5 Tips To Throw The Perfect Football Party At Your Apartment

It is hard to believe that summer is winding down and the fall is in the foreseeable future. In addition to school starting, many people in the United States associate autumn with the start of football season

Utilizing your apartment to throw a football themed party is a great idea once the weather starts to drop. Is there anything better than having a few friends over, sitting in front of the television while noshing on chips and dip to some hard hitting pigskin?

To have the perfect set-up for the next big college or pro football game at your apartment, you are going to need little preparation and creativity. Below we have listed the most effective ideas to completely blow away all those other parties and make sure that your apartment is home to the best football party this fall!

#1 - TV:

You won’t want to cut your grass without a lawnmower and you can’t watch a football game without a TV. The larger the screen the better, and the more people you invite just means the television screen size has to be that much larger to be able to support all of the eyes fixed to the screen. 

#2 - Plenty of Seating:

Even if you don’t have the biggest space, coziness makes for a great atmosphere while watching football. Think of the student section at a college game, they are crammed into their seats and have a great time! In addition to the comfy couch, put some extra chairs and stools around your apartment with a visible view of the television. Also keep in mind, when it comes to football, people won’t mind standing, especially if there is good food and drinks in the kitchen area!

#3 - Cornhole:

What’s a party without cornhole? Having a store bought cornhole will surly bring out the fun in the party. Even better yet, a homemade cornhole will allow you to customize and create your own sides. This game will allow for some friendly competition and an activity fun for all ages. Most apartment communities have plenty of space in the parking lot or pool area, which will provide the perfect set-up for some good old-fashioned bag tossing!

#4 - Good Food:

Once you have the party all set-up and people start arriving, you will want to have food ready for people to eat at the time you have scheduled. A good idea is to have everyone bring a snack, fruits or veggies, drinks, or another side dish. This will provide a great supplement to your cookout. The most popular food during a sports game is cooked on the grill; hamburgers, hotdogs, bratwursts, and grilled corn are usually the fan favorites. To wash it all down, you will also want some nice refreshments. 

#5 – Fun Games Associated With Scores:

Another friendly fun way of keeping the football game interesting is to introduce a prize component. With a group of 20 people, if everyone throws in a friendly bet of $5 into the pot, you then can separate the prize amounts with a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, or just have one grand prize for the winner. The object of the betting is to guess the score and spread score of each quarter, the first and second half as well as the final score. Points are determined at the end of each round (1st Qtr, 2nd Qtr, 3rd Qtr, 1st Half, 2nd Half, and Final).

Bust out your favorite teams schedule, circle a big game and make sure to invite your friends to a football themed party at your apartment! If you follow the 5-tips for the perfect football party, people won’t forget the afternoon at your place. Hopefully your favorite team pulls off the win as this will just add icing to the cake!

SRE Group, a leader in Columbus apartments and rental communities, contributed content to this article.

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