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Rated 3 out of 5?by 2 reviewers.
Rated 5 out of 5?by Cozy There's no words that can express my true comfort to this place. I've been at The Landing for nearly a year and time has gone by so fast that it doesn't feel like I've been hear a year. The main reason for that is the Staff here is the most helpful group of people that I have had in a while! Some of the main reason for my jovial enthusiasm was mainly due to how helpful the staff was. They give you notices 2 to 3 days in advance when they need to do preventive maintenance which gives me more than enough time to prepare. When I lost my keys it only took them a day to make all three keys which was a real big help for the security of my apartment (we have a great gate for even more security) I was able to house a friend of mine that was going to get kicked out of his place since he didn't have a job for the last few months I was there and they did not force me to add him on the lease which was a relief for the both of us. As for pets, if they are not pet friendly, I did I see any side of that. My next door neighbor me and others many others have dogs and i have not heard a compliant from anyone that the Staff have done anything to be anything other than pet friendly. For the size 1030sqft the rooms are amazingly spaced with everything fitting perfectly anywhere you need to position it Overall very recommended. February 27, 2013
Rated 1 out of 5?by Not pet friendly or car friendly Our lease will be up here soon and we are so glad! First of all, if you are smart enough to read the reviews trust your intuition and take the recent bad reviews seriously. Before we moved in we were in a hurry to find a place (I was pregnant and my husband in the Navy). We had to find somewhere fast, so I didn't know about the bad reviews until it was too late. I tried to rationalize to my husband that usually people that write reviews have bad experiences (or really good). I was so wrong. Please don't make the same mistake I did by trusting these people that manage the place. They are very unprofessional, inconsiderate, and just not nice to do business with. Here are the main reasons we are anxious to leave: 1. PARKING. I know I'm not the first one to say this, but parking is atrocious. They were vague about it when I asked before signing the contract, and I blame myself for not asking more questions. I asked if we had covered parking and mentioned that we had two cars; I even made it clear I wanted to park close because I was pregnant and didn't want to have to hike. I was told "Yes there is covered parking for your apartment." Parking is something you PAY for here, and you only get one covered spot. The other spot, as they will not be quick to tell you, is first come, first served. If you are a 2 car household, welcome to h*ll. And towing: My mother came to visit when my son was born. She parked her rental car in a blank spot (because all the visitor spots were taken by unmarked resident cars which are usually there despite the limitation on days for visitor parking); she stayed with me overnight at the hospital, and guess what- they had her car towed. If we would've gotten a phone call we would have been happy to move our car. Furthermore, even the blank spots won't be available at all times. The management will post signs when they are having events or doing work on the structures, leaving those other spots unavailable for residents. 2. PETS. We have a small dog and were happy to find a place that seemed to be nice and allowed pets. Well, it started out similar to any other place (clean up after your pet), but now (and for the last two months) there are signs that say "No Dogs on Grass." They now expect residents to bring their dogs outside of the complex to walk their dogs. This is not what I'm paying pet rent for. 3. STRAYS. There are about 5 stray cats living outside of my apartment. I have brought a picture to the office showing who is feeding the cats (which is against policy), and yet the management has taken no action. We were told to call animal control if we or our pet was attacked. Honestly, I have nothing against animals, but cat feces (outside my apartment in the mulch) is disgusting and full of bacteria. 4. "GATED" COMMUNITY. This community only closes the gates at night, so if you were looking for a safe place for your family despite being ~2 miles from the border, look elsewhere. Which leads me to the next issue- 5. SOLICITORS. You will be regularly harassed by solicitors who come door-to-door, some of which have permission from The Landing itself. We and some of our neighbors have put signs up that say "No Solicitors" because according to the City, anyone who violates that is at risk of having their license removed. We've still had a few knock, and I refer them to the sign. When you have a dog and a newborn, people knocking and ringing the doorbell all day is the last thing you need. 6. NOISE. During the winter, it really hasn't been that bad, but during the warmer months get ready for a fiesta. That's right, parties go on at the pool all night long, bands and all. Not to mention the kids and teens hanging out all the time unsupervised. Again, this was the last thing I wanted while pregnant, when sleep was hard enough to come by. The walls are also not very well insulated; we hear things. I'll leave it at that. 7. UNPROFESSIONAL. Mostly this was a problem at the beginning, but the girls working the office will lose your documents and claim you never turned them in. Then you have to make them look stupid when you resend an email or attachment. Really, I found the office staff to be rude when they thought they were right, and really they weren't. At one point a member of the staff came to "check the air filter" when I had just replaced it myself. It appeared to have been there for a long time. I can't remember every little thing we had come up in the last year, but these people are not pleasant to deal with, especially if you don't have time for any extra shenanigans. 8. Lastly, there was a month when I did not receive my utility bill (which is paid with the rent to the Landing). I didn't know what to pay and was waiting for some sort of notice or bill from the Landing since the previous month they came to work on the water meter, saying that many of the apartments had faulty ones. I never received one, but instead a warning and a fine. I went to the office and explained the situation, and I still had to pay the fee. Bottom line, these people have been a pain to me and my family, and we are ready to move on to a better place. Good riddance. February 17, 2013

Property Overview

Finding apartments in California's finest city has just gotten easier. Experience luxury living at The Landing, the place where we bring you all of the marvelous amenities of the Ocean View Hills lifestyle. Our special location in the South Bay makes it easy to hop on the freeway to downtown or shop and dine in our community where all the conveniences you need are only minutes away.At The Landing we have thought of everything, all you have to do is come home and enjoy. Choose from three distinctive floor plans, each with designer features such as crown molding, nine-foot ceiling, private balcony or patio, spacious living room, full-size washer & dryer, fully-equipped kitchen and more!Looking for fun and relaxation? Then you'll enjoy our resort-style swimming pool and spa, dry sauna and state-of-the-art fitness center. At The Landing, there is something for everyone, whether you are looking for an indoor or outdoor activity. Browse through our website, visit our photo gallery and come f
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        Unique Features
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          Name Rent Deposit Beds Baths Sq. Ft.
          1 Bedroom $1291 - $1933 1 1 681 View Available Units

          1 Bedroom

          • Amenities
            • Features
                Unique Features
                • Utilities

                  2 Bedroom $1464 - $2259 2 2 1030 View Available Units

                  2 Bedroom

                  • Amenities
                    • Features
                        Unique Features
                        • Utilities

                          • Amenities
                            • Features
                                Unique Features
                                • Utilities

                                  Property Details

                                  • Dishwasher
                                  • Washer / Dryer
                                  • Unfurnished Available
                                  • Pool
                                  • Whirlpool(s)
                                  • Sauna(s)
                                  • Playground
                                  • Fitness Center: Free
                                  • On-Site Management
                                  • Controlled Access
                                  Unique Features
                                  • Hydrotherapy spa
                                  • cedar lined dry sauna
                                  • barbeque areas
                                  • Imperial Beach
                                  Building Details
                                  • BuildingType: Apartment
                                  • Number of Floors: 2
                                  • Housing Type: Unfurnished
                                  Office Hours
                                  • Weekdays: Mon: 9:00:00-6:00:00, Tue: 9:00:00-6:00:00, Wed: 9:00:00-6:00:00, Thu: 9:00:00-7:00:00, Fri: 9:00:00-6:00:00
                                  • Saturday: 9:00:00-6:00:00
                                  • Sunday: 9:00:00-6:00:00

                                  Property and Management Company

                                  • R&V Management

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