group it up.  When you’ve ditched everything you no longer need cluttering your life, put the remaining items in groups. This will help you visualize what kind of containers you need for the space.

4. Brainstorm Solutions. It can be helpful to look at your groupings and search for ideas online before shopping. A quick Pinterest search for anything from  “Purse Storage Ideas” to “Refrigerator Organizing Ideas” will lead to endless solutions. Don’t be afraid to combine a few different ideas together to come up with your own perfect space.

Image: Polished Habitat

5. Measure & Shop. Now that you know what you need to organize and have some ideas, grab a tape measure and notebook to loosely sketch out the space you are organizing BEFORE heading to shop for bins, baskets, and other organizing tools. This will help you maximize your space, and save you from staring at the same bin for 5 minutes wondering if it will fit on your shelf.

6. Make it Pretty. Over the years, I’ve learned that the prettier I make a space, the more likely I am to keep it clean and organized. This applies to full rooms and to small spaces behind closed doors. Consider adding temporary wallpaper, drawer liner, or other decorative accents to the space you are organizing.

7. Fill it Up. Now it’s time to place all your new containers into the closet or drawer! I like to get all the bins in place before I fill them up. When you’re ready to add your things, do a final consideration of whether you really need to hang on to each item. I always find a couple extra things to donate at this point.