Sneaky Ways Spiders are Entering Your Home and How to Stop It

spider web with rain droplets

Autumn has a lot of people excited for festivals, fairs, football, and pumpkin-flavored treats. As temperatures outside cool off, you’ll soon begin trading in those sandals for fall boots -- and at the same time, spiders may be foraging your home for a place to nest.

Even though spiders are helpful by eating other insects, sharing my space with one is just not my cup of tea. When Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider in the Marvel series, he was transformed into the amazing Spider-Man – we can only dream of acquiring those superpowers and strength.

The fall is definitely the start of spider season, and if you’ve noticed an influx of spiders in or near your apartment, fear not as there are simple and easy ways to remove them. If you believe you may have a spider infestation, call your property manager right away so they can have your home treated professionally.

Spiders are more active this time of year and will generally nest away from other predators (like you). They prefer damp areas like bathrooms and kitchens, and you may also find them in low and high corners as well.

So how are spiders sneaking their way inside?

Long story short, spiders are looking for food. How they make their way indoors can be identified two ways – the first being the more obvious through air vents, openings in windows, and gaps in doorframes. Basically, wherever there is an opening is a potential entry point. Do you keep outdoor plants to spruce up your patio? Plants make great additions to outdoor spaces but they can also temporarily house these creatures, and when they see an opening into your home, off they go. Hitchhiking is the other way they’re moving in. Spiders stow away on boxes and equipment you move inside from the storage unit or garage.

How do I stop them from breaking and entering?

The best way to stop spiders from making your home their humble abode is to curtail their food source. Insects are attracted to food crumbs, and spiders eat insects, so be sure you’re regularly sweeping and vacuuming to keep your apartment pest-free. If you have plants, move them away from the entry points and windows.

Notice any openings near the windows or doors? Sealing the gaps with caulk, or having the community maintenance person repair worn weather stripping, will help keep everything that belongs outdoors, outdoors. You may want to apply an insecticide near the spots where spiders are known to web and breed.

Spider season is luckily short (typically September through early October) – and soon enough we won’t have to deal with pests at all come winter!

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