How to Choose the Right Apartment: Pet-Friendly or Residential Perks?


It’s often the case that the apartments you’re looking to rent don’t have every single item on your wish list (if you’re a detailed list kind of person) while falling within your budget, and that’s okay! Selecting an apartment to rent is all about deciding what’s more important to you, so let’s decipher a scenario based on needs versus wants to determine what’s more vital to your living situation in the long run. For this example, let’s examine selecting an apartment based on pet-friendly amenities (need) versus residential perks (want).

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Do you have a pet? Are you interested in adopting one before you rent your next apartment? Well, if either of these are true, you’ll need your apartment to be pet-friendly. And if this pet is a dog, you’ll most likely need a community with a dog park or walking trails to ensure your pet gets a healthy amount of exercise. Maybe you’re interested in a pet spa, as well? That way you can easily wash your dog at home rather than take your pooch to the groomer. And don’t forget that you’ll need to meet any breed restrictions your new community may have!

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Want to know what’s awesome? A luxury swimming pool and a top-notch fitness center. Interested in these amenities? No problem. has plenty of listings to choose from, boasting various amenities. After all, who doesn’t want to get in a good workout and spend a sunny day lounging by a pool without having to leave home?

Searching for Apartments

To find apartments based on these amenities, simply go to, search your desired city/neighborhood (or draw your own polygon), click “Filter,” and click “Dog Friendly” and/or “Cat Friendly” to find your best options for pet-friendly rentals. For an even more detailed search, scroll down to the bottom of the “Search Filters” page and type in “dog park” or “pet spa” to find apartments with one or both of these pet-friendly amenities.

The same can be done for residential perks. On the “Search Filters” page, click Pool and Fitness Center to see the available listings with those amenities. It’s that easy.

Selecting an Apartment

Search through the available listings on with some or all of your filters applied to discover which apartment fits you best. During your search, it’s likely you’ll realize what amenities are more important to you, and which you can live without (for the time being), making the selection process that much easier!

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